Ms. Dawn Meyer

Ms. Meyers class watched and reviewed a storytelling  performance by Monique Haley and Joe Cerqua described here:

Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre presents an educational and moving performance,  ROOT by Monique Haley and Joe Cerqua. Haley, a Black choreographer was inspired by West African maxims, and collaborated with composer Joe Cerqua and the full company over two years, leading to a powerful, exciting piece. The suite celebrates the resilient journey of individuals within a community through the blending of African dance, American Jazz and Music, and the creators’ own unique contemporary voices. 

To view the performance of ROOT please click here to view.

Tristian G.

Have you ever seen a performance based on African music and Jazz? The performance is called ROOT and it was created by Monique Haley and Joe Cerqua. The performance was on January 11, 2021 at the Logan Center of the Arts at the University of Chicago. While watching the performance I saw some really amazing costumes and the way they were designed looked cool. The music that the musicians played was really good. The way they also danced was pretty amazing because they were all moving together and it was really cool to watch.

It looked like they took a lot of time practicing because they were so good and it was just awesome seeing the way they moved. They were so passionate and that’s what made it stand out because you were able to see that they enjoyed every single bit of it. They had a variety of instruments and you were able to hear the sounds as well. The lighting was good but not too good because there wasn’t too much light. It also wasn’t too dark so that was pretty good. The way their costumes looked were cool and it was kinda basic but I liked it because it wasn’t too crazy either.

The music they picked was also a good choice because it was a mix of African music and American Jazz. The performance was really good and the only thing that I would change by a little is the lighting. Besides the lighting everything was perfect. While watching the performance it made me feel relaxed because of the type of music it was. Sometimes it would make me want to kinda dance with them because I liked the way they danced. 

This performance was one of my favorite ones I’ve seen. I would definitely recommend this performance to other kids my age and also adults. I have a feeling that adults would also like it. Everyone did a great job and they made good decisions about the costumes and the type of song they played. ROOT was just wonderful and I would watch another performance just like this one.


In my opinion, the performance “ROOT” is a very outstanding performance by Monique Hailey and Joe Cerqua. The performance was well crafted and it looks like everything went as planned. A reasonable amount of effort was shown to have been put into it to make it and it clearly worked out well.The performance could not have been altered to make it any better since it was already perfectly put together. The following is my take on the performance “ROOT”.

First off, I would like to mention the work done with the lighting. The lighting was well made, letting the audience get to feel like they were somehow involved in the performance.The dimness of the light was bright enough to be able to see what occurred on stage but dark enough to make a unique atmosphere that not at all was a let down. The lighting also made me feel like it was night time on stage or it was dusk. Overall the lighting could not have been better.

Next, I would like to talk about the placement of the people on stage. The musicians were placed together to make the shape of an arch around the area in which the performers would dance. As mentioned, the dancers were put near the musicians but not so near that it would disrupt the performance. The dancers were also put in an adequate space between each other so that they could get together when they would do a move as a group but also so that when there was also a certain number of dancers dancing at once, the ones that were not dancing could stay back and leave space.

Finally, I would like to discuss the correlation between the dancers. On stage, the performers danced in a group so smoothly, it seemed like they knew what to do without having to think about it. They moved more fluid than water as they would glide and meet each other when they did a move as a group. A high amount of effort was evident within the performers and everybody who helped make it happen the way it did.

In conclusion, my opinion on the performance “ROOT” is a very outstanding performance by Monique Hailey and Joe Cerqua. I would recommend this performance to those who are seeking an impressive and unforgettable experience. I think that the people who made this happen are very proud of themselves. Thank you for reading my take on “ROOT”

Samantha H

A Unique Jazz Performance

Have you ever wondered what the performance called Root is about? The interesting performance Root was made by Cerqua Rivera. The music was mainly jazz music. It was an educational and moving performance.The lighting and the dancers were very unique. The choreographer was inspired by West African maxims, and by collaborating with Joe Cerque. This dance premiered on Monday, January 11 2021 but I watched it online in June of 2021, and was a part of the Logan Center School Matinee program.

The performance was very beautiful and unique because of all the elements. All of the dancers were very instinctual with the music and danced very smoothly. They were all free spirited and looked very in their element. The lighting was interesting because of the effects they used and the fog you could see. I think the most effective thing about the performance was the dancing, lighting, and the music because  it made the whole performance come together. It gets people’s attention. 

I actually liked this performance because all the elements brought it all together. It was beautiful because of how the dancers danced. Jazz music isn’t really my favorite but this performance made me see jazz in a different way. I would say the type of effects they used could have been better because it could have added more to the performance. My favorite effects that they used were the fog and the clouds in the background. The clothing the performers used was simple but nice at the same time which was nice. 

I would definitely recommend this to others because it would be interesting to see other people’s reactions. For me it caught my attention and it was unique. The dancers knew what they were doing and did a very good job. I wouldn’t add or take away anything from the performance because it was good the way it was. It would be nice to also see people.

Nahomi M.

A mix of West African music and Jazz, what do you think that sounds like? The performance “ROOT” by the Cerqua Rivera dance group shows us what it might sound like. This performance premiered on January 11 2021 at the Logan Center of the Arts at the University of Chicago. But was watched in the Logan Center School Matinee program in June of 2021. This performance had a mix of West African music and Jazz. The performance shows us a unique side of dance with its beautiful costumes, dance movements, music, staging, and lighting. 

Let us get started with talking about this performance. “ROOT” was choreographed by Monique Haley and Joe Cerqua.  The music I would say is one of my favorite parts. They had a mix of many different instruments that all blended together beautifully creating an awesome performance. They had a whole band that played on the stage while the performers danced. They had an African drum player, and many percussion instruments. They also played the trumpets, flutes, violins and other instruments. 

The costumes were so beautiful. The men had brown tight leggings with a brown tank top that had a gold design on it. The women had brown skirts with a brown tank top that also had a gold design on it. Then the drummer, he had this beautiful African traditional clothing on. It was a beige color with lots of colorful stripes. And a very beautiful African traditional hat. Now to the staging. It had projections of different pictures that had connection to how it looks in Africa. It seemed to show things like dry trees, deserts, and sun sets. 

Lastly but certainly not least is the dance and movement. In this performance I got to see a lot of different types of movement that I have never seen before. This movement was very unique; they used contemporary dance and a mix of jazz. Sometimes the performers danced in solos, duets, and as a group as well. Their dance moves were fluid and smooth, they flowed like water. They didn’t dance fast or with much power. They danced slowly with lots of emotion in each movement. I could really feel the emotion in the movements with how well they portrayed the dance. 

In conclusion, I think that “ROOT” performed by the Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre is a great performance. This is a very distinctive performance that you don’t normally see everyday. It has such beautiful music, costumes, movements, and staging. I think that it really shows a different side of dance and performing. The West African and Jazz mix really makes this performance unique and beautiful. So if you are looking for a dance performance that isn’t like the hip-hop or rap performances you see nowadays, then this is a great one for you. I would definitely recommend this performance to anyone and I hope that you like this performance as much as I did!

Mayra M.

Have you ever experienced a performance that has a mix of Jazz music with West African Music? A perfect example of this can be the performance “Root” created by the Cerqua Rivera dance group. This performance was premiered on Monday, January 11, 2021, at the Logan Center of the Arts at the University of Chicago but I watched it in June of 2021 since it was part of the Logan Center School Matinee Program. This performance had a very unique way of showing us a mix of Jazz music along with West African music. Everything came along and together looked amazing because of the costumes used and the dance movements that were created with the dancers.

We can start by first talking about the amazing music that was played during the performance. The music involved was one of the best parts of the performance. It was created with a variety of instruments that altogether created an amazing melody for the dancers. As the dancers were performing, they had a live band group there which added to the music. The instruments being played included trumpets, violins, flutes, an African drum, and other percussion instruments. 

Along with the music, during the performance, they were projecting images that had a connection with Africa. The projections included trees, sunsets, and deserts. Another major part of the performance were the costumes used. This had an impact on how the performance looked. All of the dancers had costumes that matched and that made it extra amazing. With the men wearing leggings with a brown/gold top and the women wearing brown skirts and a brown/gold top. The drummers were wearing traditional African culture clothing on, it was beige with many different colors along with a traditional hat. 

Finally, the choreography. The “Root” performance had an amazing choreography that was created by Monique Haley and Joe Cerqua. Overall, I can say that this performance had a very unique and beautiful choreography. There was a mix of Jazz and contemporary dancing throughout the performance. The entire performance was not just all of them dancing in random places, at times, dancers had solos, duets, and even in groups sometimes. The performers did an amazing job making the dance moves seem very smooth. While dancing, the performers had facial expressions that connected to the dance moves that they were doing. They did an amazing job portraying the dance movements. 

Mariah G.

Hey! YOU! YEAH YOU, Have you ever seen or wondered what a performance feels like? If you don’t, let me tell you all about a performance called Cerqua Rivera!  The title of this show was called ¨Root¨ This performance was actually part of the Logan Center School in Matinee Program. Everything about that performance was great! The lighting was amazing, the music the people were playing was really good and soothing. Most of all the dancers were my favorite part because  how they danced was satisfying! How those dancers danced, it was at a slow and normal pace, it was calming and the performance was just amazing!! Their costumes were  interesting, what I remember was that the gold that was shining in the lighting. That made the performance even better!

Next, here are some of my favorite parts of this amazing performance. The lights: the lighting was fantastic. It was shining on the lead dancers as well as the musicians too. It wasn’t just ordinary lighting it was big and bright lighting

The music: the music is one of my favorite parts of the performance. The instruments that were my favorite were obviously the drums and the beats on it! It matched well with the dancers and the dancers were feeling the beat to it. It wasn’t a regular song or music, it was unique and handmade too, even classical music which I love! Lastly, The Dancers were lovely, Their dancing was on point all the way. How I would describe it would be calm, soothing, and just amazing!

Then, there are some connections I would like to connect and compare with the Cirqua Performance! I have been experiencing being in a performance in my camps and in my school! From coming from a girl who knows how to perform, some words of advice would be just to be yourself! You have nothing to worry about, it’s only a 1 time thing that is going to happen. I would want to have a performance like Ariana Grande because she is one of my favorite celebrities and she can sing, especially with no autotune! One person that does inspire me is Maddie Ziegler! She used to be on one of my favorite shows called dance moms. She can dance just like how the performances were dancing!

Lastly, this performance was a successful performance! Nothing could’ve been better. In my eyes and opinion, it was an amazing performance! I explained all my opinions and thoughts on the performance very well! I do not have anything else to say. One last time, overall the performance was amazing!

Madeline M.                                                                                             

 Did you see the performance “ROOT”  ? Well ill tell you about the beautiful performance . The Beautiful performance “Root” by the Cerqua Rivera dance group shows us what this might sound like. This performance was a mix of West African and Jazz music .This performance was a mix of talented dancers , beautiful lighting , music and culture and hands down exquisite costumes . This performance was  premiered on Monday, January 11 2021 at the logan center for the arts.Our whole class watched this performance on june of 2021. We absolutely loved this performance and I’m here to tell you why.

 The performance had a  beautiful music. Really put together the performance itself the dancers were all Instinct and danced with passion. they all really understood that assignment and danced like nobody was there watching them they were also confident and you could actually see that because they looked like they knew what they were doing they practiced really hard and the practice paid off. the lighting I think was my favorite part mainly because it showed how music shifted and the Rhythm shifted from the music and then the lighting got dimmer like blue and then the fog really added a nice touch because it made the performance a lot more interesting. there was a green screen in the back of their performance that was showing all these different kind of images that I thought really played a big role in the performance because it showed us something different and it wasn’t like just a regular performance at all.

 I think i all love the costumes and it really played well because the music was West African and jazz music so the West African costumes kind of played a big role in everything the culture in the music and in the dance and in everything that they were doing was just incredible and I felt really touched by how they were all just so great at what they were doing. they all really understood each other because the dance moves seem so effortless. I love set the dance moves kind of looked like ballet and they were just so elegant looking which really made the performance a lot better. the musicians were really really talented and showed that music could play a big role in performances and dancing music is something that can shift a hole movie and performance and literally anything that you have music in Bright on up something or make something look gloomy. it’s really just a unique performance and I would definitely say that I would watch it a million times over again because it was just so interesting to me I’ve never seen anything like it.

 I would definitely recommend this to anyone and to our classmates to our school to my family mainly because the dance moves the music the costumes the lighting the way that the musicians just had the music so on point and how the dancers moved effortless and how they really understood each other and the movement of the dance but also the movements of the dance fit the music really just was impeccable. I would say. It would really mean a lot for other people to watch this and get move just like me because it’s telling me that no matter what you’re always going to need dances to go with that and costumes and all the stuff it’s made me appreciate dancers a whole lot more. 

Root: The performance of a lifetime
Kevin A.
We’ve all experienced a performance before, and must have thought to ourselves “Wow, that was amazing.”But wait until you see the performance called Root. This performance was by a dance group called Cerqua Rivera. The performance premiered on January 11th at the Logan Center of the Arts at the University of Chicago. This performance combines a blend of African dance and American jazz with excellent choreography from the performers and beautiful melodies from the musicians. I overall really enjoyed the performance. It was a great experience, one of the best performances I’ve seen.
The performance consisted of many talented people working on this and it really shows. The stunningly fluid dancing and soothing music suited the entire show and really improved the overall enjoyment I had gotten when watching this. I really felt like this performance was reminiscent of West Africa, and the elegant dancing, and brown patterned costumes really helped sell that factor even further. The fascinating colorful lights that were shining among the performers as they danced their hearts out was stunning. I remember vividly the amount of emotion was put into their dancing and music. In my eyes everything was perfect to the production, setting, music, and dancing, everything was spectacular. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the talented performers and musicians band together to make this amazing performance!

The Root performance had many fantastic moments, my most notable moment was near the middle of the performance where the performers used rapid and quick movements, and the musicians followed up with that by playing a faster tempo. The use of drums, violins, flutes and other instruments fit wonderfully with the performers and the sort of exotic dances they were doing. At this point the performers were using sorts of ballet techniques as everything was very fluid in their movements. The performers lifting each other off the ground and moving their whole body was a sight to see, watching professionals at work was amazing. They truly understood what to do and their fluid choreographed movements supported that even further. 

If we go even further into the performance we can see that there are many changes in the environment. In the performance there is a projector at the back, which gave a better indication on where the performance was taking place.  At first there was a bright yellow sun and then next it turned into a dark cloudy area and next it showed a tree with dark green patterns. It definitely gave the performance more life, I could envision this happening in a ceremony or in some sort of place.                                              

Overall the performance was fantastic, I loved the way the dancers moved to the beat of the music that the musicians played, it was wonderful. The overall environment and stage lighting really made me feel like I was in Africa. It kind of reminded me of a ceremony where people gathered to play music and dance together. I’ve only given this performance positive feedback because it was just that amazing, I enjoyed everything about it and I believe you should give it a try as well. It kept me heavily interested in everything and I vividly remember a lot from this performance, it grasped my attention for a very long time so it’s very entertaining to watch. I believe I will give this performance a perfect 5 star rating. This performance was just that amazing to me that it has no major flaws in my opinion. 

Julissa  M.

 Have you ever watched a dance performance, if yes did you enjoy it? There are many types of dance performances there can be hip hop, foot work, ballet and many others. The performance of the dance group called Cerqua Rivera named “Root” is a very good dance performance. This performance is very good because it shows you how good many different genres of music and dance work together. I would recommend this dance to anyone that enjoys music and dance.

This performance by Cerqua Rivera is a very entertaining dance performance because it’s not like a usual dance. This dance performance shows how many types of music can sound good and make a good performance. They also had very good costumes and lighting. This is a great performance because they also have their own music band playing on stage with them. They also all have custom clothes that make them all match.

Something interesting about this performance is that they have a picture that fits the theme of the whole dance. They also have smoke machines that make the stage and the performance look very cool. I also really enjoyed that they had neutral colors for their clothes. More dancers came in overtime not just all at once. I really enjoyed that this was not like a usual dance. They really put a lot of dedication into looking good and it came out amazing.

I would definitely recommend this to people who enjoy music. This is a great thing to experience because you don’t get to see these things everyday. I would tell everyone that gets a chance to see this to not think twice about it and just attend the performance. This performance is one of many good ones and I think more people should know about them. This is one of the funnest experiences.

The Logan Art Center is a great place to watch performances. They have many, including “Root” by the group  Cirqua Rivera. If you get a chance to assist to their performance, definitely do it and you will not regret it. This is one of all the greatest performances they have. This was a very enjoyable experience. More people should know about it.

Juan B.

       I saw a performance that was online. It was amazing! The performance was on June 1,2021. It was in the Cerqua Rivera Theatre.  It was created by a dance group called Cerqua Rivera. It is an educational and moving performance. It was root by Monique Haley and Joe Cerqua. Haley, was inspired by west Africans maxims and collaborated with Joe Cerqua. The performance was made to make people to know about the community through the blending of American Dance. It was so fun and it brought happiness to my body. You should go there one day.

        In my opinion I think the performance was good. The lights were like the most fun thing to watch, because when a performer walked up to the stage the lights went off and on like a switch. You could see the beautiful colors combined with each other. The dancers were dancing in a good peace and good rythm. I dont know how performers could do that. I think this perforamce went really well. The cloths that they were wearing were beautiful and colorful and in the lights you could see the light colors of the dress well seen. 

       This performance made me remind me of differe things. One example is this performance made remind me of the time I had me first performance in school in 4th or 5th grade. This made me remind me of this because when I was on the stage I felt nervos and durring the middle of the performance in my school it made me bring happiness. This made me remind me of this because the performers could’ve felt nervos in the start but once they got half way  the performance they were full of excitement. 

       Another example that it made me remind about was when I said dancing was so boring. Once I sow the performance I felt that joy come inside my body and I felt so Interested in dancing. Sometimes you start to like it when you our used to it and see alot. When I was watching the performance my brian felt like a connection to the performance that made me get up and dance with the performers in the performance. I think that the creators of the performance where so happy and felt so successful an people came to watch his performance.

        I also think the music brought good success in the performance because the songs they played made me feel like you wanted to grab a instrument and play along with the music. Many people could’ve felt the same thing. The performance was full of joy and also when the performers where dancing and they showed their face on the camara that was so elegant to the viewers. I really enjoyed it and I think you should go watch it to.

       You should go watch the same performance with your school, Family or friends because this was so peaceful. It brought peac to me and made me get up and dance to so I think you might feel the same when you watch the performance. I really recommend this to you guys because it so amazing how the performance was set up and danced.

Suhaidy L

           Have you ever seen a performance based on a mix of African music and Jazz? If you haven’t, let me tell you about the performance that is called ROOT, which was created by Monique Haley and Joe Cerqua. The performance was amazing! This performance was performed on January 11, 2021, at the Logan Center of the Arts at the University of Chicago. My class and I watched it in June of 2021. This performance shows us the unique side with the amazing costumes designed and the beautiful dance movements. The musicians played really good and soothing music! The dancers were all in sync and the way they danced was absolutely amazing. 

          The performance ROOT is a performance with a blend of African dance and American Jazz music. The performers were so passionate and were not stiff at all. The choreography went amazing with the music. The dancers were so passionate about the dance that made the dance super good. In the performance there were people playing instruments, then after a few minutes passed by the dancers started to come out slowly. The performance was a blend of African dance, American Jazz, and Music with the creator’s own voices! The lighting wasn’t too bright, but it wasn’t as dark, you could still see the dancers. The dancers wore maroon & beige costumes. Some dancers wore a bun and a dress, and some dancers wore pants and a shirt.  

         Musical blends often happened in the performance, like African music was blended well with American Jazz music. The performance made me feel energized, it also made me feel sort of connected to African American culture and American Jazz music. I think the message of the performance was don’t be afraid to express yourself the way you want to, everyone should express themselves differently. I actually thought that the performance was good! I don’t think there were any “least effective” things to list.  The dancers who performed are Briana Arthur, Shelby Moran Amarantos, Joe Musiel, Brennen Renteria, Fernando Rodriguez, Rachel Spies, Kristen Vasilakos, Carson Vonfeldt. 

          Root was an awesome performance to view. I don’t think I could list any imperfections about the performance. I would definitely recommend this performance to others, it was so amazing to watch! The lighting was amazing, the dancers’ costumes were super unique and different. I say that this performance would be a 10/10. Most people don’t know about these performances which I think should be spreaded out more often. The dancers had great legwork! They all move at different paces depending on the rhythm of the song. The dancers wore maroon and beige African traditional costumes! 

Camila A.

Have you heard of the Cirqua Rivera performance? I really recommend watching it! It’s available online and it’s performed by very talented dancers! The performance was called “Root” and was performed at the Logan Center. It’s also something good to watch when you want to relax. I really enjoyed watching this and I bet many other people will too! It reminded me of a ballet dance with a different type of music, and it seemed much different than an average ballet dance because of the drum, which was a drum used in Africa and also jazz music. It was a really good mix and I’ve never seen anything like that before. 

My favorite part of the performance was the drummer because it added a nice touch to the dancing and movements. I also really liked the lighting because it had really cool effects and colors. It went really well with the mood of the performance. The movements were soft and it really did look like a ballet dance because of the movements. 

I think it was interesting how they were practicing the performance because the drummer was in the middle of the dancers and they all danced to the drum. There must have been a lot of practicing because the dance was so well put together. It was an awesome mix with the ballet dancing with jazz and an african drum, and I wonder how the creators thought of this combination. I also thought the costumes fit really well with the music and the dancing. They looked very well made and when I first saw them I thought the costumes were very pretty! 

  Something that I will remember about this performance is the music because it was jazz and an african drum, and they are very different from each other, but they work together very well. It’s very unique and there probably isn’t a lot of music like this around. It’s very different from other music I hear in performances. 

The mix of music and the talent that all the dancers have make this performance very successful. Everything about it made this special and it was very detailed. I hope this makes people want to watch this performance and get them to share it with other people!

Berenice L 

             Have you ever seen a performance that you’ll never forget? I watched a Performance with my class a few days ago. The performance was created by a dance group called Cerqua Rivera. The title of the show was “Root.” The performance was part of the Logan Center School Matinee program. We watched the show online in June of 2021.

              Overall the performance was great, it showed many things from wonderful culture. We saw “ROOT” by Monique Haley and Joe Cerqua. The performance had very beautiful music, the dancers all danced with such amazing passion. Watching them perform such courageous beautiful dancers inspired me and made me feel very determined. The lighting in the performance was excellent and on point, It really brought out the beauty as it switched from one excellent dancer to another. It really formed a beautiful performance with the music, the lighting and the amazing performers. My favorite part of the performance was where it shifted so beautifully and aligned with the play so perfectly as the light dimmed, that part just stood out to me and made it almost perfect.

            I really loved the costumes and the western african music. The costumes were definitely the most beautiful. I was really inspired by the performance. There’s a feeling I get that makes me wonder, how beauty is truly expressed by such a form of a dance so appealing it is just incredible. Such beautiful art is expressed while watching this amazing performance. It’s quite lovely how someone so in touch with their emotions can express them in such a form of beautifulness.

          I have learned to appreciate such beautiful dances and music. I had an idea that we were going to write a critique lead to view the performance we saw. If the road that I’m going takes me to reviewing movies, plays, or anything involving the theater. Later in the future I could use these skills to write a good review.

Alondra A.

An interesting Jazz Performance

Have you ever thought about what the performance called Root was about? The performance Root was created by Cerqua Rivera. It was an educational and dancing performance. The dancing was inspired by the choreographers West African maxims. The music was mostly Jazz and the lighting and the movements were very creative. The dance premiered on Monday January 11 2021 but I was able to watch it in June 2021. The performance was part of the Logan Center School Matinee program.

The performance was very creative and unique because of all the different effects and dancing. The dancers were very good at moving with the rhythm of the music. They all looked like they were free and were able to dance in a different way then others. The lighting was very different and interesting because of all of the lighting effects. I think the most effective part of the performance was the dancing and the music. I liked the dancing and the music because it’s not something I see a lot so I thought it was interesting and creative. 

I really enjoyed the performance because of all the effects shown and how it just made everything look better and how it brought it all together. It was very unique in how the dancers moved around with the music. I also like the effects they had like the fog and clouds. I just think they should’ve added some more effects to the performance. The clothing the dancers and everyone had was nice and simple but yet it wasn’t too much.

I would recommend this performance to people because I enjoyed it and it was a fun and interesting thing to watch. It caught my attention on how everything fit in. The dancers’ dancing and movements went along with the music and it looked very creative. I would just add some more effects but that’s all that I would change about this performance. I think others would also enjoy the performance since I thought it was unique and creative.

Alejandro V

     Have you ever seen an African Dance mixed with American Jazz?Well, let me introduce you to “ROOT”.It was performed at the Logan Center School Matinee program.It was created by a dance group that is named Cerqua Rivera.It was first  performed on January 11,2021.I recently watched this performance and I could tell that the dance group Cirqua Rivera worked hard on this dance.

                      In the performance you could see that they have a certain type of clothes that they are wearing.You could also see they added a background at each certain time during the performance.I also like the decorations.I like  the design for the costumes.In my opinion I think that it really set the theme.If it were just plain clothes,it would probably be boring.The speed of the dancers also helped out the performance.If the speed was like really fast or rushed then it wouldn’t look would make the performance look like if it was a comedy.

                    I felt really calm or excited watching it.I didn’t see any flaws in the dancers movements.I could really tell that the dancers worked really hard on the performance.I was surprised on how long they danced for and keeping up with the speed of the song they were playing.I also liked how they had the singers and musicians in the background.

I really recommend this for anybody and especially people who are into dancing and people who like music.I don’t think the performance was inappropriate.The performance was really entertaining and exciting.It was a fun experience and I personally enjoyed it.

Fabian M.

The Cirqua Rivera performance was about people dancing in a performance. The people were people who had clothes and that they danced in the performance. It was also performed on a stage. The performance was on January 11th, on Monday.

In the performance, the dancers were wearing normal clothes and they were dancing on a stage. The lights were bright and there was also music playing in the background while the dancers were dancing and doing poses. The music was drums playing in the background and other instruments. In the performance there was also a screen presenting like trees and other stuff.

Something that reminded me of the performance was when I went to a concert and it was kind of similar to the performance. There were people dancing, except they were playing some instruments and there was music and the background. Also the thing that I heard in the performance that reminded me of something was when I was in another place where they played drums and pianos. It was located near the beach in Chicago.

The music in the background of the performance was men playing some drums and other instruments. Also there were artworks where it was presenting trees and other artworks. Also in the description of the video it says “The suite celebrates the resilient journey of individuals within a community through the blending of African dance, American Jazz and Music, and the creators’ own unique contemporary voices.”

At the end, in the performance I felt calm and relaxed and also I enjoyed the performance. It was fun to watch and the music kind of sounds cool. There were a lot of things that were successful in the performance like how they dance, how well they did the music, and also the lights.

Anthony S.

Have you heard of the Root dance created by Cerqua Rivera? The Root dance had African music. They had dancers that were dressed with performance costumes. They also had a stage background of the gray sky with a dead tree. The dancers also danced with the rhythm. 

The root dance had African music and the dancers danced with the rhythm. The music was with the performance. The dancers were concentrating on the music. They were dancing anciently to the African music. 

They had a stage background of the dance. It was a gray sky with a dead tree. The dancers were as roots. They danced like the roots in the background. They danced for the audience. 

In conclusion, the Root dance was great. They had a background of the gray sky with a dead tree. The dancers at the performance were dressed like roots. They were practicing for the audience. There was also African music and the dancers danced with the rhythm. The performance impressed me and I think it will impress other people too.

Noemi P.

Watching performances is fun but have you ever seen one? So recently, I watched a performance made by a very talented dance group which is Cerqua Rivera. The performance was performed at the Logan Arts Center. It was called “Root”. It premiered on Monday, January 11 2021 but you would have to watch it online. It was a very interesting performance and was more of a ballet while the music was very contrasting towards the dance, as the dance seemed more elegant. Very interesting combo but it went well together. There were so many things about it, some things I hated, some things I really enjoyed. 

It wasn’t the worst thing I have seen but it also wasn’t the best thing I have seen, not that it’s horrible it was very good but I have seen better definitely. The performance itself was wonderful of course. I enjoyed the music a lot. It reminded me of an African kind of music, something from South Africa, and so were the musicians’ outfits.I didn’t see many African aspects in the dance itself; it was more ballet. They went well together though but I could be biased because I loved the music. The music was beautiful and it was like Peanut butter and jelly with the dance,it just flowed amazingly.

When I last saw the performance I noticed that the lighting was light at some points and the lighting was dark at some points. When the moon had come up on the screen the lighting all of the sudden went darker which made it feel more real and the dances that went with it really went with the mood. When there is dance involved we all know we have to make sure that the dance goes with everything that is happening or it can ruin the dance. The lights were many mystical colors and it almost felt as if they wanted to describe the scene with lighting. 

There was a lot more than the music and lighting though, the dancing. It really reminded me of ballet and it was more of a creative version of it, it wasn’t all just ballet. There was something else but I don’t know how to describe it. The dances were choreographed great and it was just amazing in general. The dance was very important to this entire performance because everyone was very focused on it and very invested into seeing the dance as the entire scheme of this was the dance group.

Finally in general the entire thing was great, the choreography was amazing and the music and lighting was on point and so were the visuals in the back. Now my only problem with what was shown there was the outfits. The entire dance and everything about it was elegant but the outfits were just dull and boring. I didn’t like it at all, it was just boring. I think the best thing they could have done is make it more sparkly. Everything flowed well though I just wish there was more of that African aspect in there because I felt there was a hint of some South African things but not enough of it. I would recommend this performance to people ages 8+ because some people younger may not have the attention span to watch it all.