Tamika Bradford

Ms. Bradford’s class watched and reviewed a storytelling  performance by Chicago Creation described here:

Chicago Footworking Legend Pause Eddie and his crew CreationChicago will also be premiering a dynamic workshop teaching one of Chicago’s signature dance styles: footwork!

To view the current School Matinee’s please click here to view.

Andrew G.

           The cultural history behind the dance known as the Chicago Footwork and the way the dance is performed is very interesting and intriguing and is very eye-catching and well performed. The Chicago Footwork has more meaning to it besides dancing. The performance is made by a company known as “Creation Chicago” shown on the website for the Logan Center for the Arts Matinee program. It was shown on the website on February 8th of 2021 and I watched the experience online on June 1, 2021. The performance consists of both dancing and the dancers explaining why they dance and why they like to teach others to dance. I’ll explain a lot about the performance and why I personally think it was well made.

             The performance can catch your attention by watching the way the groups of performers show off their dancing skills. The music and lights make you feel excited and will make you want to dance along with the performers. Throughout the performance, I saw groups of dancers that were around 5-12 people, and they all dressed in jeans, sweatpants, hoodies, t-shirts, and sweaters. The stages the performers danced on had boomboxes in the back along with rectangular lights to see them dance and to hear the music.

             Throughout the performance, there were also flashy stage lights to shine on the performers along with a huge audience to watch the dance. The music that plays is like hip-hop to fit the theme of the Chicago Footwork dance. The performance made me want to dance along with the music and made me feel excited.

             Overall, the performance was really good and I don’t think that there was anything that could have been better. I think the overall message of the performance was to teach people about dancing and to teach people about the culture of the dance known as the Chicago Footwork.


    It is very fascinating when people dance very fast and it is exactly what they do in this performance made by Creation Chicago and organized by the Logan Center for Arts.This Matinee was performed on February 8th. This Matinee was very unique because of its combinations of lighting and what they wore.

   The Matinee had a combination of things, for example the lighting, music, and what they were wearing. For example the lighting had many different combinations and sometimes it had the colors blue, red, green,orange, and yellow at the same time. At the beginning they were wearing just some jeans and a shirt.And then they weared some shorts and a hoodie or a shirt.At first they were showed their dance moves one by one but then after they were all doing the same dance over at the same time.The music was very energetic and it made you kind of happy.

   The matinee’s most effective things were mostly the music and their movements because their movements were very interesting. I hadn’t seen any dance moves similar to what they were doing.They were dancing very fast and mostly using their feet only for most of the dance.So the matinee was very unique.And also the music was very effective because it was very energetic.The music made me feel kind of happy and more energetic.

     Some things that weren’t the best of the matinee or that could have been better were the lighting because there wasn’t really that much lighting. And they should’ve added some more lighting because it could have made he performance better. At the beginning, there was some lighting used but then after that not much was used again. At the beginning they used a variety of colors of lighting but then they didn’t use it at all again.So overall they could have improved the lighting.

    In conclusion, the matinee was very fascinating and interesting. For example, the dance moves were very unique.And how they were showing the dance moves was pretty unique.The music was also very energetic and it made me feel with more energy. The one thing that could have been better was just the lighting. They sometimes showed their dance moves one at a time and some other times, they all did the same dance moves at the same time. Overall the matinee was very unique and entertaining.I would definitely recommend it.

Aylin L. 

Have you ever seen a dance performance that is very involved and kinda relates to where you live? Well “Creation of Chicago” the dance performance I saw virtually in June of 2021 because of the times in the world at the Logan Arts Center. It takes a lot for me to like a play, movie, or dance performance and this dance performance is definitely on the top of that list. There were many reasons why I liked this dance performance. I feel like the main reason why I liked it was because of how all the elements of the performance flowed together so well. 

I feel like since the performance had to do with Chicago and I’m from Chicago that already has some meaning to me because I’ve been in Chicago my whole life. Also, what really stood out to me was how everything worked together, vibed together. The music and the lighting to clarify. The lighting matched with the music and the beat. I feel that it’s hard to match and make sure that the lighting matches with dance and the music. So I feel that was very good and I really liked that element of the performance. 

Also, the dance and the footwork that was in the dance performance were incredible. I could not move my feet like that and the dance just made my day. Was so upbeat and well-practiced. Lil Bit, Pause Eddie and the other foot workers did a good job at making sure all the elements matched. The dance was amazing and allowed the audience to interact. Really liked how all the elements complemented each other. 

Overall I really enjoyed the performance “Creation Chicago” for many reasons. I would really recommend everyone to watch the performance. It would definitely put a smile on your face. Loved how the performance had many strong elements that all in all worked together very well.

Bella E.

Have you ever heard of footwork? Footwork is a form of dance that is performed all around the world. For example, on February 8th 2021, the Logan Center for the Arts organized a performance revolving around footwork which was performed by a company called Creation Chicago. Although footwork is a type of dance, there is more to it than just dance, there’s meaning and a different flow to every movement. There is more to it and I intend to show the different types and meanings.

In the performance, there were a lot of movements being put together and its not just all the feet or legs, it’s combinations with arms and body as well. Beside the movements is the music that puts it all together. The lights go along with the music’s beats and whole flow, if the music got faster so would the flashing lights and if it got slower the lights would flash slower. Everyone’s clothing was mostly different, making a variety of colors put to use in the performance. To make everything look even better there were a lot of interesting backdrops and pictures to make everything fall in place.

Creation Chicago is not all about just footwork though. The people that are performing and battling are there for reasons different from one another. Some people are there because they like the idea, they are trying to get their act together after going with the wrong people growing up,  but one thing everyone there knows is that they are in some way shape or form family to each other. The performances they do and all of the battles are what makes them happy and what they put their everything into. So no, Creation Chicago isn’t all about footwork or dancing, but about starting over to achieve your goal and most importantly, family.

In conclusion, there’s a lot to the backstory and the art of footwork. Creation Chicago has gone around performing and battling other people for years, they faced obstacles and issues to get where they are currently as friends and as family. The art of footwork is hard to learn and or master, but with time and practice, anyone can accomplish it. There’s always more to the story, sometimes you just have to flip the page to find it.

Camila T.

Isn’t it fascinating seeing people move their feet so fast? You might even wonder how they do it? In this program, organized by the Logan Center for the Arts, a dance company called Creation Chicago did a dance using their feet. This is called “Footwork”. The premiere was on February 8th, although I watched this Matinee online due to the coronavirus. 

The beat, the lighting, the movement, were just so amazing. So many details happened during this performance. For example, in the beginning, the beat was fast so the light was flashing. It was in sync. The costumes went with the music and props. Including one of the first videos, they had three people with yellow shirts, with some black writing on them. The other two had black shirts, with white writing on them, although all of the performers had black pants. The music was like hip-hop. Fast beat, rapping, rhyming. If the music hits a high note the movement of the dancers is more energized. They use their feet faster, moving left, right, up, and down. Not only would they use their feet, but they also use their hands to match up with the footwork. As well, they use their body to match.

There were many different performances from other performers. It had footwork, it had the same music as each of the other performances. For example, the music beat and dance movements, just like the other performances, have the same theme(footwork). Meaning it contains what footwork does, the music beat, and dance movements. This performance showed Chicago’s culture of dance. Pause Eddie, Mike D, and Little-Bit were the choreographers of this performance. They wanted to express more of the culture, they even said “Saving the youth is always our goal & representing Chicago & dance with expression and movement is our gift.” Towards the end of the performance, Pause Eddie was interviewed and answered questions. Based on how they did it, their struggles, and the meaning behind footwork. For example, one question was asked to Paul Eddie on how he got involved in footwork. By seeing this performance, I’m pretty sure they reached their goal because I definitely learned more about Chicago’s culture. You should too.

This performance wanted to make you dance and try to do footwork too! When I saw this performance it reminded me of when you’re outside and see a group of kids dance using their feet to get money. One will play the drums with a bucket and the others dance. This is amazing because more kids are getting to know more about the culture. Which was the goal of this performance. 

Overall, I thought this performance was spectacular. If I were to rate this performance out of 10, I give it an 8. It was entertaining, don’t get me wrong. What I disliked was that some of the dance movements would repeat. For example, left, left-right, cross, and repeat. Maybe repeating the same movements is part of the choreography or Chicago’s footwork culture. It can be less entertaining. Other than that, the performance was amazing. I really enjoyed how they express their culture and feelings with this. I love the beat of the music and lighting of it. The lighting went with the beat. It showed the audience the expressions and feelings the performers were giving.

Hugo P.

When I first heard of this program I was confused but we got to see many interesting things. I’m not the kind of person who likes dancing so much. It was a cool experience that I want to share because I saw people who used their talent to a high level of footwork. 

You might even wonder how they do it. Logan Center for the Arts, a group of people from Creation Chicago did a dance using their feet. There were many people playing in the play. The name of creation Chicago. I watched it on May 27th on my laptop. It was cool to see people move on their feet smoothly. You can see how they work very hard to get those moves done. U can really tell that they are very talented. 

Their music and dancing always mean something to everyone. It’s so peaceful and nice. It’s so nice because you can feel the relaxation and when they land, it is just very clean.

Although footwork is a type of dance, there is more to it than that it is an awesome way to show there’s meaning and a different flow. U can tell more that they’re trying to show our culture. They show more than dancing then show themselves their moves that they worked hard to pull off.

They are very amazing people with very good talents even though I had to see it through a screen it was still shocking how quick and amazing they move. When they move you can see them using their feet and sometimes other parts. In the background, it was pitch black but it was very bright to the people dancing and that’s why I loved it. And their outfits were very creative. Everything they do always seems so perfect. The outfits were in different colors like red and yellow.

Watching people dance reminds me that dancing is music. I’m talking about people who play music. And they share a lot of common mistakes and progress. They can fail to get back up and not give up on a dance or note. But one day they will have their stage to show all of their work.

To end it all, the performers were very talented as we all saw and it was an honor to watch that. Though the only bad thing about the show was the fact we had to watch it virtually and sometimes it glitched but other than that I liked it.

Ismael E.

Do you find people dancing incredibly fast, fascinating? Well in “Footwork” there are a variety of groups dancing and having their different and independent styles of dances and music as well. This video took place at Logan Center and introduced Pause Eddie, Lil Bit and many more people dancing throughout the video. The video had most of them keep up with the fast paced music when I was observing and Creation Chicago was in the entire video. I watched this in June of 2021 online due to COVID-19 and I had noticed a lot of the people dancing and participating in the video when they were in the middle of  dances or even just talking about what they did. 

Throughout the performance, people were doing fast-paced movements to keep up with the music and they wore cargo pants or jeans with sneakers. Most of the beats that were playing were all fast-paced which helped the people to be fast-paced. The lighting was just like any other lighting and was just a plain white light a majority of the time. The music or the beats sounded like they were repeated to make the music go faster or for it to be more fast-paced for the dancers to keep moving at a good speed. Most of the dancers moved their legs back and forth or side to side really fast to look like their feet are moving incredibly fast. 

Most of the places that the dancers were at were stages or a practice studio. There were many people dancing and going along with each other as they were dancing as a big group. Lots of people took part in this video and I would say that there were about 20 people in the practice studios in some parts of the video. I also noticed that when people were talking most of them weren’t live in-person interviews since COVID-19 is still big. People in the video doing dances all looked pretty young too, they all looked about 14-27 to me. Also I would suggest this video since it shows how people can dance and also represents a city and how many talented people there are but with no recognition.

Karina A.

Can dancing be inspirational? The dance performance was created by Creation Chicago. The premiere date of this performance was Monday, February 8. This performance was made in Chicago. It mainly represents the dance style/culture called footwork. Footwork is a cool way to dance, the people dancing look like they are moving fast. 

This performance was very beautiful. Multiple people were dancing, some were dancing in sync and some were dancing on their own. There was a lot of light and the lights were red and blue. The dancers were also wearing matching outfits. Most of the outfits were yellow and black. Also, the music in the back was like hip hop and it sounded nice with the dancing. 

The music and dancing made me want to start dancing too. This was a type of video where it sends good and happy vibes. It was energetic and if you paid attention to the way their feet would move, it looked like a pattern. Footwork is like a performing art form because some people like to make up their own footwork pattern and when you see it the dancing looks incredible. Also, the lighting looked nice and made the performance a little better. I think it made the performance a little better because without the light the dance would have looked a little plainer. The lights added a little more color to the performance. 

Overall, the performance looked astonishing. I think the dancing was stunning and with people wearing matching clothes it looked even better. When some people see the performances of people dancing, it inspires them to want to learn how to dance like that. So in some cases, it can inspire people. This performance was fantastic and so many people were there to make that performance happen and it was breathtaking.

Lesli G

     Have you ever wondered about the different types of dances there are in the world? Well, Creation Chicago is a group of dancers who dance in a unique way. Their unique way of dancing is called ¨Footwork¨. ¨Footwork´ is a type of dance, it is moving your feet in different ways to create a dance or a dance move. Creation Chicago did a performance on February 8th, 2021 and was organized by The Logan Centers For The Arts School Matinee. In June 2021, I watched this performance online, due to Covid-19.

     During the performance you see Creation Chicago dancing with their feet, moving very fast, and having fun. They are on a stage dancing in matching outfits. They wore yellow t-shirts, black and white sneakers, and black pants. There were lights flashing in different colors above the dancers.The light´s colors were red, yellow, and blue. The dancers showed the audience their fast moves and talent. The dancers mostly moved their arms, legs, and feet. They danced to upbeat and fast music. They moved from left to right, up and down, and also front and back while moving their feet. While moving places and moving their feet they also moved their arms side to side.

     This performance reminded me of another form of art. This performance reminded me of graffiti. The bright and dark colors, the uniqueness of both arts. All reminded me of graffiti, graffiti is bold, colorful, and different. “’Footwork” , the form of dance Creation Chicago uses, is also different and bold. “Footwork” is different because you mainly use your feet, most dances use mostly arms and legs. “Footwork” is also bold because it stands out more than other types of dances.

     I think breakdancing inspired Creation Chicago to dance “Footwork”. I think this because breakdancing uses a lot of foot and arm movement. “Footwork” also uses a lot of foot and some arm movement. Also when you compare both types of dances side by side, you can tell how similar they are. Another similarity is the style most breakdancers have, break dancers tend to wear bright and baggy clothing. While Creation Chicago also used bright clothing, they didn’t wear baggy clothes. Even if they don’t wear baggy clothes and have the same type of movements they are still very similar. Which is why I believe Creation Chicago got inspiration from graffiti and breakdancing.

     Some features that made this performance successful are the music and lighting. The music fitted well with the movements and their style. Each movement the dancers danced the beats of the music synced with them. The lighting also created this fun element. The bright colors used for the lighting made the performance feel like a concert. I think this performance showed how important it is to live your dream and have fun.


When you hear Chicago Footwork you would think just dancing right? However, I am going to review Creation Chicago’s Footwork performance. It premiered on Monday, February 8, 2021 and was created by Creation Chicago. I watched the matinee with my class in June 2021, virtually due to the pandemic. I am going to show you what Chicago Creation really is.

There is a lot of energy in the music so it helps me get excited and happy. The lighting also changed in one dance because it went from fast to slow. There are yellow clothes that they wear with jeans. Also, the shirts have words on them. They also use a microphone as a prop. There are also black shirts that were next to the yellow shirts on the stage. They were awesome because they were like the wind just following the clouds/leader. You can tell they practiced a lot because it is hard to move that fast and that good.

This event reminded me of the sun because the sun gets me energized like the song got me energized. It was like all the sun’s energy was on me when I heard the song. I wanted to play basketball even more when I heard that song and I could not stop listening to it and it was like I wanted to jump out of my seat. I want the song to never stop because they made me so excited that I was not tired anymore. They moved their hands and feet a lot. They were moving their feet like snakes because they slither and the hands were like an elephant trunk.

The song was amazing and I bet almost anyone who heard it felt the same as me. They probably wanted to jump out and feel the energy from the song as well. It was not just the energy they danced with coolness. It reminded me of a show where this guy was really cool. This is what I liked most about the show. They were like zombies dancing because they looked like it to me. They used their feet and hands to make it look like it and they were like animals that made their own path.

Now it is time to wrap it up and the last feeling I felt was determination. You may ask how I feel determination, and I say I feel it because the dancers were determined. They made me want to work harder than I have ever been in my life. They inspired me to head for my dreams straight on, no looking back. So in all the performance was great and I loved it and wanna do it again.

Paola G. 

When the word FootWork pops up, the main thing to think about is feet. It’s amazing to think how dancers can dance with their feet which are moved to the speed of light, and still tell us something. A performance about FootWork was made by Creation Chicago which was organized by the Logan Center for Arts on February 8th, though I watched it in June. I got in touch with this performance due to the online classes I’ve been in. And these dancers are just something else. Their feet move so fast I can’t process the entire thing all at once. But it’s so beautiful and I can’t describe it. What can I say it’s like, it’s like art.

As Logan Center of Arts says, “Creation puts on explosive performances sharing a dance style/culture called Chicago Footwork. This innovative dance performance blends creativity and Chicago cultural history. Since 2001, Creation Chicago has been recognized for their Creation Battle Clique which has spread worldwide.”  The performance doesn’t start off until some time later after the video demonstrates one of the main dancers: Pause Eddie. He is on camera practicing with his team and also answering questions and explaining how he feels. “Saving the youth is always our goal and representing Chicago and dance with expression and movement is our gift.”

Throughout the performance(s) I was able to see Pause Eddie in almost all of them, though it was a little harder in some parts because of the lighting and the location of the stage. For example, some time after the introduction of the dancers and their practicing, there is a caption stating, “Lil Bit, Pause, & Mike continue to perform for Chicago Dance Community.” The reason I bring this part of the video is because this is one of my favorite parts. Here is where I see them on a stage. In the second part, the dancers are seen in some sort of set up where again and unsurprisingly perform an amazing (and obviously fast) dance movements which are breathtaking at a blink of an eye. 

It’s amazing to see these dancers being able to take a normal part of their body (feet) and do amazing dance moves with it. At first I wasn’t too impressed, Foot work? No thanks. But luckily I was able to not miss out on this performance and got to see what will probably be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. To me and probably not just me, these dancers are a huge inspiration to young generations. I got to see a class teacher perform in front of students, and they (just like me) were amazed. Performances and moments like these are all times that are personally good for me. Because of the pandemic I became a little different in the sense of emotions, I don’t say how I feel sometimes and there aren’t too many things in this world that can make me feel happy like this performance did. Really happy I didn’t miss it. 

In conclusion, to me this performance was very inspirational. I really enjoyed some of the parts before the performance where you see all the dance team come together and live their life at best as a team. I also enjoyed the fact that one teacher of dance had a footwork dancer come in and show off (meaning do an awesome presentation of his skills) his cool skills to some kids. You can clearly see their excited faces, just like me, they were amazed. Something I would pay attention to is the music. Of course (just a thought) maybe  the music should be put out with the speed of the dancers (if you can find music that fast) to add more excitement to it. But over all, an amazing performance. Really look forward to seeing more of their incredible ‘flash’ moving dance moves and dancers.

Vanessa T.

You look to the right and to the left up and down and just can’t keep up with their feet. Has someone’s footwork ever been so fast it made you dizzy? My name is Vanessa.T and today I will be talking about a performance by a dance company called ‘Creation Chicago’. The dance performance is called ‘Footwork’. It premiered on February 8th 2021  as part of the ‘Logan Centers For The Arts School Matinee program. In this performance there are fascinating dancers who have incredibly fast footwork. 

This performance has magnificent lighting, great dance skills, outstanding costumes and amazing music. The lighting looked very marvelous, glowing and dazzling with a bunch of different kinds of colors. It also moved with the music. For example, when the music got louder the lights started changing faster and when the music moved slow the lights didn’t change as fast. I also noticed how the light was pointing at the dancer. The performers danced smoothly and they got every beat of the song. What was really impressive is how they were moving their feet so fast. The way they were dressed went with the music. They’re jeans/sweatpants and hoodies or t-shirts with sneakers. Some of the t-shirts had some cool graffiti on them. The music had a very pleasant beat. It’s the type of music that makes you want to get up and dance. 

This performance reminded me of concerts. The people dancing are like the back stage dancers for concerts. The different colors in the performance are like the ones at concerts. This also reminds me of parties. The lights, costumes, music and dances are what you normally see at parties. To add on, something I really liked was when the lights turned red and blue and it looked like a little bit of smoke came out of it. 

What made the performance successful was the dance moves. The fast footwork caught the audience’s attention. Something else that made the performance successful was the music. The music went with everything: the costumes, movements and lighting. Overall, it was a really good performance. I’m sure if other people watched it they would enjoy it.

Ximena N

“Have you ever heard of Chicago Footwork?” If you haven’t, you’re just in luck. The Logan Arts Center premiered a matinee by Creation Chicago on February 8th. Due to pandemic complications, I had to watch the matinee online. I saw various dances and dancers including Pause Eddie, Lil Bit, and Mike D, perform and teach. 

  During the beginning of the performance, we saw a 2-minute performance in what seems to be a school gymnasium. Everyone there is wearing casual clothing and tennis shoes to help with dancing. There were lots of rainbow strobe lights in the background and very upbeat music. Although the music was exciting and uplifting it felt very repetitive towards the end. It essentially was the same beat for 2 minutes. 

After that performance, we saw Pause Eddie practicing at a studio. Everyone there was wearing sneakers and jeans. We learn that Pause Eddie used footwork as an escape from getting in trouble due to hanging out with “the wrong crowd”. The dancers at the studio huddled up in groups and hyped each other while they danced. 

Along with viewing that, we saw a performance of a group of dancers taking turns to dance in the middle. They were also wearing streetwear and sneakers. The video had rap music and had a black and white filter edited on. We got closeups of the dancer’s feet and amazing editing. Although the music was repetitive, I felt as if it suited the situation perfectly. Towards the end we saw another performance, there were 8 dancers in total, all wearing yellow shirts and black sweatpants. They had amazing choreography that kept the show alive. There were rainbow strobe lights in the background and exciting hip-hop music. The dancers did group choreography and solo choreography. The emotion shown through the dance was well thought out.

Although the matinee was well thought out and planned some things could have been improved and fixed. For example, the editing and the way the video was organized. The video felt as if it was all over the place we saw performances in between practice routines. The music was very repetitive and it felt boring after a while. While all of that could have been fixed the performance was still amazing and I would recommend it.