Ms. Canales 2021

Ms. Canales class watched and reviewed a storytelling  performance by Chicago Creation described here:

Chicago Footworking Legend Pause Eddie and his crew CreationChicago will also be premiering a dynamic workshop teaching one of Chicago’s signature dance styles: footwork!

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Melina G                        

Fun Fast Feet

Are you tired of seeing all of those slow and boring dances? Well, what if you see dancing that is as fast paced as a cheetah? Hello I am Melina and I have watched a small show on Chicago Footwork dancing, on the Logan Arts Center website, due to covid, on June 8th, 2021. This video was published on February 8th. The performance was made by a dance company called Creation Chicago.

This performance was very fast paced through-out the whole video. It was very exciting to watch the people dance, and the fact that they all danced very fast paced and in sync made it more exciting and less boring. They had small interviews throughout the video, and showed different clips and footage of different parts to this program. They had clips like behind the scenes and practicing, and also teaching other kids and students. I thought that this was a really nice touch. They showed different footage of different performances they had on stages with different clothing such as streetwear to matching clothing/outfits.

The music choice was very hip-hopish compared to the regular types of music that we hear on the radio or in the car. The dances were very fast and it almost seemed as if they all made up these dances by freestyling, and then teaching others the dance, which brought a lot of creativity in this show and the fact that they didn’t do the same dances you would usually see. The outfits and choice of clothing seemed to be pretty nice. It looked pretty professional, but not as professional as dancing in a suit for example. They all seemed to have lots of fun while doing these types of dances.

Something that wasn’t too pleasant for me was the amount of different footage all over the place throughout the video. It was a little confusing to follow through all of it and the amount of different performances on stage that was there was confusing. Another thing is the choices of the backgrounds including the lighting, music, etc. The lighting, for example, made it harder to see and pay attention to the dancers by itself just because of the amount of the light movement and colors that were going on. Another thing that could have been a little better were the small interviews between the clips. I couldn’t really hear what the guy in the first interview was saying in the beginning of the show. Maybe if they were to do it as if it was a television show with the editing of the behind the scenes talking, it would have looked and it would have been better. I would have also been more engaged with what the dancers think while doing this as a job/hobby, and why they chose to do this.

My overall rating is 3.8 stars out of 5. In my opinion, this was a nice performance to watch and I would definitely recommend this to someone in my family to see their reactions of the fast, moving feet. Thank you for reading, bye!

Noah R.

Stylish Dancing Spreading Message to Come Together as One

Dancers always talk about fancy footwork, and try to pull it off themselves, but this performance is the literal definition of it! Hello everyone, my name is Noah, and today, we are going to talk about the Creation Chicago Show! Put on by the Logan Center for the Arts and of course, watched virtually, this film shows you all about Creation Chicago, and their mission to save the youth in the form of dance, more specifically Chicago Footwork. With expression and movement in mind, these dancers show off some impressive moves, and of course, it’s all in the feet. Representing something good in Chicago culture is hard, as the city is filled with crime. However, I think Creation Chicago does it perfectly. Here below is my critique, and why I think Creation Chicago has a wonderful message.

While the movie is mostly just footage of performances and practice, there are a few bits of talking. It is mostly about what it’s like to be part of Creation and the message they are trying to bring. Even though I wish there was more talking, I see how they are trying to communicate with dance. The dancing is so fast paced and impressive, I wouldn’t see anyone else trying to pull it off without failing multiple times. It reminds me of how in the game Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic’s legs turn blurry when he runs very fast.

The lighting was either spotlights or natural light. On the performances where the stage is dark, the lighting is good enough to help you see the dancers more clearly so you don’t miss all the impressive footwork. The costumes were plain and simple street clothing, which I think helps sell the Chicago representation, as most people in the city wear normal clothes. It also helps you pay more attention to the dancing, and not waste your time studying the clothes and miss it.

My favorite part is when they show a little reel of the multiple performances they have done. If I was a music star, and needed dancers for a tour, this reel would definitely sell me on Creation. It also shows a good representation of what they do, and what performances you may have seen them in, but missed who they were. For example, on the reel they show the Missy Elliot performance before her acceptance of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award from the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards. That is a big deal for a dancing company, and I think it reminds us that Chicago is not all crime, and we have some culture and good things.

In conclusion, I think Creation Chicago’s film is a must see if you are a fan of anything dance. It reminds us that anyone can dance, and anyone can like it. It also shows that dance is not dead, and can be really impressive. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

Layla P.

Dancing! People’s way to express themselves even before emojis existed, is brought to the next level with Chicago Footwork! I’m Layla and I’ll be speaking about Creation Chicago’s interpretation of Chicago Footwork that took place at The Logan Center for the Arts, and even though I wasn’t able to see the performance physically due to Covid, I was able to experience it through their website on June 8th, 2021.

Firstly, I’d like to point out what they were wearing. Creation Chicago’s clothing was very simple, (I would describe it as urban, since they were wearing hoodies/shirts and jeans) which I like because it shows how you don’t need fancy costumes to be great. It makes sense as well because dancing can be tiring, especially at the speed that Creation Chicago was dancing, so by wearing simple, loose clothing, you improve the quality and duration of the dancing, while also looking good! The lighting during the performance was mostly focused on the dancers, with a spotlight on them, and vibrant, colourful lights in the background. The lights themselves threw me off a little bit, since they were really bright, and they caught my attention more than the dancers below did. The dancers, more specifically the dancers’ feet were moving very rapidly, and the lighting matched the music’s fast pace. It was very impressive to watch.

Personally, my favorite part was the behind the scenes footage because I found it very fascinating to see all the preparation that is put into these dances, I enjoyed seeing each members’ opinion on the routine, since I feel like that was like an “Author’s Note” in a book, and it’s always nice to know the opinion of the creator. One thing that I will always remember from this performance is the part where Creation Chicago gathers up in the middle of the stage and take turns to show off their footwork skills (@14:27)! It was impressive to see the balance and coordination of these athletes, and I call them athletes because of the fact that they put so much energy and effort into their dances that it would be considered a crime to not count it as a sport in my opinion.

This performance made me feel giddy, like in the way to want to stand up and just start dancing, their fast movements and tight synchronization was very cool to witness, so it inspired me to start expressing myself through dance, and even though my dancing skills are way underdeveloped as compared to them, I think that was the message they wanted to share. That everyone has an opportunity to express themselves, if it’s not through dance, it might be through art, literature, song, etc. But I think that they want us to see that we should not be afraid to show how we feel, even if sometimes it seems strange.

I enjoyed watching Creation Chicago’s way of expressing “Chicago Footwork” , and I would definitely recommend it to people in my family. If you’re interested in watching this outstanding performance, you could check it out at School Matinees — Logan Center for the Arts. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed 🙂

Andrea L.

There are many things that you see in dance like technique, posture and overall skills. There are people that can do all this and do it faster than a train or wind (when it picks up). Hello, I am Andrea. I watched a performance by dance company Creation Chicago on the Logan Center for the Arts website due to covid. The performance was on Chicago footwork. I watched it on June 8th. It was released on Monday February 8th and it was a very good performance and very inspiring. Let me tell you what made me feel this way.

I felt that this performance was very inspiring to anybody who wants to be a dancer or just anybody in general. I think this way because it really does show that you don’t or should not care at all about winning, losing or doing better. You should focus more on did I have fun? Did I dance to the best of my ability? Do I really want to keep doing this? You need to realize that you won’t always get to your dreams but if you don’t let anything get to you or if you don’t pay attention to the people that put you down you already won. In this video it was a lot about having fun and showing that you don’t need a competition or a trophy to prove anything. If you feel passionate about doing what you are doing then continue. There are also many people who try to put others down because they did not get that opportunity. Always remember that you need no people telling you anything, only people helping you improve.

I also felt that this performance really showed how people can express themselves in a way that they love to do. I think that is very important. You need to show and express yourself and if that is how you do it then so be it.I think that many people dance because it is fun and it helps them for whatever reason. I also feel that Dance is a way of life, emotion, and most importantly expression. I feel that it is a way of life because you can do it and never stop. That is what life is all about finding your passion and going with it. I also feel that it is an emotion because in dance you have so many genres and stories behind each dance. So it shows people the emotion of the dance. I also feel that it is a way of expression because you express yourself through it. You find yourself through it. If you think about it, dancing is like a human.

Many things were very, very eye-catching, especially some costumes and lights.

Dance is amazing and has many amazing things in it. This performance really showed me that. I think I might even consider dancing after this video. It looks so fun. This was my thought process for the performance. I hope you enjoyed it and consider dancing too.

Daniel G.

Have you ever seen footwork so good it blew your socks off? Well I have and it was amazing! My name is Daniel and I will be giving my opinion and critique on the performance by the company known as Creation Chicago that premiered on February 8th, 2021. This was organized by the Logan Center for the Arts. In this performance, you will see many dances and techniques. You will also see many performances that they have done in the past.

I will start this off by telling you what I saw in this performance. I saw many different performers doing footwork on different stages, outside, etc. I would say the topic of this performance was about how Creation Chicago spread footwork around the city and how they have been in many shows for many people. For example, they did footwork for one of Chance the Rapper’s shows. In the performances they show in the video, I see many flashing lights with different colors, I see the performers have matching outfits to go along with the show. The places were a little dim sometimes. It was sometimes a little hard to see what they were doing because of how dark it was.

I think the most effective part in the video was the actual dancing. The footwork they did was amazing to watch and was very surprising on how their footwork was so fast. Sometimes they would do some dancing on the ground and even use their hands. I saw a lot of variety in the performances they showed to us. I also like the music that plays because it makes you want to dance too because of how energetic the song’s tone is. One critique I have is that I wish the stages had more light because the stages were a little dark even with the flashing lights.

Something I will remember from this performance is some of the dances in the video. They were so good that I rewinded the video to watch them again. The performance made me feel energetic because of the music. I wanted to dance with them throughout the video. I would say the overall message is to show us dancing can be fun and that we should try out foot dancing. Overall, I would give this performance a 4 out of 5. I highly recommend watching this even if you aren’t the biggest fan of dancing!

Alyna R.

The Quickest Dancers From Chicago

Have you ever wondered how fast someone can dance before making you dizzy? Creation Chicago focuses on moving quickly so it can keep you entertained for ages. You will be amazed at how fast they can move their arms and legs. Their unique dance method is called “Chicago Footwork”. The video premiered on Monday February 8th. You can watch their interesting style of dance on the Logan Center for the Arts website.

They are seen practicing dancing and being interviewed behind the scenes of the performances. Even when they are just practicing, you can tell they are giving it their all. Many of the performances contain clips of them practicing. When they’re being questioned by the interviewers, they explain what they were doing before they started dancing and how it prevented them from continuing their bad habits. The interviews are interesting, I had no idea that dancing could have such an impact on a person’s life. The lights change colors and flash in time with the music during the show. During one of the performances, the smoke would change colors in reaction to the lighting. The songs’ lyrics and beats were repeated. They wore the same outfits while dancing, once yellow t-shirts with black pants.

When they were showing behind-the-scenes footage of them practicing, which I think affected the show, they talked about what they were doing before they began dancing and how it helped them in breaking bad behaviors. They also interviewed people about what the style and culture of their type of dance meant to them. It was good to know more about the style of dance and where it came from. They also talked to the people we teach dance to others.

I thought the performers did an amazing job of keeping me entertained, and it never got boring. They have a unique dance style that is very interesting, and the music they play is also very interesting. I think the entire performance did a fantastic job of showing how fast they can move and showing multiple dance moves. The behind-the-scenes clips also kept me interested and brought me closer with the style of dance. They didn’t repeat any of their dance moves, which added to the entertainment and enjoyment of the show. There was barely anything wrong with the show.

Overall, I highly recommend the performance, it barely got boring and there are so many things happening in the performances that I never lost interest. Thank you for reading about my thoughts on the performance. For me, I would give the performance a 10/10.

Ana G.

Hi my name is Ana and today I am gonna be talking about Creation Chicago. Dancing is a way to express a culture or yourself. Chicago Creation goes on shows and shows people Chicago footwork. I’ll be talking about Creation Chicago’s doing their famous Chicago Footwork that took place at The Logan Center For The Arts. And despite the fact that I wasn’t capable of seeing the overall performance in person because of Covid, I was still able to enjoy it through the internet on their site on June 8th, 2021.

For the first film I saw I thought it was really cool because the clothes match the lights and the feeling of the music. I also like how they show the feet moving to the beat and the Riddim and also how the dancers are having fun.I like the music because it was not a song you sing to it was more of a remix and a bunch of electro music combined so it is perfect to dance. I also enjoyed the lights that they put even though it was a little distracting because of how bright the lights were they still added style and it had a really good outcome at the performance. The thing I love the most is that the dancers don’t look bored or tired but look like they have a lot of energy and spirit. It kind of reminds me of when we have a party and I dance like this. I dance fast since it is the style of the music

One thing I appreciate is they show us the behind the scenes so it is not like they just go on stage and magically know what to do but I like how they show that they have to practice and create new steps so it is not the same every time. They don’t always dance on stage and in their dance clothes so I like to see that too because it shows that they are not perfect every time.

Something else is that even though they are just hanging out they still give me such amazing energy like if they are always happy and I like to see that because it show that even though they are just doing what every all the dance actually get along. I would also like to say a few things I didn’t like even though it was great. I still feel like the beat of the music is sometimes hard to follow because it is fast and it kind of doesn’t have a constant tempo so I found it difficult to keep up .

Also, the one thing is the lights. I found that the lights were very distracting because of how bright the lights are so it kept my eyes away from the actual dancing. But overall I found it was a good performance not perfect but good and that all the dancers get along not just for the dancing but it seems like they are a family.

Madison D.

Have you ever seen people’s feet move so rapidly that your eyes cannot keep up with them? Hello my name is Madison and if your answer was no, let me tell you about Creation Chicago’s amazing performance. They premiered this performance on February 8, 2021 on The Logan Arts Center website.

The first thing I will be talking about are the lights. The lights were very entertaining, bright, and lively. This made the performance pop more. The lights were turning different colors such as yellow, blue, purple, green, and more. They were moving around in the back of the dancers and sometimes where the dancers were on the floor.

The next entertaining and main thing in the performance I will be talking about is the dance and footwork. The style of this dance is Chicago footwork, and the dance was going too quickly, their feet were moving so fast. It was astonishing to watch them move like that knowing a lot of people are unable to do that. Sometimes there were even three or more people on the stage dancing. They weren’t just dancing randomly though, they were in sync which made it so enjoyable.

Another thing in the performance that is big is the music. The music was a remix, there were a lot of beats repeating. The music was like the dance, it was swift. The music was leading the dance as well because if the dance wasnt with the music and with the beats, the dance wouldn’t be as good. It would look like a big mess and most likely mess the whole performance up.

In conclusion, the performance was great! In my opinion, I would give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars only because I’m not that into dancing. So as they were dancing I was distracted a couple of times. When the lights were on, they weren’t on the people so I would keep looking at the lights. This performance was good and I’m sure a lot of people would like this and would enjoy watching it, but it wasn’t for me. The performance made me feel amazed because they were dancing really fast, their feet were moving all over the place and I know that I would not be capable of doing that.