Ms. Canales 2020

Ms. Canales class watched and reviewed a storytelling  performance by Jasmin Cardenas described here:

Did you know that the oldest man-made mummy ever found was in this hemisphere? King Tut may be the most famous mummy but 2000 years before Egyptian mummies the Chinchorro people of Chile were honoring their beloveds with their own unique methods. Storyteller Jasmin Cardenas invites you to hear about some of the incredible archaeological finds and stories of those first peoples of the Americas. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect cultural studies and literacy.

To view the performance of Jasmin Cardenas please click here to view.

Jasmin Cardenas

Melina G                        

 Hello! My name is Melina and I have watched a performance about Mummies on the Logan Center website in December 2020, due to the pandemic. It was called Mummies from the Americas by Jasmin Cardenas. She was talking about how people back then created mummies and how people preserved or turned into an artifact that has been discovered and it was very interesting to see that. Where was this you ask? Well, you will find out now! 

Firstly, she was making an introduction on the different mummies and where they were found. I like how she gave lots of vivid information about how mummies were made and how much effort she put into finding information about all these types of mummies that we have never really pointed out or have seen before. At first, when the video was starting, it did not seem that interesting, but then when she
made it more lively and fun, I became more interested and wanted to know more about what she was talking about. She made it more fun by her making expressions with her face and putting in feelings
with it. She didn’t just say what she needed to say and she put in feeling into her stories.

Some critiques that I would like to point out is she should show more examples, and she should use more props and show props. I say this because I am sort of a visual learner, and for those people who need something to be shown in order to know, it would be great for them. I also wished if she were also to show more pictures because in the whole performance, she only showed 2. I was interested when I saw them, but I would like to see more pictures or even a green screen behind her to show all the pictures that she might have had in her mind.

Something that I connected with her was that she said some facts and I knew some of them because I looked some up on my own time. I liked how she also put in facts not only around the Egyptians and in Egypt which is what most people think all mummies are from, and how she also said some mummy facts that were actually about our part of the world. Something else that I connected with her is when she talked about how the mummies were made and what they used to make them. She said that her daughter said that she thought they were just wrapped in toilet paper, and that’s what I thought as well, but when we had an assignment on mummies, I then understood that it wasn’t from toilet paper, and that it was actually from linen. Another thing I connected to was when she said that some people were actually preserved on their own and I was very surprised with that. Something else that I connected to her about was that she said that the hair on one of the girl’s preserved body was still there, along with her nose and you could really see that, I was very surprised and I actually have a question, when bodies get naturally preserved, does the same happen with dead people? As in if they were in a coffin or underground?

Thank you for reading my review on the show. I rate it a 4 ½ / 5, and I hope you liked it as much as I did
with this critique.

Layla P.

What was the oldest man-made mummy to be found by us? Your first guess was probably King Tut’s mummy, but what if it wasn’t? I am Layla P. and today I am going to be reviewing Jasmin Cardenas performance for the   2020-21 Logan Center School Matinee Season which I watched online due to the pandemic in December. Her performance was pleasing to the eye since she added her own touch to the story. Including songs and small dances. So I enjoyed it very
Now even though her performance was fun to watch, it was also impregnated with good information. I liked the performance because even though it had some funny moments it was also informational.
The topic was about the Chinchorro people’s mummies and how they were the first people who purposely made mummies.

Their process was more complex and different than the Egyptians’ and their purpose was different as well, and I learned that not too long ago. Just by watching Mrs. Cardenas’s performance! The topic itself might not sound exciting when you first hear it, but the way that Mrs. Cardenas told the story made it much more interesting. Even a 3rd grader could hear it and be intrigued. I have proof, my brother watched the entire performance with me without being asked to, and he loved the interactive parts. That made him pay more attention to
the rest of the story.

Her production wasn’t one that was full of action, like singing/dancing etc. but it kept me intrigued, since she added emphasis and feeling into her story. She did have some errors though. I will say this in the nicest way possible since I know that Mrs. Cardenas tried her hardest on this performance. But, she did seem to have some trouble when it came to remembering the story.

She came to stutter a little in between the story. That led me to a bit of confusion and a little bit of awkwardness. So I think that she could have rehearsed her story a little more. But something I will remember was the little song with the choreography. I will remember this
because this part was interactive, she invited us to be part of the performance and I thought that it was ingenious. This was the part that my brother really enjoyed. Since she invited us to be part of the performance, and once you’re part of something you won’t forget it.
I think that the overall message of the story was for us to learn about the Chinchorro people and how they had a part inside mummies’ history.

Jasmine Cardenas’s performance was an overall good experience. Would 10/10 recommend it to someone else in my family. You could watch it at
Thanks for reading 🙂

Raul C

Did you know that Egyptians aren’t the first ones to make mummies? Well I’m here to write about it. My name is Raul C. and I’m the critic today for a performance at the Logan Center Matinee by Jasmin Cardenas. The topic of the performance is Mummies from the Chinchorro people. Also, I didn’t see the performance not too long ago, maybe in December 10th of 2020.

Well, in the video Jasmin was teaching about how there were mummies even before Egyptians. In Chile, when the Chinchorro people first started the mummy process, it was almost the same thing, but after the process they would stand them with sticks. They would
look a lot weirder than the Egyptian mummies, and the Chinchorro people would do it for the same reason when their loved one have passed, but she doesn’t say if there are people that are descendants of the Chinchorro people alive still. Also, I love how the “repeat after me” part would help a lot of little kids to stay interested in the performance.

More in the video is that the Egyptians sometimes actually had something preserved with them, ranging from their belongings to their servants and other things they had when they were
alive. The part where the kids, Emily Lansana the person who runs the whole program, and Jasmin herself had a video chat was interesting because they asked questions and some of them answered the questions I had. Also, the Egyptians believed that the body will go to somewhere which is the way of their heart. Where Russia, China, and Mongolia meet in an underground tomb, in 1993, they found the ice maiden. In the video it said she must have been loved because she was preserved on purpose.

So, in conclusion, the theme here is Egyptians weren’t the only ones who have some way of preservation, also I’d like to include that I like how Jasmin used maracas because I feel that’s what the Chinchorro people used as instruments if they did use any of any type, and
sometimes mummification occurs by accident, like in the video in Europe a body was in a bog and the plants were dying, and they released carbon and carbon preserved the body, so there is my review of this amazing performance. I’m Raul C. and I’ll see you in the next review.

Camilla F

Hello, my name is Camila F. and today I am going to be reviewing Jasmin Cardenas’ performance that she did online. The performance was a fascinating performance. I loved the song she sang when she was telling us the process of mummies. She sang it in a fun and interactive way. I really hope you get to watch this performance one day. I also really hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
When I was watching it my face was so concentrated in it. It was interesting. I personally liked the part where she asked her 5 year old child, what is a mummy?  She said a dead person wrapped with toilet paper. I would probably have answered the same thing. Until I found out they were wrapped in linen, of course. Mummies come from all around the world, I just thought they just came from Egypt. Usually, I like seeing action or something like people moving. A play! I loved those when I first saw one. I was pretty bummed that it was going to be a storyteller telling us about mummies.  I needed to watch it until I was pretty interested. I wanted more, I loved her expression, I loved the way she was telling the story.

When I heard that the Chinchorro people were actually who started the mummy process I was surprised. I never heard of them, I never learned of them until now. Watching this performance makes me so interested in learning about the Egyptians and the Chinchorro people. This performance was great, interesting, and not only fun but a great way to learn about the ancient times. I thought South America was only a place where the Hispanic people live and a beautiful place. I knew there was history there, but history like this was amazing to hear about. I learned so much and I also had so much fun. 

Watching this was a great experience, especially online. Learning about something you’ve never heard of is great. You feel like you know better. More mummies in this world is weird but amazing. Overall, Jasmin Cardenas did very well.

That is all folks, I really hope you liked it, I tried my best. I really hope you get to watch this performance and tell me how you felt. It’s interesting and fun to watch. I hope you enjoyed my review of Jasmine Cardenas’ performance.

Kyren G

Ok, Hello viewer! My name is Kyren G and I’m going to talk about this performance by someone named Jasmin Cardenas. It was made in the Logan Center for the Arts online and it was made in December 2020. What she talked about! Let’s first talk about who she is: an Colombian-American award winning bilingual storyteller, actress, educator and social activist.

Now that we know a little information about her we can predict that this is a professional person at storytelling! The topic was about stories about mummies and archaeological finds! Now in this review I’ll be talking about the elevation of this performance or some people call it
the pros and cons of it.

Now, first let’s talk about the pros or the good things about the performance. Now, first she goes off by setting off the mood by putting on music, so that was sounding the keynote for me.
Then, after most of her stories she talks about her opinion, which I love because it’s not just “this happened then after this that happened ‘‘, no it’s “this happened but she could’ve etc. etc.“. I like that her tone is serious but then she still is very low key about what she is talking about and again that is sounding the keynote. Lastly, when I watched the whole thing it flabbergasted me how much information she had and how much time she spent on this.

Now let’s talk about her cons, the things in the performance she should fix! First off , the background is a little rudimentary or basic,  so sometimes in the film I kind of drifted off because the background was
exasperating me. Since I’m the type of person who likes things in place, I suggest having like mummies or Egyptian stands. Another thing that made me drift off was when she was in the middle of the performance and she kind of forgot her lines, but I don’t blame her because she did write and script a very long performance, so it might happen!

So, overall, I believe that it was a very satisfactory performance and I would recommend giving your own critique about this performance because it really added a light onto my day!

Noah R

Mummies of the Americas, Awesome Performance!

Hello and welcome to my review. My name is Noah R. and today we are going to take a look at Jasmin Cardenas’ Mummies from The Americas. I watched this performance as part of the Logan Center
School Matinee Season, of course, virtually. A quick basic premise of the performance is Jasmin tells stories of different mummy cases around the world. Without a doubt, this is a good performance. Now,
without wasting any more time, let’s get started!

As I said before, Jasmin explains mummy stories from across the world. But that’s not all this performance has to offer! It has very interesting stories, like the story of King Tut. The Egyptian king
who was only 18 when he died and was mummified with a lot of his belongings. More stories are coming up, but right now, I would like to talk about how simple the performance is. After all, it’s only a lady talking about mummies behind a curtain. But don’t take this the wrong way, It is outstanding and inspirational!

More on the stories, there are only 3 or 4, and some are short, but this is a nice collection of them. One is about how Chile has practiced mummification way before the Egyptians, but the process was sort of
different. In response, Jasmin sings a wonderful song on how they did mummification. Another is about a girl named Juanita found more than 19,000 feet in a mountain, who was sold when she was about to turn into an adult. Jasmin also said the baby was beautiful, but for that, you may have to watch it for yourself. No spoilers, sorry.
My only complaints are that they’re could have been more stories. Sure, that would increase the run time, but I feel it needs that. The whole performance is only 32 minutes. I would also say it was a little
bit bland. I feel it could’ve used a bit more spicing up, like decorating the background, and more props to really sell it. That would make a better performance even better.

In conclusion, Mummies of the Americas is a beautiful performance that I think you should watch. I hope my review helped you think about watching it too. I highly recommend this performance and think
Jasmin did a wonderful job. It looks like she had fun doing it too, which is nice to know. Mummies of the Americas is available on Logan Center’s website. Well, that’s it for me, this is Noah, signing off.

Ximena S.

 Who was the first and oldest mummy ever? Most people will say king tut but what if it’s not?! Hello, my name is Ximena S. and today I will be talking about the Jasmin Cardenas performance. I watched this
online in the website school matinees during December 2020.there was all sorts of stuff like singing, movements, facts, a little dancing and lots of other things. This performance is about her telling a story
and facts about mummies. There were lots of fun facts and some funny things as well.

First I will be talking about what I thought about this performance. I thought that this was a very good performance that showed a lot of fun facts about mummies. I thought some parts were funny like when
she asked her daughter what mummies were. Some of the facts really surprised me and I learned a lot of things. I thought it was also a very lively performance that had movements and she would kind of talk
and express herself based on the facts and information and I really enjoyed that.

Second, I’m going to talk about what she said and what I saw, heard, the clothes, everything in the performance. The clothing was a colorful white top with some pink and lots of flowers. This type of
shirts came from Latin America. I thought a part that was funny was when she asked her daughter what mummies are and she replied saying they are like dead people wrapped in toilet paper and I really
loved that. I also really liked the little mummy song she sang and did a few funny movements. I thought this performance was very lively was her kind of telling a story about mummies and it had a lot
of facts.

Now I’m going to be talking about what I think could’ve been better in the performance, my feelings while watching it and what I remember. I think something that could’ve been a bit better was that there were nice backgrounds like green screen and when she talked they could have added like an image to represent the fact but overall it was great.

Another thing that I noticed was that at a few times she would
stutter a bit and forget what she was talking about which kind of got me off guard a little but it was still great. Something I will remember was when she sang the mummy song and started doing funny
moments. I loved that. I also loved when she asked her daughter what mummies were.

That is all my opinion about the performance, overall it was great and I loved it so much. If you haven’t watched it I definitely recommend it, its very interesting and funny it was a 10/10.

If you would like to watch it here is the link

Thank you for reading my judging and thoughts about this amazing performance. Have a great day!

Mummies Performance 

Teresa C. 

Mummies were mummified in Egypt, some might say, well what if I told you they were not just there? What if I also told you that King Tut wasn’t the oldest mummy, but it was found somewhere else, in Chile in the mountains of Peru? Hi, today I’m going to be reviewing Logan
Center performance from Jasmin Cardenas that I am watching over a computer due to the pandemic. Jasmine’s performance was really pleasant and I was really relaxed, full to my eyes and ears. I loved how she added her own song and in the beginning she is like kind of a
maraca. And today we’re going to be discussing my opinion of her performance.
Her performance was incredible. I will never forget it, especially the part when she says I asked my little girl what’s a mummy and she said a dead person wrapped in toilet paper. Her performance was funny, amazing and she even added her own stunts like singing and in the beginning when she only used one prop it was incredible amazing you can feel like if the Maraca was you and you just enjoying it Like if I was walking around in the beach what is a beautiful sunset.

I will actually really recommend it for little kids when they’re so small but not so big. It is very informational. And sometimes you might laugh and she even created her own song that’s so creative and I would have never thought of that. The mummies don’t only come from Egypt and they also came from Chile and Peru from the mountains. and I also never knew that King Tut was not the oldest mummy but it was actually a little girl. I’ll also never forget the time when she said that the Chinchorro people put wigs on the people in the tombs.

This performance reminds me of an assignment that we have with a teacher and it was really fun. We played a game how Egyptians mummified their people. I never minded the song and
the lady was singing about how the Chinchorro people mummified their people. This also reminded me of all the knowledge that I know of the Egyptians like how they mummified their people was first by taking out the brain, then cutting a little piece and putting the organs in jars,
putting like a type of oil in their skin than putting toilet paper, and lastly by putting them in their tomb.  Now the performance was describing the mummies and everything. It also reminded me
of one time when we’re going to the Auditorium and one of the teachers and students was performing something and they’re doing a Mannequin challenge like you pretend you’re not
alive but you are. Performance was awesome and when she was describing the mummies from Chile and the process reminded me of that performance.

The last thing her performance
reminded me of, was like she said in the beginning, going trick or treating and seeing people wrap around in toilet paper and pretending that they’re a mummy like doing a walk like if they’re not really alive.

Overall the performance was pleasing to my eye. I enjoyed it. I think you guys will too because of her experience. The video might at first seem boring but is actually very interesting when you get on and it feels like you’re at a first-class dining table that you never want to leave. Feel like you want to see it? It’s right here!

Thank you so much for reading my critique and I hope you guys have a good day.


Are mummies actually from Egypt or is that a lie? Hello, I am Madison and I’m going to talk about Jasmin Cardenas’s performance that was about mummies from South America that I had watched online because of the pandemic in December 2020. It was organized by the
Logan Center for the Arts in Chicago.  I thought the performance was interesting. Even though it was just an informative performance, the facts and information she told were engaging. 

Jasmin Cardenas’s questions were very amusing to me. One of the things she said was that mummies were not made in Egypt; they were made in Chile. The first man-made mummy was made in Chile, that’s very interesting because if you go up to someone and ask them “Where are mummies from”, they’ll probably answer Egypt. This is probably because a bunch have heard of king Tutankhamun, he was mummified and discovered in Egypt. I’ve thought that the
mummies were made in Egypt for a very long time and I am sure a lot of people still think that today.

Jasmin Cardenas’s performance was appealing to me. The facts that she stated were also interesting because some of these things I had not known. One of the things was this mummy
Juanita, her name was given to her by a town. Jasmin said that her name probably wasn’t her actual name, what people called her when she was alive. When you go to a museum to see her she is name Juanita, they give the mummies names and they don’t know whether it’s her actual name or not.

When Jasmin Cardenas sang the mummy song reminded me of a song, the ABC song. This is a song that everyone knows, we sing this song to remember stuff.  Jasmin Cardenas sang that song to help us remember how mummifying works and how to mummify even though we don’t need to know that it caught most people’s attention. If there is something that we need to remember about a letter or what comes after what you will probably sing in your head.

Overall, in this performance there were good things and bad things. The good things about this performance were that it was interesting, the facts, the song, and the sounds. The one thing that kept me listening is her tone, Jasmin’s tone was lively, energetic, and dynamic. The bad thing about this performance was the background, it was bland, simple, ordinary and nothing was interesting about it. She maybe could have put a green screen, she could have put pictures of mummies on the green screen or tombs, it would have been a lot more interesting.

Ana G.

Something we will learn about is mummies. You might hate it and think it is childish, but they are very fascinating. For example, did you know they mummified their bodies and buried them with important
things and they put them inside pyramids? Another thing, did you know they take out all the body organs so they can save them and conserve their bodies? Last, fun fact, they decorate the tombs, so the spirits of the bodies have a home. The artist was Jasmin Cardenas and the mummy performance was virtually through the Logan Center for the Arts.

The performance is going to be about mummies and how people mummified them. Also, being mummified because doing that is really expensive. People were mummified by removing the brain and
all the internal organs. Then what you do is start making a mold so you can but it in a coffin then after that you can start wrapping them. You put things that are personal to the mummy and also things that
you think will helpful for them in the afterlife. Lastly, you make a song about how to do it and you share it with others. That is what Jasmin Cardenas did.

You can also make mummies of death animals so you can put it with their mummified owners. This also reminded me of all the mummy movies. How they got one thing right that people wrap them around with cloth and I also used to hear that they put the mummies in their tombs, but I didn’t know they also put them in the pyramids which I thought was cool and yes, she got some of her influence from a book.

I think that the performer Jasmin did a good job explaining and I like that she had a little song so people would listen to it and remember it. Also, I think it was very successful because Jasmin did more that just give out random facts. She put them in a way that she would be able to say it, but we still be able to understand it. Also, I like how she was able to give answers to kids that had questions. And last, I think she did a good job because it was not boring, but it was out of the normal that it would not have become boring and I really like that. Overall, I think she did a good job because I like it and it was fun to watch it. 

Sergio G

Hi My name is Sergio G. I will be today’s critic about Ms. Jasmine Cardenas Performance of mummies. In this beautiful performance there will be stories and information beyond what any of you can imagine. Have you ever wondered?

Could there be other places with mummies? Then look no further and join me as I tell you about mummies. This took place at the Logan Center for the Arts online. I saw this performance in December of 2020. Now let’s start shall we.

Ms. Cardenas did a really good job on the performance on the mummification process. She mixed in a little of gore and a lot of children’s safety. I really enjoyed the stories she said. She said a lot of things that not even I knew that existed. A great example could be that Juanita was a frozen girl who was mummified and I thought that only happened in movies. I really enjoyed her confidence at telling these stories.

There is barely any disappointment in her performance because it was flawless just like Shen Yun which is a performance.
I could only say that it could use a little more props than her maraca. It could also use a little more information at the beginning because when I am about to watch it normally I would expect a prologue just like in books. It would really meet my expectations if it had a little more color and what do I mean by color, I mean more acting. I would also add that she could be a little more specific on the locations on where the mummies were found.

Anyway, this was a really good performance and I hope to see it again one day
soon. Good-Bye.

Maliyah J.

December of 2020 I watched Jasmin Cardenas performance at the Logan Center. I will be giving my review on it as well. There was also a nice song on the performance. I thought it was really nice and

I liked they’re outfits and Jasmin really didn’t shake the shaker she had and I think that it really wasn’t important but still a good addition to the performance. The facial expressions she used really made me feel more attached to it when she talks. I learned that mummification can happen on purpose or on accident by you getting freezed or someone actually wrapping you and preparing you. 

The Chinchorro are at least 2,000 years older than the ancient Egyptians. The Chinchorro people took the body apart limb by limb. Then they stripped off the skin. I liked how she made it into a song. I think she did it to make it easier to remember and that’s another reason I like the song. So the oldest mummy around is from the Chinchorro people and not the ancient Egyptians. It was a boy who died 7 thousand years ago. Also King Tutankhamen was founded 1922 and was discovered by Howard Carter. 

Sometimes they would speak low and I couldn’t hear them, but overall I loved the performance and I thought it was great. So that was my review on the performance that Jasmin Cardenas made.

Andrea L.

The video, overall, I thought was actually very good. I certainly learned a lot and she is a very good storyteller, but some things that I found that were not as interesting or fascinating were that she was talking a lot. You really did not get enough time to actually take everything in
because you’re trying hard to take in the information. Then, all of a sudden, she comes at you with new information. I felt that after I watched the video I had to pause because that was the only time that I actually processed the information. Even though that was a problem, she did really show that she did a lot of research and was very passionate about these mummies and learning more about them Another thing, she really only focused on some parts of America or just specific pars where she knows.

I would have liked to learn about other parts she did not really say too much about any other parts. which I would have liked because what’s the point in knowing something halfway? Say that you were studying for a test, but you only studied for half of it, well you
would do good on one half, but on the other part, you would have to use general knowledge and just guess. She still did very good with that huge chunk of information that she did actually give us. She did well, she very much excelled and I really loved the way she performed, but I
do wish that she would have talked more about the other parts of the world because some parts we just can not relate to.

She did very well talking about many different stories and processes but I really did not like that she did not give too much knowledge about the Egyptians and their life. Yes, I know that we already know about the Egyptian lifestyle and all, but some of the things she was saying I
would like to know if the Egyptians had anything like that. She could have made more references because she did make some references, but I would have enjoyed more. She was saying about the way Juanita was preserved very nicely and the way she was. I would want to
know if the Egyptians had anything like that or when she said that they had different mummification processes, well, I would have liked her talk about the mummification process more.

She did mention them with a song. In total, she did give a very good performance and I did very much enjoy the video, and I do
think that she showed that she had a very passionate effect for storytelling, and it showed on the video.

Ariel L.

Do you know where mummies came from? I’m going to be talking about the performance online. I watched Jasmin Cardenas’ in December 2020. I had watched it online for safety. Her performance had been organized by the Logan Center for the Arts! She was telling a story about mummies! It was quite entertaining in my opinion! Her performance was very nice to watch because there were nice props and other things that didn’t make it bland, so it was fun!

The performance was very nice; it was very interesting. The story about Juanita was quite interesting. Juanita was a mummy that was found on top of a mountain laying there. How she was found on the top
of the beautiful mountain. When Jasmin was speaking, she had so much information, and it was just flowing out of her mouth. It was very interesting too.

I loved that she had prepared so much just for us and the information was incredibly interesting. With the information that Egyptians weren’t the first people to mummify people, it was interesting. As kids when we went to the library the stereotype was always that Egyptians were mummies. So I really liked the information that we would go through our lives, with the wrong facts. Or we would go through our lives telling ourselves that Egyptians were mummies. 

I didn’t like how she only had one prop. She could’ve had more that made it even more interesting. I would’ve liked it better if she had more props to keep me entertained. Although, it was very nice and
kept me entertained.

In conclusion, the performance was very nice and entertaining. I think it could’ve been better, with more information but it was still good. I liked the amount of information and that I learned more about mummies. The performance was very good and although there were some things I could say to make it better, it was still very very good.