Ms. Wynn 2021

Ms. Wynn class watched and reviewed a storytelling  performance by Chicago Creation described here:

Chicago Footworking Legend Pause Eddie and his crew CreationChicago will also be premiering a dynamic workshop teaching one of Chicago’s signature dance styles: footwork!

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Have you ever seen someone move faster than Flash? Have you ever wondered how they do it? Well, today I’m going to talk about the performance that I and my classmates saw. The performers that were performing are called Mike D, Pause, and Lil Bit. The performance was about these dancers doing this type of dance called Chicago Footwork. The performers were located in the Chicago Logan Art Center. This performance was on Feb 8, 2021, and I watched it online on June 8, 2021 because of the pandemic. The company name was Creation Chicago.

The topic was some type of dance called footwork and the performance was all these people on the stage, performing their dances. These dances were interesting and how they moved their feet was so fast because they are basically dancing to the beat. These dancers are so talented and have a great ability to do these things. These dancers never gave up on what they did because they always kept going and worked very hard to get where they are right now.

Now I will be talking about the costumes, the lighting, and the stages and how it was. The costumes were yellow and they looked like jerseys and they looked flexible. The lighting and the staging were great, The lighting was dimmed, and there were about four or five light bulbs from the ceiling and it looked cool with the dancers. The thing that I would remember was the part when they were performing and one of the dancers’ shoes fell off but he kept dancing and didn’t let that ruin the performance. This performance made me feel like wanting to just get up and start dancing because it kind of looked fun to do. It also made me happy because there was a lot of music and different types of dances. The thing that was strong to me was that they never gave up on anything and when the guy’s shoe came off he didn’t stop dancing and they kept dancing.

Overall, I really enjoyed this performance because a lot of people dance to the beat and these people know what they are doing. They know their steps and I like that they put in all the effort to practice very hard and the kids and adults enjoy what they do. I would like to rate this performance 4.5 out of 5 because I feel like the thing that threw me off was the quality because we watched it online, but I really enjoyed It and everything was good. I think that the message of the performance was that anything you want to try, you don’t give up even though it’s really difficult and hard, you keep trying.


Have you ever seen feet move faster than lightning? Well, you will know this dance performed at the Logan Center For the Arts. It  has dancers that can really move their feet fast. This performance was made on February 8, 2021. I watched the performance online because of the pandemic. I was not able to attend the dance face to face, but yet it was still a really good experience.

 It had lights that matched the fast Hip Hop beat. Dancers all had black pants and seemed to wear  yellow shirts with black writing or black shirts with white writing. Most had white shoes or black shoes, some even took their shoes off. I noticed in one dance that there was a boy that was dancing but His white shoe fell off, but that didn’t stop him from dancing fast. He went along with it and just continued to dance.  Something I didn’t really like was that the music was fast but it would not change, it would just repeat itself over and over again, but that’s not a big problem. The dancers were still doing great. 

I really like this performance, not only because of their  lightning moving feet, but also because during the performance the dancers tell you why they like to dance and why they dance. They tell you their story about how they started and how they ended, as well as what inspired them.  I liked it but at the same time it was sad. Some stories were nothing close to  what I expected them to be. I thought they would be more like my parents danced and I started with a simple practice which led me to being a better dancer.Instead the stories were more like ”I was inspired because dance helps me let out all my stress and feelings”. But then they show  you how they practice and why they practice.It was really fun and nice to hear people’s stories, but what I liked the most was meeting the Dancers. When I saw them in the video I was   able to see  people’s faces.When you meet them you get a closer view that  I like because you get to see new faces or meet new people!

 I think this could also inspire more people to want to dance or at least to try it. That’s my opinion on Chicago Footwork. Amazing performances and dancers Overall, I would give it an 8 out of 10.


Have you ever felt that dance is a conversation of the body and soul? If yes, You should probably stay and read my article because the performance will blow your mind. The performance premiered on February 8, 2021. The company is called Creation Chicago. The performers were Pause, Eddie, and Mike D.The production was organized by the Logan Center for the Arts.

The performance made me feel happy because the footwork they were doing showed a lot of teamwork and happiness when they were working together. Also, the Performance showed a lot of lighting, the lighting was changed depending on what music they were doing, some of the lighting was changed with the music and some always stayed the same. The stage was different in all the performances because each had its own unique stage,  some used the outside to dance, others used the inside as their stage.

Overall, this performance was amazing. I loved how people were dancing together and they were excited. A performance that was shown in Creation Chicago that I will not forget is the one that had different lights and colors. There were a bunch of people on the stage dancing with the beat. That’s what I admired. Another thing I also liked was how at the end Pause and Eddie were answering questions from the students. That’s what I like about the performance. If you want to see the performance, go to the Logan Center for the Arts website and you will find it there.


The performance I watched was organized by the Logan Art Center for the Arts. I watched the performance online due to the pandemic in June 2021. The name of the company is called Creation Chicago. The name of the dance is Chicago Footwork. There were three main dancers at first, Mike D, Lil Bit, and Pause. 

For a lot of people dancing is a way to have fun while staying active. Some also take dancing as therapy, while dancing you distract yourself from any problems you might have. Kids and adults enjoy dancing to their type of music. Music is also important while dancing because the type of dance you’re dancing matches the song. It is important to feel the song and do your best while dancing.

The type of dance I watched looked like Hip-Hop. Although there were some steps that were different it was still pretty cool. The dancers were doing a lot of feet movement and hand movements. Their facial expressions were serious but also you could tell they were having fun and didn’t want to mess up. The clothes they were wearing looked like jerseys because there was a big number 1 in the back of the shirts.

The lighting was kind of dark but it wasn’t bad because there were also some colored spotlights. It was fast and had good choreography. The dancers dance all around the world. It can sometimes be a bit stressful with traveling but they still manage to do their work.

If you have a chance to watch their performance, go ahead, I recommend it!


I am talking about the people that were dancing and the company and their Footwork. The people that were dancing in Logan Art Center. The people that were dancing were Mike D, Pause, and Lil Bit. What I saw was people dancing on stage and making different movements with their feet. Every person that started dancing, the spotlight shined on them. I did not know where they were but I knew that they were in different stages. I watched the performance in online classes on June 8th.

What I saw was people performing in front of other people. There was a different part of them dancing and then talking about the thing that they are going to do in the performance, or practicing their move. Most of the time they were dancing and a voice was talking about the things they do like the moves. But when I saw them perform they were concentrated and doing their thing It was like it was their time to shine. Every time someone else would come up to dance the light would point at them so the people that are watching can focus on one person or the rest.

I think the most powerful thing is their dance. They said that it represents something to them. That it is their strength and that nobody is going to take that away from them. I think it was to be strong and support the other people that support you. I think that it is their passion for their life. I can relate to this because I played soccer and my parents were always there to support me and some of my friends were there too. I do not know what the people in the video were inspired by, but I think they like it because they saw other people do it. I was inspired because my dad played soccer and he liked it, but it was not just because of him. I like it too. I think that the people in the video were inspired in a different way or the same way as me.

I think it was good for the people that were dancing and the people that were watching liked it too. This performance was not for me because the people that were dancing were making random moves, and I thought that they are just making the moves while they are dancing. I never knew that Creation Chicago was even a thing because I have never heard of it. A name that they called there footwork is Chicago Footwork. It seemed like they were just making random movement in the performance even sometimes you can see people confused about what they had to do. My last thought was what are they doing? This performance was not for me because it was boring because they just did random dances and the music was a little different from what I have heard. I say that because it is not that viral or popular like hip hop and other more dances.