Class 300 watched and reviewed a storytelling  performance by Jasmin Cardenas described here:

Did you know that the oldest man-made mummy ever found was in this hemisphere? King Tut may be the most famous mummy but 2000 years before Egyptian mummies the Chinchorro people of Chile were honoring their beloveds with their own unique methods. Storyteller Jasmin Cardenas invites you to hear about some of the incredible archaeological finds and stories of those first peoples of the Americas. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect cultural studies and literacy.

To view the performance of Jasmin Cardenas please click the video below.

Jasmine Cardenas


I think the information given about mummies will help us understand how people lived back then and why they lived that way. Mummies in the Americas was a great blog. I really enjoyed the story of the beautiful girl that people thought the Gods blessed her with beauty, so the girl got VIP food supply, dressing, and probably more! I did not know that mummies had their organs and skins taken off and they would put a stick on top of the heads to hold everything together. It sounds interesting yet disgusting! They put animal skins on the person for afterlife. They would then wrap the person around with cloth. This reminded me of when I saw a video like 2 years ago, the video was talking about how mummies were made but I don’t remember them saying that they took the organs off. I just remember that they wrapped them in cloth and wore them luxurious jewelry.  

Conclusion: The blog was very interesting and I wish the whole world would see it. It was a very successful performance, the woman speaking made 0 mistakes and she knew what she was talking about. Even if she did make mistakes, the blog would still be very interesting. I recommend this because it’s really interesting and amazing.


Hello, I am doing a review for Mummies in America! Mummies in America is a story by Jasmin Cardenas. This story took place on October 12th at the Logan Center School. I think this was a really well planned performance. If you would like to check it out online you can find it at this link https://www.logancenter.digital/matinees. Also after you’re done your brain will be stuffed with information that’ll stick. I love this review SO much it is such a great story, well explained, and well planned out. I hope you’ll take the time out of your day to watch this! 

There are so many great things about this play! I like how they explain this performance in ways where you stay interested. They use cliffhangers then ask questions to engage with the reader. I love how they keep a smile that makes you want to smile! When people see someone smiling it really does spread the energy! Jasmin Cardenas (the person narrating the story) comes up with songs to better explain to us how something works or what’s going on. Jasmin turns things that may be disgusting to something that you take in and think about the info without being disgusted. This ties into her word choice, usually hearing about mummification people freak but the way she said it made it more so interesting than disgusting. Also for the attentive people you’ll notice her background and scenery! It’s really pretty and it’s something she put together to keep the spectators in tune! I feel that you will love this even if it is something you may not fully like already you’ll leave feeling refreshed and more educated on the topic. I give this play a 5-star rating. It is great and I highly recommend watching this.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this! I really hope this review helped you decide on if you should watch this. You won’t be disappointed, you’ll finish wanting to know more, trust me. Bye!


Hi everyone, my name is Modupe and today I’m going to be talking about the play I watched titled “Mummies in the Americas” by the Logan Center for the Arts and my rating is a 5-star.The topic of the performance was about mummies and the chinchorro people, Jasmin Cardenas explained it very well and she had many details to make you understand the topic of the play. The Chinchorro mummies are mummified remains of individuals from the South American Chinchorro culture, found in what is now northern Chile.

About “ Mummies in the Americas”                                                                                                                    

They are the oldest examples of artificially mummified human remains, they have been buried up to two thousand years before the Egyptian mummies. While many cultures throughout the world have to focus on preserving the dead elite, the Chinchorro tradition performed mummification on all members of their society most of the time children and babies received the most elaborate mummification treatments.  In excavated mummies, archaeologists found skin and all soft tissues and organs, including the brain removed from the corpse. After the soft tissues had been removed, sticks reinforced bones while the skin was stuffed with a vegetable matter before reassembling the corpse. The mummy received a clay mask even if the mummy was already completely covered in dried clay; a process in which the body was wrapped in reeds left to dry out for 30 to 40 days.
The creativity of the show is a 5-star review.  I liked how Jasmin Cardenas wore a native shirt from Chile or Peru. It had stunning flowers on her shirt and she dressed as if she wanted to tell us about the Chinchorro people. I liked how she described “Mummies in the Americas”, she had a lot of heavy words to pronounce and she didn’t mess. I think she had a script to read because she kept looking at a device to perform. Now I know that mummies are not only in Egypt and they can be found in different places throughout the world. The overall message was mummies get sacrificed and sent to the gods, they believed they had to preserve their bodies so they can use them in the afterlife and I think it’s a very beautiful idea. Thank you for reading this blog, you can watch this performance at Logan Center for the Arts. Hopefully, you can watch the video and understand more about the Chinchorro culture. 


Jasmin Cardenas was telling us about mummy stories. I watched it online at Logan Center Community Arts School Matinee Series. I watched it in December 2020. Ms.Cardenas talked about the process of mummification, and she also talked about a famous mummy called King Tut. Ms. Cardenas also talks about different cultural events the mummies do to honor someone. She said that archeologists found a lion that was mummified, so could animals also be mummified? I guess you won’t know unless you watch the performance yourself. 

Cardenas talked about mummies. She talked about different types of mummies that were found, she also explained how mummies were made. Scientists could tell what they ate, if they were poor or not, and more just from looking at the mummy. Mummies were found in Egypt, in the Americas, South America and more places. I liked how Ms.Cardenas was wearing a cultural shirt. Another thing that I also liked is how Cardenas used strong vocab. She really got into the topic about mummies, Cardenas even created a song about the steps of mummification. 

This performance was unique because I got to learn a lot about mummies. Maybe you could learn a couple of things about mummies, too, if you watch the performance. Cardenas could’ve added more movement to the performance. I liked the play overall. I really recommend it if you want to learn about mummies or if you are interested in learning about mummification. 

I learned more than I expected to learn. I think she did a really great job explaining mummies. She explained what was unique to each mummy, how they lived, what they ate, and more. I recommend watching it. You won’t get bored if you pay attention! 


Jasmin Cardenas, a talented storyteller tells a unique story of ¨Mummies in the Americas¨. The story will make you feel disgusted, flustered, and interested at the same time because it was told in a perfect and clear way. 


She told a story about how Egyptians mummified people. The actual way done by Egyptians may seem disgusting or somewhat weird but Jasmin Cardenas with her amazing portrayal and wonderful skills turned it around to show the beauty. 

The Perfect Girl

She also told a story about a young girl who had the perfect physical features. The young girl had perfect teeth, skin, eyes, and a lot more. Scientists still look at her body today and notice every perfect little thing. The young girl also had a good diet that made her beautiful.

The First Boy who became a Mummy

She lastly told a story about the first boy who was a mummy, he was part of the Chinchoro people. The Chinchoro people were a culture of South America that lasted from 9,000 to 3,500 years BP. People who formed the Chinchoro culture were sedentary fishermen. Now, back to the boy, he was about 7 years old and he was the first mummy. His story was interesting and fun to listen to.


The performance was successful, enjoyable, and interesting. She teaches the history of Egypt and Egyptians in a beautiful way. Jasmine Cardenas taught us about mummies in the best way possible. SHe made all of the descriptions fun and energetic. Her movements were amazing, her hand gestures were on point, and her voice made everything better. 


Have you ever wondered about the first peoples of the Americas? King Tut rings a bell for many. Believe it or not, 2000 years ago in Chile, ancestors found a different way to honor their loved ones. Jasmin Cardenas’s “Mummies in America’s Performance” explores the unique stories and giant archeological finds and remains from the past. 

Jasmin Cardenas is a knowledgeable expert in the field of MUMMIFICATION. Jasmin looks right into the camera and directly grabs her audience’s attention with her eyes. Jasmin is a captivating and enchanting storyteller who helps to keep her audience on the edge of their seat. Jasmin’s storytelling abilities help to keep the audience engaged and ready to venture out to Ancient Egypt in search of ancient fossils, mummies and preserved organs. What I like about Jasmin Cardenas is that she was talking about clothing or jewelry from another country or place. It is interesting to learn about other countries and cultures. She was mostly talking about a lot of things from other countries like types of things .


In conclusion, I would recommend this play to others because it is engaging, informative and interesting. I liked learning about the process of mummification, Jasmis Cardenas used a lot of evidence in her performance.