Class 302 watched and reviewed a storytelling  performance by Jasmin Cardenas described here:

Did you know that the oldest man-made mummy ever found was in this hemisphere? King Tut may be the most famous mummy but 2000 years before Egyptian mummies the Chinchorro people of Chile were honoring their beloveds with their own unique methods. Storyteller Jasmin Cardenas invites you to hear about some of the incredible archaeological finds and stories of those first peoples of the Americas. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect cultural studies and literacy.

To view the performance of Jasmin Cardenas please click the video below.

Jasmine Cardenas



This performance by Jasmin Cardenas was about mummies and much more stuff. The performance took place on December 3, 2020. I watched the performance online in my virtual class. The topic was about mummies for example how the people prepared the mummies to be mummified, famous mummies, and much more! I loved the song she sang about how the Chinchorro people Prepared their mummies, it was very interesting and fun! I could really connect to her clothing, the shirt she was wearing reminded me of a shirt I used to have that I wore. My shirt was from the Mexican culture.

The backgrounds and the clothing were amazing. The lighting was on point not too bright nor too dim. The clothing was amazing, I really loved Jasmine Cardenas’s shirt. The shirt was floral from the chest and the rest was white. Also, I liked how Jasmin Cardenas was very clear and confident when she talked about the mummies. Although I think the background could have been better, like a picture of a mummy or something similar to that.

This performance reminded me of when I went to the science museum. The song she sang about how Chichorro people prepared their mummies was fun but educational all at the same time, I think when children are learning about mummies they should learn the song it would teach a lot. Also, the pictures she showed at the end were very descriptive and interesting to see. I can connect to how nervous she could’ve been. I remember when I had to perform with my classmates on stage in front of the whole school and we forgot the lyrics of the song and we just stood there, nervously. Luckily we remembered the lyrics of the song and then the show had been a success.


This performance was great overall because she really explains and describes everything she says and the song really stuck to me. The pictures at the end were great. It’s exciting and fun to learn about mummies. I really enjoyed seeing this performance. Even if some things could’ve been better, it’s good overall. I can really connect to learning about mummies.

This is a picture of an Inca girl that was sacrificed. Jasmin Cardenas showed us this picture.


Mummies in the Americas is an amazing performance done by Jasmin Cardenas, and she surprisingly did this during quarantine! I think that that makes it seem even more intriguing, because the performance is so amazing!

   I noticed that she looked like she was licking her fingers randomly, or when starting somewhat of a new subject, and reached forward to turn a page. But I don’t know if she was actually doing that or not, but if she was, then that’s very clever! Having a script under the camera is a good idea, especially if you’re doing a performance that is that long! (50:00 minutes).

She also added some humor to make the performance very fun! She said stuff about funny things her kid said about mummies, and she said stuff about things she thought about mummies when she was little, and I think that’s very cool. 

I think that it was very creative how she made a song about how the Chinchorro People mummified the dead. She showed what she was talking about with gestures during the song. Yeah she did stutter a little but, I still think it was very cool and creative!

She does a great job at portraying that, the Chinchorro People are mummifying people because they loved those people so much that they wanted to preserve them, and their memory and to celebrate them.

She is also really good at letting you imagine the things that she’s talking about because her words are very detailed. For example, in the song she made, she told us to imagine the shape of a body in front of us, in order to have a full experience during the song.

At the end she is very nice, and she even thanks us for watching the video! In fact, she was nice the entire time! She laughs and somewhat compliments the person watching.

That’s all I have to say about, Mummies in the Americas, a beautiful performance done by Jasmin Cardenas in the Logan Center for the Arts on October 12, 2020. Bye!!!


I find this really interesting. It’s fascinating  because I forgot when but someone found a mummy and put the mummy in a lab. The first thing the mummy said was similar to a scream but it still said something, It’s still crazy to believe that years ago and decades ago there were mummies here. Imagine them still being around here and it would be possibly but not impossible to find one but now in 2021, they are impossible to look for. It’s interesting that they found a mummy now even though it’s impossible but now it is possible. I think that you should watch this video because it shows details and something that you didn’t know and you can learn a lot from just watching the video  if you like mysterious stuff, then I recommend the ‘’Mummies in the Americas’’ video to you.  Trust me – it is an amazing video!!


The videos about “Mummies in the Americas” is a video about mummies and how they were made and mummified. The person telling the story was Jasmin Cardenas. She had a very nice way of telling the story, she told the details nicely. It was very interesting to listen to. The story about Juanita was the most interesting and was very unique, not anything I’ve ever heard.

In the performance, Ms. Cardenas used a song to help the viewers remember how the people prepared the mummies and they could interact with the video in some way. She explained the materials people used to fill or paint mummies with a song. In many other informational videos, the video is just the person talking. In this case it wasn’t, I found that very nice. You learn something while having fun! She also showed photos of mummies and gave a very descriptive way of saying what the mummies looked like. This helped because the viewers got a visual of the mummies. She told the stories by using good word choices. The word choices weren’t too difficult or too bland. It was just enough to make the story interesting but understandable at the same time.

I liked the area she used as well! The background was a solid gray color. I liked this because personally I get distracted very easily. Since the background was a solid color I didn’t get as distracted by it and was able to focus on the speaking more! I also liked the way Ms. Cardenas spoke! She had a lot of emotion in her voice, it was easier to listen to then someone talking as if they are a robot.

She picked very interesting stories such as the King Tut. King Tut’s story was a mummy that was found in a preserved burial ground with jewelry all around in 1922. These stories helped to keep the viewers interested. She made it sound like the real story was from a story book which was good because it kept people focused! The video reminded me of a movie I watched which had to do with mummies. I also remember reading a book on mummies when I was in 3rd grade. Many of the good informational videos I’ve watched are similar to this one. They are fun but you learn at the same time. I love when videos are like this!

I would recommend this video to anyone who is interested in social studies. If they like to watch videos instead of reading articles I would definitely recommend this video. It had a good way to interact, such as the song I talked about earlier. I remembered a lot more from the video than any other I’ve watched. I would definitely watch this video again if I ever had a project on mummies.



In Ms. Cardenas’ “Mummies of the Americas, Cardenas explains to the audience about some of the most interesting mummies that have been found all around the world. This performance is about the different types of mummies that have been discovered and studied. With the help of Jasmin Cardenas, listeners can learn more about mummies, how they came to be, and why.

The presentation.

Ms. Cardenas shares with the listeners the origins of mummies in detail. She explains how some of the mummies have been preserved and cared for. She explains the process of mummies through a song, which might help some listeners that need it. She gives the listeners a better understanding of how some mummies looked by showing the audience pictures. An example of how some the mummies looked like was that one mummy had a head that was in this structure with Beautiful clothing.

Interesting facts!

One example of the mummy process would be from the Chinchorro people how they take their different parts of the body and preserve it. They also make the mummy stay together with sticks which is something new to learn. Also another thing that this teaches is that the ancient egyptians weren’t the first to mummify people, it was the Chinchorro people.

The meaning of the performance.

This performance is interesting because of the main message which is to take care of the earth and the people. The mummies show us how the people took care of each other. They also show how we should live as one all together and to be kind. It shows how the people cared for the people who got mummified by preserving their body and taking care of it, just like how we should now in this rough time.


This was a great performance to watch. It gave me more information and knowledge about mummies that I don’t think I would’ve known before. I do have to say that I thought that the performer should have put some type of music and background in their performance, such as some calm and soothing music. She can also add types of music played by the people from the location she is describing. Also I would recommend maybe adding a bit more emotion and movement into the performance as to make the listener feel some type of way. Other than that, this performance was amazing to watch.