Student Critiques

Review Group led by Pat Pike

Victor (on Chicago Black Dance Legacy Project):

This was a wonderful zoom call I was a part of. One thing I enjoyed most about the performance was the concept and the genre of the performance because I don’t usually see genres of performance like that. 

One thing I learned is that there is so many different genres of Dance and I just learned more in-depth about a new one on this zoom call. I definitely think other students should see this performance because it is a form of exposure! Without me being on this zoom call I couldn’t have been exposed to such beautiful artwork. Exposure is an important part to being knowledgeable about different things. 

Precious (on Cerqua Rivera):

In this zoom experience the thing I enjoyed most was the way that the dancers used their bodies to bring out their inner emotions. I found it very intriguing how so many different moves could mean so many different things. One thing I learned that was new was how choreographers would blend so many different ideas and tastes to create a masterpiece in dance. I think other students would enjoy this performance as well because they would get a bit of a look into these dancers styles and maybe understand a little bit more about the dancers and about dance.

Donald (on Axiom Brass):

  1. I enjoyed the performance because it was a group of all brass instruments and you don’t really see things like that in today’s society.
  2. I learned that most of the ensemble was able to create a real family with each other even coming from different backgrounds, they were able to create a great performance and group.
  3. This group shows that people can create an ensemble with whatever instruments they want. If you have a musical vision take a chance and go out there.

Donald (on Sam Trump):

  1. Sam’s performance was great and it was a really unique style of performing that you don’t see in most formal performances.
  2. I learned that you can be an artist all by yourself. It takes time and there are many hoops to jump through but creating your own vision isn’t easy. It was inspiring to hear his journey towards where he is now and I hope I can learn some valuable life lessons in whatever it is that I do.
  3. It gives a new take on music and will inspire the next generation to make something unique and not always follow the norm. It’s ok to break the norm sometimes and create something that is unique and that you can feel proud of.

Shelby (on Axiom Brass):

  1. How did you enjoy speaking to the performers?

I did really enjoy their performances and it was cool hearing about how they have traveled the world

  1. In what way can students benefit from seeing Axiom Brass perform?

They can learn more about how it can help to be in unity or in sync with people in life whether that is in work or music as well.

  1. What was your favorite part of their performance?

My favorite part of their performance was learning about how they got into their instruments and when they started playing since they are now touring worldwide.

Khamaree (on Russoul):

1. What did you enjoy most about the performance?

What I enjoyed most about the performance was that it was entertaining. That I was able to see the enjoyment in the dancers face, that lets me know that they are having fun. Seeing that makes it a lot more interesting. Another thing that I liked about the performance was the energy, it was very energetic.

2. Would you attend an actual performance?

Yes, I think I would attend an actual performance because it seems like it would be a lot of fun and very enjoyable and I will have a good time at the performance.

3. What did you learn from this performance?

Something that I learned from this performance was to have fun and don’t stop having fun and when dancing it will always be fun, also that you should smile a lot.

Nyla (on Chicago Black Dance Legacy Project):

*What did you enjoy most about the performance?

I mostly enjoyed seeing the different types of styles. I enjoyed seeing the Hiplet dancers because Ballet and Hip Hop are 2 of my favorite clases 

  *Did you learn any new information?

I learned about how choreographers choose dancers who have the qualities to do lead the dance 

  *Do you think other students should see this performance?  Why/  Why not?

I think students should see this because these dance styles are all so unique and it catches your attention. 

Kailen (on Xochitl-Quetzal Aztec Dance):

*What did you enjoy most about the performance?

I enjoyed the musical element to the dance. I enjoyed this because the way the music is played using their ankles interested me. 

  *Did you learn any new information?

 Yes, I learned about the Aztec culture and how the feathers in the cultural headpieces were from birds that had passed away and much more. 

  *Do you think other students should see this performance?  Why/Why not?

Yes, I think students should learn about this because it is a      beautiful culture. It is exciting to watch and fun to learn about. Like we talked about on the call, it is different than our common dances and that is what makes it interesting.

Olive (on Xochitl-Quetzal Aztec Dance):

What did you enjoy most about the performance?

What I liked most about the performance were the interesting headdresses they wore and the way the feathers were arranged. I thought the pieces were very detailed. 

Did you learn any new information?

I learned that rooster feathers are used in the headdresses. 

Do you think other students should see this performance? Why or why not?

I do think other students should see this performance because it helped me notice the effort people put into these special performances and dances. 

Khaiden (on Djeli Baba the Storyteller): 

  1. What I enjoyed the most was how there was always a moral to his story.
  2. Baba Djeli helps make the world a better place by storytelling because he is teaching people to not do certain things.
  3. It would be about how grateful you should be.

Aiden (on Xochitl-Quetzal Aztec Dance):

  1. I really like the costume that the performer wore for the performance. It was really nice.
  2. Yes, I learned how they create the head piece out of feathers.
  3. Yes, because it is very educational and fun.

Jasmine (on Jasmine Cardenas):

The things I like the most about the storyteller is that she was very expressive. I think that people like storytellers because they wanted to listen to different stories. That storyteller’s voice got loud and soft at different times to make the story more dramatic.

Zoe (on Jasmine Cardenas):

What I like most about her was that she had emotion in her voice. I think they like them because they tell people stories they never heard of. She used them by emotion to tell the story.

Aiden (on Djeli Baba the Storyteller):

  1. I like the way Baba the storyteller tells stories with the music. It makes me feel the story and makes me feel like I am part of it. 
  2. Baba the storyteller makes the world a better place because every story he tells has a moral, every story makes you think about your action and every story is teaching you to be kind or better.
  3. I would write a story about kids that are bullies. The moral of the story is to be kind and respect others.