Jenny Vincent is a proud CPS teacher with almost two decades of experience under her belt.  Most of her experience has been at the Middle School level focusing on both Social Studies and Literacy.  She is currently teaching 6th-grade Literacy and Social Studies at Kilmer Elementary School in the Rogers Park neighborhood.  She firmly believes that learning is not contained in the four walls of a physical classroom (or four sides of the virtual classroom).  Whether it’s taking students to the Presidential Inauguration or examining the death of King Tut from a CSI perspective or immersing students in the Industrial Revolution of the early 1920s, she works tirelessly to make learning come alive.  It is her goal to engage her students on multiple levels, in multiple modalities, turning them into lifelong learners. 

Jenn Morea
Jenn Morea is a teaching artist, writer, and composer. She wrote the lyrics for the Candy Claws album Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time (Twosyllable Records). Her single-edition artist’s book, In a space along the margin of a field, was featured in The Magic Child Repository: A Collection of Handmade Books and Book Objects in Providence, RI. Jenn has led poetry residencies, workshops, and professional development for the Museum of Contemporary Photography, DePaul University, Louisiana State University, New Urban Arts, and Oak Park Education Foundation. She has edited more than 30 anthologies of poetry by Chicago youth. She teaches at Columbia College Chicago and is a creative curriculum consultant for the Logan Center for the Arts.