Axiom Brass

Internationally recognized for their groundbreaking programming, their repertoire ranges from jazz and Latin music to string quartet transcriptions, as well as original compositions for brass quintet. Axiom Brass’s performances have captured the hearts and imaginations of their audiences, leading the ensemble to national radio and television appearances, as well as concerts in Asia, Europe, and across the US. Axiom’s commitment to education and their blend of virtuosic performances and dynamic teaching have inspired young audiences around the nation, earning the ensemble the 2011 Fischoff Educator Award.

To view the performance of Axiom Brass please click the video below.

Axiom Brass


I enjoyed the performance because it was a group of all brass instruments and you don’t really see things like that in today’s society. 

I learned that most of the ensemble was able to create a real family with each other. Even coming from different backgrounds, they were able to create a great performance and group. 

This group show that people can create an ensemble with whatever instruments that they want. If you have a musical vision, tale a chance and go out there. 


How did you enjoy speaking to the performers?

I did really enjoy their performances and it was cool hearing about how they have traveled the world

In what way can students benefit from seeing Axiom Brass perform?

They can learn more about how it can help to be in unity or in sync with people in life whether that is in work or music as well.

What was your favorite part of their performance?

My favorite part of their performance was learning about how they got into their instruments and when they started playing since they are now touring worldwide.