Singer and composer Russoul fuses jazzy soulful vocals over rhythmic, syncopated beats to share songs of inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. He grew up on the South Side of Chicago and is well known for his versatility. Audiences will be inspired by his skillful singing across various genres of music. Russoul is truly a Chicago star.

To view the performance of Russoul please click the video below.



What did you enjoy most about the performance?

What I enjoyed most about the performance was that it was entertaining. That I was able to see the enjoyment in the dancers face, that lets me know that they are having fun. Seeing that makes it a lot more interesting. Another thing that I liked about the performance was the energy, it was very energetic.

Would you attend an actual performance?

Yes, I think I would attend an actual performance because it seems like it would be a lot of fun and very enjoyable and I will have a good time at the performance.

What did you learn from this performance?

Something that I learned from this performance was to have fun and don’t stop having fun and when dancing it will always be fun, also that you should smile a lot.