Sam Trump

Dynamic composer and musician Sam Trump delivers a captivating performance that moves across genres. With his looping station, he builds musical cycles by combining melodies and rhythm to create harmony, support, interplay, and interaction amongst various sounds. Each sound and rhythm holds its place in space and time. Each new element is inspired by what has come before and provokes what is to come. As individuals, we are like these elements joining in a cycle of life where we can find our unique place in the groove to create harmony, support, interplay, and provoke reactions within our communities. When we work in harmony, what beauty we create.

To view the performance of Sam Trump please click the video below.

Sam Trump


“Sam’s performance was great and it was a really unique style of performing that you don’t see in most formal performances.”

“I learned that you can be and artist all by yourself. It takes time and there are many hoops to jump through but creating your own vision isn’t easy. It was inspiring to hear his journey towards where he is now and I hope I can learn some valuable life lessons in whatever it is that I do.” 

“It gives a new take on music and will inspire the next generation to make something unique and not always follow the norm. Its ok to break the norm sometimes and create something that is unique and that you can feel proud of.”