A New Learning Experience by Maribel Valerio

In this performance Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, and Oba King were sharing stories from their culture at the Logan Arts Center on Tuesday, May 17th 2016. The performance was a yearly field trip for three schools in Chicago to learn more about the arts.
The Stories
Each story has its own personal moral that teaches the audience life lessons. One of the first stories told by Jasmin Cardenas was about her first sleepover and how her mother set up many Mexican decorations but her friends seemed to judge the traditions and foods but she really enjoyed it at the end even if it took her friends a while to get used to them. But Jasmin knew she should love her favorite traditions no matter what anyone else thinks and that was the lesson Jasmin was trying to teach the audience. The second story teller, Anne Shimojima told the story about a group of rice farmers that were invited to the palace because of their hard work, but they didn’t know how to act so they all copied the one farmer that knew what to do. But it didn’t work out so well, so the lesson that Anne was trying to teach was to be yourself so that nothing goes wrong. Last but not least Oba King’s story was about a water gourd that had a hole in it but what the water gatherer did to fix it was putting down seeds so that when the water spills it waters the plants and makes everything beautiful because of the gourds flaws. The lesson that Oba wanted to teach was that no matter what flaws you have you can always be useful and beautiful.
The Performance
The overall performance was amazing, the performers were filled with energy and dedication so the performance is worth seeing. Jasmin, Anne, and Oba were filled with passion making the stories more realistic and that got the audience more intrigued into the performance. Since the audience has gotten a lot of interest into the story, the stories were making the audience curious to find out what will happen next. As well as excited since the performance had sound effects, body movements, and voice changes that made the performance seem like you were watching a movie. The performers also wore clothes from the culture they were representing which made the performance more believable since you can try to picture how people might have dressed in the story.
Overall my thoughts of the performance are that the performers were very dedicated to their stories making the show amazing. The lessons that are being taught about being yourself, do what you love, and that you are perfect the way that you are gave the audience a new way to see life and themselves. If you have the chance to see the show I recommend that you do.