Poetry Festival

Student Critic: Ashanti P
School: Fiske
School Teacher: Joi Tillman
Performance: Poetry Festival
Teaching Artist: Kyla Norton


Have you ever seen a performance like this and the dance? My favorite poetry of the Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Festival was from St.Paul because when the three girls got on stage, I liked when they said, “put the guns down.” The best part about it was it at the end when the three girls said “let the kids get their eduction,” and they had their books and chairs and did a little dance with it. They hit the folks and dabbed and sang.

The best part was when they had on black and red, and all of them had on the same colors and the same kind of shoe. They were doing the same thing, and no one was off point. In the second part, the meaning was that people need to put the guns down and pick up the books, because there is too much bad happening in the world for kids to not to be getting their eduction. The three girls had their text books, and chairs to go with the message. The three girls were trying to tell us that black lives matter, so put the guns down and let kids get their eduction.



I liked this one because the three girls took the time to learn all of this words and all of these different moves. It is really sad to wake up every day and see all of these kids die, just like the two year old that got shot in the head walking across the street. Things like that are what they are talking about.

With the books, they were mostly talking about how kids are dying on their way to and from school.  The chairs and the books really helped them bring out their poem because they were the only group that added moves and chairs and books to their performance. The rest of the groups just saying their poems.



Conclusion, The Takeaway:

If you ever write a poem, add something like the three girls, and don’t just talk about your life and talk about something else.



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  1. Hi Ashanti,

    I like how you talked about that made the St. Paul students’ performance stand out from the others. You were very descriptive, even down to what they were wearing and their movements, which was a good addition. I also liked how you broke down the metaphors of what they were truly saying and gave examples of real life situations.

    I did some grammatical changes and spelling changes.

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