Poetry Festival

Student Critic: T McDonald
School: Fiske
School Teacher: Joi Tillman
Performance: Poetry Festival
Teaching Artist: Kyla Norton


My favorite poem of the Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Festival was St. Paul because the three young ladies did theirs about Black Lives Matter because people are dying left and right. The ladies did a lot of movement and they made up a rap and dance.


Other poems were two young men rapping about what they hear every day and how there is no coming back from dying. The young lady from John Fiske was talking about her life and how her arm was messed up since she was born.  The young man from John Fiske was  talking about his cousin getting found in a garbage can, and how his dad got shot in the head.

Conclusion, The Takeaway:


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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the festival. I thought the piece started off on the right track with you describing why you were drawn to this poem in particular. I do think you could go a bit deeper into what they were talking about more in some of the later paragraphs that were left blank. Think about how the poem(s) made you feel. Some of the things the students spoke about are very sad things and I wondered how it made you feel. I would also like to hear what you think was the takeaway or meaning behind certain poems or the one you chose and why you think the topic is important for people to hear.

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