Poetry Festival

Student Critic: Devin W.
School: Fiske
School Teacher: Joi Tillman
Performance: Poetry Festival
Teaching Artist: Kyla Norton


Wow, Now THAT is what you call a really good performance! This outstanding performance was from the school St.Paul, and the people who performed were three young ladies, and I REALLY liked that performance! A couple of the things that made that performance stand out to me were the topic. They were talking about Black Lives Matter, education, and more. I also liked how they used this new generation’s dance moves as well, very creative of them. One thing that stood out to me was one of the lines when they said “Put the GUNS down and get the GRADES up.” One reason I liked that was because when they said “down” they used a dance move that pointed down, and when they said “get the grades up,” they hit the folks. I liked that, it was very creative in my eyes. Also, they had wonderful vocal quality. The things they talked about showed me that there is so much more to appreciate in life.



I feel like the theme of this passage is to make the right decisions for your life because they talked about how if you drop out, and start being in gang violence, then you may end up shot or dead. Also this wasn’t stated in the St.Paul poem, BUT, the poem did make me think about how are we talking about this Black Lives Matter, yet…….we are all killing EACH OTHER. This poem made me think a lot, and it showed me that when you are an adult, there aren’t a lot of things you can get away with or say sorry, it shows me that I have to make these decisions for my future now. Lastly, it made me feel like I can be MORE than what I already am.

Conclusion, The Takeaway:

Another thing I really liked about the poem was how they had really nice choreography with their performance, dancing, especially at the end when they were clapping their hands and feet together, I really liked that, it was very creative. Something else I found cool about this magnificent performance was when they would say something, about a textbook for example, they pulled out one from nowhere (or at least i didn’t see it), and also when they said, “try hard to ¬† ¬†graduate,” they somehow had a graduation hat to represent graduating, really creative. In a way I felt like they were using symbolism. Overall, it was a very nice performance, and if i had to rate it 1-10,i would give it a 9.7. I think that this was a very good poem, and I would love to see more like it because I really enjoyed this one.

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  1. Hi Devin!

    This was a great critique! Great job at describing what you saw, heard, felt and analyzing what you thought was the takeaway. I made a few spelling and grammatical changes, but other than that you did a great and descriptive job. Bravo!

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