Poetry Festival

Student Critic: Tm Rodger
School: Fiske
School Teacher: Joi Tillman
Performance: Poetry Festival
Teaching Artist: Kyla Norton


Have you ever been happy to see some one be a risk taker? My favorite poem of the Poetry Festival is the three girls from St.Paul School because they were talking about how black lives matter and how we should stop the violence and pick up the books, and how it feels good  to learn something new. What made it stand out in its own way was that they made their own beat, and they all were stomping to what they were saying.





































































A specific line I remember  is BLACK! LIVES! MATTER! What  I think they were trying to tell us was that black people are getting killed every day. It’s a kid or an adult that is getting killed over someone’s personal problems. I think that’s one reason why they said black lives matter. Kids would rather ditch school and start violence than just do what they have to do to leave faster.  This whole thing makes me think about how there are bad things going around in this world and people are making bad choices.

Conclusion, The Takeaway:

This makes me feel like they care about us, but mostly themselves and it also made me happy because they were risk takers just to get on the stage.

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  1. Hi Tm,
    I thought that your piece started off very strong and was a great example of capturing the attention of the reader. I think that you could say a bit more though about some of the things that stood out in their performance, and perhaps describe a few of the others in comparison. What else about this one made it stand out to you and made you feel connected to it? What does it make you feel to know that people are dying every day? Why do you think its important to get an education? I think if you think about these things you would be able to add a bit more depth to your piece.

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