Poetry Festival

Student Critic: Vontrell C
School: Fiske
School Teacher: Joi Tillman
Performance: Poetry Festival
Teaching Artist: Kyla Norton


My favorite poem from the Poetry Festival was from Fiske and the young man who talked about his life and about his relationship with his mother. What made it stand out from the others was that he made a sad poem about his life. A specific line I remember was when the young man said that him and his sister look up to each other and that his cousin got gunned down.


The theme of the poem was that the young man was trying to tell us, don’t do violent things and just follow your dreams. I heard that the young man was feeling down when he did that poem, and he spoke loud and clear. Also, I noticed that when he was talking about his life, he was sad. When I first heard the young man rhyming, he said that his father had got shot, but he was still alive.It was sad and hurtful.

Conclusion, The Takeaway:


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  1. Hi Vontrell,
    I think that you did a great job pulling out the theme of the poem and talking a bit about what types of feelings you and the performer felt. The description of how you could see his sadness paints a picture of what that performance must have been like to witness.

    I think that if you spoke a bit more about why these types of things are sad and hurtful that it would add to the piece you wrote here in some of the later paragraphs. How did it make you feel to read or hear about all of the bad things that happened to him and are happening in the world?

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