Poetry Festival

Student Critic: Anonymous
School: Fiske
School Teacher: Joi Tillman
Performance: Poetry Festival
Teaching Artist: Kyla Norton


Did you ever see a few school talks about the violence in our neighborhoods? Well Im going to tell you about this girl, which is my favorite one is the one from Fiske.

My favorite poem of the festival was Fiske how the young lady was talking about life. How she was growing up and how she wanted answers about her father.



This stand out to me because some kids grow up without their mothers and fathers. I remember when she said she was trying to find her father for the past few years. People kept talking about her and how she has one arm until she cried, and she went to a new school. We should all want people to stop the killing in Chicago. She lived through pain, but she stood strong. She did not care about someone talking about her.

Conclusion, The Takeaway:

What I saw was a girl was rapping about her life, and how she was growing up in life. People were talking about her, but she did not care. When she was rapping she looked mad, like people should stop the killing in Chicago, and how she wanted answers about her dad. He wasn’t moving or dancing, she stood still and talked about her life while the music played.

One Reply to “Poetry Festival”

  1. I think you did a good job talking about the theme of the poem she performed and how she performed it and how you think she felt. I would like to hear a bit more about how her bullying and not knowing her father related to Chicago violence. Why do you think this is important to know? It would be nice to have you pull some lines from her poem to show why she may have been feeling this way to give examples. I would like to know how this makes you feel as well. This would be good for the conclusion at the end.

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