My Critique by Lizbeth Bahena

I went to Logan Center on May 17 and this performance was called Stories Around the World. The performers that I saw was Oba King, Jasmin Cardenas and Anne Shimojima. The topic of Jasmin is Aztecs and bravery. The topic of Oba is birds and sadness. The topic of Anne is happy.
Jasmin’s story was about Mexico. That her friends didn’t like what she play and eat. She was really sad and worried because the teacher was going to scream at her because she was playing an inappropriate game that was called “La Loteria”. Oba King’s story was about a bird that was telling the person that he was beautiful. Another thing is that Oba King was singing a song about being beautiful. The other story of Jasmin was about that they need to choose two brave men. There was a handsome and strong man and there was a man that was ugly, weak and poor. The two men had to run. They both got burned by the fire. They run as fast as they can. They were running and running. It took long to get there because of the fire. At last one man reached and that was the poor man.
Some of the actors were standing up and moving their body to show movements. I saw some actors that were using materials. For example Oba used an instrument to sing and tell the story. I liked that the three actors were wearing clothes but about their story. For example Jasmine was wearing Mexican clothes, Oba was wearing Africa clothes and Anne was wearing Japan clothes. My other favorite part is when Jasmine was telling her story she used different types of voices for example a grandpa voice, the fire sound and sometimes she used onomatopoeia. One actor used two languages. The actor was Jasmin. She used spanish and english. One thing that was most effective is how each actors use their face. They used facial expression, for example Jasmin used a disgusting face. The less effective is that most actors didn’t use different languages and they didn’t use a lot of materials.
The message of all of the stories is it doesn’t matter where you come from just be yourself. Another could be try out new things and don’t feel bad. To not listen what other people say. Just ignore them don’t listen just be yourself.