Critique Writing Guide

Writing a Blog about an Artistic Performance

Your blog post should be written for a public audience who is interested in the arts, but not necessarily familiar with the specific performance you are critiquing. Choose ideas and details from the responses on your Performance Questionnaire to include in your blog. The outline below provides a structure to help you organize your thoughts.

Blog Post Outline

  1. Introduction/The Hook: Use the introductory paragraph to provide the who/what/where/when of the performance. Also use this paragraph to hook your reader. How can you get the reader’s attention and make the reader curious to learn more about the performance?
  2. 1st Body Paragraph: Use this first body paragraph to begin describing the performance in detail and writing your analysis of certain aspects. Select ideas from your Performance Questionnaire.
  3. 2nd/3rd Body Paragraph(s): Use additional body paragraphs to add more details and share fresh insights about the performance. Use ideas from your Performance Questionnaire. Consider making connections. For example, did this performance remind you of anything else you have seen or heard? Did a personal story or real event inspire the creation of this performance? What other performers or performances, books, music, or artworks might have influenced the creator(s) of the performance you are critiquing?
  4. Conclusion/The Takeaway: Overall, what features contributed to the performance being successful, or not as successful as it could have been? What is a last thought about the performance that you have not already stated? What is the final feeling or thought that you want to leave with your reader?
  5. Title and Subheadings: Now that you have a draft of your blog, give it an eye-catching title and consider giving each paragraph a subheading in order to make each part pop out for readers.