The was a students that is going on the stage and Lizzy G. that what happened was the student speaking about the poetry in the performance that a few a them was sad about racism, bullying, and suicide is wrong for people. in was at the Logan Center on the stage, it was on Tuesday the sixth, seventh and eighth graders was a different schools. The performance was at the Logan Center. It was on Tuesday April 24th. It looked like that the stage was the lighting that change to different colors, people dress normal, sounds like people was saying like a song. What I liked about the performance was… there was dancing on the stage with Lizzy G was rapping a song called ¨ No Bully Zone ¨ people was dancing people was laughing and singing before that students from different school do there poetry that funny sad or was and countries slavery that happen from the past.

What I thought could be better was… Had more people in the stage there was few people from different school there was few of the poems was sad and depressed there was no happy emotions to a poem. I know there are poems but not all of people poems have to be sad and depressed all the time make say a joke and something funny to laugh and to be happy. I would recommend this performance to someone who… can change there poem a few to say people what is wrong and what is right. But still don make all of the poems sad and depressed make more happy and make people laugh and to make people smile but the poetry performance was still fun of the dancing, the singing it was amazing to watch.