The people who were in the performance were a lot of students it was in the Logan center of arts the main performer was Lizzy G it was in April ,24  ,2018 I went to see word is rhythim it was really cool because i got to listen to music by lizzy G and it made me want to dance but I didn’t.

It was really cool because I  saw Lizzy G in all red and I liked it because my favorite color is red I liked how when someone was talking the light was shining just at them and not at everyone. I also liked the music that Lizzy G was playing because it was like really active and made a lot of people dance also I liked how she let people go on the stage and dance. I would recommend other people going because you can listen to other people’s poems and then at the end Lizzy G puts a beat and then starts singing and then you can go on stage and dance with Lizzy G and you will enjoy the time.

My final thoughts about the performance were that it was really fun because it was like really good to dance and the music is really cool also I like how she let the people go to the stage and show off their dance moves also I liked some of the poems in performance. The one I liked more was when a short girl was telling a poem and her poem was about how short he is but then she started roasting  people who made fun of her height.