LIzzy G was there she was performing she was dancing,singing and she was so enthusiastic there were 6th,7th and 8th students in the Logan Center of the arts. On april 24 2018 we went to Logan Center to perform but also to hear other students read their poems. In the Logan Center the students were moving while they were reading their poems they were standing straight also they were performing their poems. they spoke loud and clear although one of the kids spoke in the microphone but he didn’t sound that loud because the microphone was off. The lights were yellow it looks big and it has a lot of chairs the  kids were wearing random clothes,professional uniform and more.There was a speaker hanging I guess it was connected to the microphone and their voice was loud.I never seen kids that wear professional uniforms at school when there in middle school and above.But also that other kids got to wear whatever they want.

My friend from my school and the same grade as me remind me of a guy I saw that had autism too. The poem Autism inspired me because kids that have autism could have a normal life just like us by going to therapy.It may be hard for some parents because they need to take care of them but i’m pretty sure that kids that have autism might be nice.The Poetry Performance was funny and interesting well for me because some of them were touching and some of them were roasting and funny too because they way that the person wrote it.

Also they were kind of poems that were a bit personal. It was autism and life.  I like when Lizzie G was there and she was performing because Michael Reyes wasn’t there or because he had issues coming to the Logan Center but she was amazing. Lizzie G was there and one from each school gets to ask her a question.She told all of us to stand up and dance because she was singing furthermore she said to sit down and she spoke for a while and then she said to go up in the stage with her and dance and everyone went crazy and she took out her phone and i think she was recording it was just for a while.Therefore she was dancing really cool.