Stories Around the World by Daniela Valdes

The performance Stories Around the World by Oba William King (Africa), Jasmin Cardenas (Colombia) and Anne Shimojima (Japan) took place in the Logan Arts Center on May 17 2016. They shared stories about their cultures.
Jasmin Cardenas’ story was about a memory she had about a sleepover and her mom let her have one but only with three friends. She invited Jenny (Italian), Tesha (African-American) and Kinzie (Mexican). When the day of the sleepover was getting closer Jasmin was worried about the games and candies. Her uncle took her to the store to buy games and she saw a mighty pinata and a stunning loteria game and she bought them. The day of the sleepover came and her friend Jenny came before everyone and Jasmin was nervous and after that Jasmin’s family came. Jasmin was excited but nervous. After that Tesha came and they started playing loteria and Tesha was shocked because she did not know what loteria was and it was like a Bingo game. Then when they were playing Tesha was laughing because she saw a naked mermaid and a drunk guy and when Kinzie came she was not surprised because she was Mexican and she knew loteria. Later they got hungry and Jasmin thought her mom had cheese pizza and they they found out there was pig to eat, “gross”, “disgusting,” the three friends thought. But Jasmin was nervous and then she took them outside, where there was a big pinata. Everyone was surprised. When they were hitting it, Tesha and Jenny were afraid to break it. That was the point obviously. There were a lot of candies to eat. But at the end Jenny and Tesha eat pig. The next day in school everyone was talking about how much fun they had at Jasmin’s sleepover.
Jasmin used a lot of hand and face expressions and it was funny. Also something she did was change her voice and sometimes spoke Spanish. But she translated to English. She made some disgusted sighs which was also funny. She was talking fast and she mimicked the way the story happened.
The message this performer wanted us to know is that different doesn’t mean bad it’s just different. Because she was different from her Italian, African-American and even her Mexican friend because Jasmin was Colombian. But her differences weren’t bad, they were just things that they didn’t have in common but when they knew each other better they also learned new things and cultures.