Stories Around The World by Victor Valenzuela

Stories Around the World took place at Logan Arts Center on May 17, 2016. There were three people telling the stories: Oba William King (Africa), Anne Shimojima (Japan), and Jasmin Cardenas (Colombia). Some stories from the storytellers were myths and others were personal stories. I believe all the stories had a strong message or a life lesson for the people listening to the story. You should learn something out of every story, and it should teach you a lesson about life.
The first story was about Jasmin Cardenas from Colombia. The story she told was from when she was a little girl and she had a sleepover with three of her friends. When Jasmine was a little girl she told her mom she wanted a sleepover so her mom told her yes, and she invited three of her friends. On the day of the sleepover they did lots of things. Stuff like eat and play new games. None of JasminĀ“s friends were Hispanic so the food and games they played were new to them. They tried pork and played Loteria for the first time. And played with a pinata. All the three of JasmineĀ“s friends thought it was weird at first but then they loved it.
While Jasmine was telling the story she was loud and clear and I like that. She has lots of energy. And she put us in a mood of excitement and happiness. I also like that she was interacting with the audience. Something else I really liked was that when she was telling the story she said lots of details about the food and games they played. It created an image in our minds of the situations they were in. The only thing I did not like was how fast she was telling the story. I think she was going too fast at times.
I really like the story. I think it had a strong message. I thought the theme was different doesn’t mean bad. And that you should not be afraid to try something new. Because if you try it you might end up loving it. I think the story had a happy and exciting mood. I thought the story was a really good story, and I really did like it.