Stories at the Logan Center by Melissa Pacheco

The performers Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojina, and Oba King told 2 different stories out loud to the audience at Stories Around the World in Logan Center. Saucedo 6th grade students went to the performance along with other different schools on May 15th.

The Stories
Each performer told two different stories. Some stories contained humor that made you laugh and be happy while others made you think through deeply of the story moral. The first person who stated their story was Jasmin she told two different stories that really made you laugh due to the characters in the story, their actions and responses. But also both of the stories had a meaning to them. The part that really made me laugh was in the second story when Jasmin’s friends didn’t knew the type of game they were playing. They were looking at the cards confused but also at the same time excited. Like El Borracho card, I remember that one of her friends said Who Is This Weird Funny Looking Man? Each story made you feel different. For example Anne’s story made me felt sad. When the bird had to leave the man, due to the man breaking the promise that both had made to not look at the bird. Overall I think all the stories had a moral to them that you can relate to, ponder, or connect to.

The Performance
All of the stories were being told with lots enthusiasm and energy. That made me feel more into the story, more interested, and it also added more detail into the story. Each performer made me see each of their stories in my mind as if I was watching a movie. One of the things I thought was unique was when Oda used his drum to go with the story and his music. That made it fun and entertaining, especially the times when you can join in and sing as well. Although some stories weren’t really in a voice with humor they made you really interested and made a tone that went along with the story that didn’t cause you to get bored easily or fall asleep.

The Takeaway
Each of the stories were really interesting and entertaining. Though what I really liked was that each story had its own moral to it. Not only was it fun to listen to them but it also made you think throughout the stories. It was fun hearing everyone sing along with the drums. All did a great job on their stories performing!