The Crane White by Christian Torres

On May 17th, 2016 in the Logan Arts Center at The University of Chicago, there was a performance called “Stories Around the World” where three storytellers from different cultures came and told stories. The audience was mostly 3rd to 6th graders, but with three classes of 8th graders.
The story dates back ages. A poor man freed a crane from the cage of another man. A young woman appeared at his house that same night, and he ended up falling in love with her. They were poor so she decided to weave for him to sell. They gained a lot of money, until he found out something he wasn’t supposed to. The girl was the crane he had rescued. She ended up leaving him.
The theme of the story was do good, and good things will follow. The man freed the trapped crane and the crane came back. Not knowing it was the crane the man found wealth and love. He was happy because he did good. The moral of the story is karma.
Honestly, I personally loved the story. I loved the way she told it. It was an amazing yet sad story. I never imagined it was going to be the crane who came to his house, who was sleeping in his house, who was making the man who had very little happy. I just don’t why she left at the end. She knew he knew that she was the crane, and he didn’t say anything about it. Why did she leave him?
The storyteller doesn’t use rhyme scheme, but it is some sort of poetry. She’s telling it in story form though. She has dialogue and other things. She characterizes both main characters. She leaves out no details. She has mood, tone, imagery and much more.
“The Crane White” was much different than “The Sleepover.” Anne told the story much softer than Jasmin, while Jasmin made all of these motions and everything with her story. Anne made only a few motions. Jasmin’s story was in a happy environment, and Anne’s story was a more sad and soft story. They are separated by over 100 years in the times they began.
I enjoyed the performances, both of them. “The Crane White” was a very good story. Anne delivered that story with a lot of emotion, but at the same time NO emotion at all. It was soft and quiet. She told it, making noises and motions. I really liked it. It was quiet and softer than all of them, but my favorite.
Jasmin’s story on the other hand was much different. It was loud, but not the loudest. It was a nice story, my second favorite. It was a personal story so we got to know a bit about her life. She also interacted with the crowd. She had jokes in her story, so it wasn’t a bit boring. She had my attention the entire time I was listening. She must have had a lot of fun at that sleepover. There was nothing wrong with the story in my opinion. I thought her voice was nice and loud, but what can I say I was in the first row.