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Logan center for the arts has a variety of interesting programs that everyone would love! We all know that students wouldn’t want to be in a program that focuses on business topics; and how to be a good societal member. That is why the Logan Center for the arts created a school matinee program, made specifically for students of all ages. Village leadership academy recently went to one of the performances that the school matinee program offers. The performance was given by Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre. We saw many variations of stories that were all amazing!

There were three performances in all that we saw. The first one was of dance to old styles of music. This one was interesting to see because the dance incorporated lots of energetic movement, that to me, entailed that back then a lot of the music was meant to lift spirits. The person that gave background on the dance was telling us how these songs and dances were not something that could be recorded back then, so one had to go and see it live or huddle around a radio to listen to the music and narration of the dance.

The second performance was very interesting because it told a story of immigration/slavery. This one contained five parts. The first part told of these people in their homeland living in their own way, not bothering anyone. The second stage in this dance told of them having to take refuge in an unknown land and trying to live out the rest of their happiness there. The third stage tells of them not being able to live out that happiness, but instead being treated unfairly, worked to death and in horrible conditions. The next stage was about the fall of friends, family and others. Death by extended suffering in a place that was sought out to be refuge. The final stage was of one person surviving, but barely. Feeling mixed emotions for his comrade’s deaths. Happiness, for they are in a better place. Remorse, for they are gone because of my false leadership. And last grief, for they are gone, and I am all alone now dying.

The third performance was perhaps the best of them all. It was highly connected to the second one. The last survivor died, and everyone was connected again in the afterlife. They were happy that they were out of this horrible place; free to do what they wanted, free of what they were running from; just free. This performance was meant to connect to the audience as a very happy scene. A happily ever after, if you will.