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We went to go attend a performance BY Cerqua Rivera Dance theater (C.R.D.T). The C.R.D.T was located at the Logan center for the arts through The University of Chicago. The performers I saw was Alfredo, and lots of dancers of course. I think the topic of the performance I saw was about dances back in the day that are now usually on T.V. or funny cartoons. I heard lots of Jazz music that was soft and sometimes comfortable like the Jazz music could make you go to sleep. I saw lots of people pairing up to dance to the Jazz music, it would mostly make me laugh.

I also saw that on a lot of the movements you have to be flexible, I also saw them connect through dance by expressing sorrow, sadness, happiness, excitement, and all of the feelings you can’t feel regularly. They mostly affected me by the music, how beautiful the music was it made me feel special and unique inside. But the thing that was less effective to me was to make me sad or even shed a tear it was like I couldn’t be sad it just kept on making me laugh instead.

I will always remember the dances that made me smile, and laugh but at the same time I was so curious, but excited. This performance made me feel excited, happy all of those feelings that makes me, me no matter what. I personally the overall message of this performance is to always keep dance in your heart because you never know where it can take you and what feeling is going to be pulled out of you by it.