Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre (CRDT)

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Hello. My name is Brayden Jackson. I attend a social justice school called Village Leadership Academy. Have you seen a performance by the Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre? Well guess what, on May 2, 2018 my peers and I attended a matinee by the Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre at the Logan Center for the Arts. Some performers we saw were Brianna, Shelby, Courson, Sherell, Richard, and Christal. The topics of the performance that we saw were Ragtime, Swing Dance, Manteka, 200 FT. Five sections, and Tom and Jerry.

During the performance I noticed their costumes were colorful. In the first scene I thought they looked like Irish waiter’s wearing no shoes. In Manteka they wore red and black. The music in all of the scenes were jazzy. I think they put months of effort as far as rehearsals into this. I saw that black was a well populated color. Also, orange and yellow were not predominant colors. Also in 200 FT. Five sections everyone wore pink. And in all the scenes I noticed at least one color of the rainbow.

I think it was great that they were able to work together and flow with the music while they were dancing. It was amazing how they combined some dances with others. One of the dances I saw was Ballet.

This performance reminded me of a Disney on Ice show I went to see. Something that inspired the performers to do this were friends and family.

The most effective thing in this performance were the costumes and the emotion they put into it. The thing I will remember about this performance were other children trying to learn Merengue and Salsa from the dancers when they invited students to participate. The performance made me feel more than one emotion. The emotions that I felt were happiness, inspiration, amusement, and enjoyment. The message that I think was given in this performance was that dance can shape our history, for they are art.