Cerqua Rivera Dance

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On May 2, 2018 I experienced an awesome performance with the Young Arts Critics program. I attend Village Leadership Academy on the downtown side of Chicago. My classmates and I saw the Cerqua Rivera dancers perform. We saw many dancers such as Mr. Alfredo, Richard, Brianna, Shelby, Carson, Sarah and Crissa. The main topic of this performance was old dances from decades ago.

My ears heard soft music, loud music and fast music. The dancers were on beat and were really feeling the music. I heard lots of jazz music like the violin, and more instruments and very creative dance. The pictures affected me most. Especially the pictures of black people. I also enjoyed the love and hate relationship dance.

I feel like the least effective thing was they didn’t do many dances of blacks. They could’ve done more hip hop. That’s more of what I like to see. They should’ve did more black dances because we basically made dance and music. Overall it was very enjoyable and fun.

This performance made me have mixed emotions. I felt sad, inspired then happy. I felt these emotions because I’m in love with dance. The professional dancers really hit my heart. They are literally my role models.

The overall message of this amazing performance was keep following your heart and put your mind to your dream.