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Junebug was a heartfelt performance with dramatic lighting and always a deeper meaning to everything. From romance, to war refugees, time itself was shown through dance and popular music of the time. The lighting set the mood even further, happy, and bright during happy moments. But during sad parts the lights shined as a gloomy overcast.

The costumes during the performance went with the old-time theme, but they added a new school kick. This either meant a sleeveless tux, or a new school shirt based of a reference to the musician and style of music. These sheer costumes went along with the entire flow of the performance. From the soft loveable dances, to the sad deeper meanings, the costumes were set to express beyond the dance. Especially during one of my personal favorites, a dance where refugees in bland, tattered clothing, try to escape their old, terrible life, to go to a new country where peace reigns. Another good example of costume was during the first dance performed where women wore bright, radiant reds, and men wore sleeveless tux to match the formal manner.

The lighting in the matinee was truly great, setting just the right mood. For every situation there was a dim light to help the dance go along, of a bright, harsh light to brighten your spirits. This unique quality the show brought to the table, truly shows the power of our backstage heroes. It also shows how much work and effort that went into every little detail to bring us, the consumers, not just good but truly great entertainment.

I would like to say just how perfect of a performance this was. Every dance was executed perfectly, every turn, and every step, handled with complete caution. Although the dancers were on stage, it felt as though we were on the same level. I truly enjoyed myself and especially my favorite dance, this was when dancers wore grey clothing and danced out the struggles of war refugees, death, depression, and even loneliness.