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When we got there, they introduced a man named Alfredo he introduced all the dancers because he was one of the people who worked with the dancers. The company he worked with was named Jerque Rivera Dance Theatre. It was different. I never seen anything like it. I just had mixed emotions about it all, like I had no idea what was going on at all.

The light wasn’t just black or shining, it was changing with the dancer’s emotion. The lights in the performance was red, blue, purple, yellow, green, and orange throughout the performance. The colors were projecting off their face and skin, they were glowing in the lights.

The costume could have been a little bit better but overall, they were great. I like the performance costumes when the dancers were doing the dance with the short red vibrant dresses. It was pretty. Another costume was when they did the dance called¨ 200 feet where do we go from here. The costumes wore soft pink like that with lace floral print shirt and long skirt that is what the ladies were wearing, and men wore a soft pink t-shirt with long white loose pants. One dance they wore black pants with a white vest and a black scarf and another costume was old in day costume. Let’s say the costume was beautiful because if I can describe it that good then they might be that good.

The music was enchanting, loud, emotional, and you couldn’t hear yourself think. The music was partially controlling you because every new song meant every new emotion. The song made the dancers move like they never moved before, it made you want to dance with them. The music made everybody happy and confused at what was going on, on stage. There was this one time where a man on stage was dancing while he was crying, then laughing then crying. He when on and on until he stops and walked off stage.

The music was so moving they brought students on stage to learn how to do some of the moves to learn small steps of jazz and salsa dancing and I was one of the people to go on stage but only for jazz because that is what I personally like.