The Godly Critique

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The Presentation can be divided into some happy parts and some sad parts. The good was parts were when they had bright costumes. The lighting was vivid, and they wanted people to see them. During the middle they had sadder lighting and they dimmed it to make the scene darker. The character’s move slower during the sadder parts. Now I’m going to tell you my critic on the video.

I think this presentation was a roller coaster of emotions. The scenes were all over the place and really didn’t have a singular theme. Some aspects that I liked were when they invited the audience on stage. There wasn’t a giant color diversity. Many of the performers were white. While that is not bad some children want to be dancers and it would encourage others to look up to people that looked like them.

This performance didn’t remind me of anything. It was original and unlike any thing I ever seen. It made me think what I could relate this to. It was well choreographed like a play. It was interpretive like a speech. All of that while being interactive.

This presentation was good. I thought they could give a story to it and it would be better. Overall on a scale of 1 to 10 this Matinee gets a 7. Four stars. Thank you for listening to my critic review.