The performance at the Logan Center

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The performance by the Rivera Foundation was an excellent energetic performance that showed emotion. The first performance showed funny ways people walked and it kind of resembled a limp the color was amazing, and they were having fun. This is Stomping at the savoy there were a lot of energetic flipping jumping doing the Lindy Hop having a good time then they brought the children to the stage and showed them the steps.

I was also dancing with the performers, I had a very good time. Then they did this spicy salsa dance it was fun it had a lot flavor then they brought the children up again I had fun watching my friends doing the moves. The clothing and lighting did bring some Latin culture a lot of spicy red. Then we watched a video the music had a combination of jazz and the blues the dances were very unique in this video. Now this performance was about a love story, it was an emotional roller coaster. The dance was ballet and their movements were in tune with the beat. It was also a combination of the blues and jazz. Their slow movement really gave emotion, it was really moving and also they went into a timeline the the 1900’s -1985. There was a speaker that gave us information about the performances that were about to happen. Now this performance had a lot of emotion.

This performance is about immigrants traveling. Their movements are really sad. They’re working in plantations to get by. During the journey two people die on the way to the place and the rest die in plantation while others were sick. Now this is the performance solo when there is just one man and he is crying because he is sad that they are gone and left the earth and he was the only one. At the same time laughing and smiling because they were in a better place and he knew they were okay and safe this performance was very dark and sad overall it was a very moving performance that was so emotional that can make you cry. The speaker came to ask us what do you think of this performance and one of the 7th graders made a point.

The next performance or last but not least this one is the Tom and Jerry performance. Now this performance was fun. It had fun quirky movement and the whole cast was on this one having so much fun chasing each other. This was my favorite performance of the night because I related because I’m a kid and I like to enjoy myself and do quirky things. Next it was time for questions the audience asked, and the performer answered the questions. Overall it was a great Performance. It was an emotional roller coaster from beginning to the end. Go see it at The University of Chicago Logan Center for The Arts.