Young Arts Critics Program

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Hello! My name is Kassia Williams and I am from Village Leadership Academy. I have a couple of questions for you. Have you seen a performance by the CRDT (Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre)? Have you ever seen a very enthusiastic matinee? Well I have. On May 2, 2018 I saw a matinee performed by CRDT at the Logan Center for the Arts. There were 8 performers featured in the performance. Keep reading to hear more about this stunning performance!

The performers really seemed to have a deep understanding and passion for dancing and what the dance meant. Grennen, Briana, Shelby, Carson, Sarah, Richard, Christa, and Rachel expressed the rage, despair, excitement, and the inspiration in the way they moved and the expression on their faces. The lighting also complemented their costumes and the tone of the music. The costumes were bright, beautiful and correlated with the twists and the turns the dancers did. The costumes looked vivid in the auditorium lights and they made me feel excited to see what they would do next. In the dances, the dance would start out with a few dancers and then others would come out and leave during the performance. The performance was very organized and choreographed carefully and used different aspects of dance and used each dancer’s strongest characteristic.

One of the performances by CDRT was inspired by the choreographer’s story of being an immigrant. He used the dancers to express the way he felt through their movements. The music reminded me of a piano piece. The music made me feel the pain that the dancers felt. They mostly played classical music.