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Hi, my name is Beautiful Dawson. I am 12 years old. I attended Village Leadership Academy where I am in the 7th grade. Previously I had the opportunity to experience a musical matinee at the Logan Arts Center for The Arts on May 2, 2018. This musical displayed a lot of emotions throughout different dances. The musical had a lot of details that further will be discussed.

In these performances the dancer’s costumes changed a lot. In the 1st Act there were 3 dancers one boy and two girls. They wore a white tuxedo top along with a black and white scarf with black bottoms. In the 2nd act there were nine dancers; six females and three males. They were doing a Charleston/swing dance. In this act the dancers transitioned while the first half of dancers wore red/white/black dresses and the second half wore what was worn in the 1st act. In the 3rd act there were four females and two males. There were red ruffled dresses worn by the women. There were black tuxedo tops worn by males. In the 4th act there was one male and one female, and she wore a black/white checkered dress while the male wore black pants and a black shirt. In the 5 act there were five females and three males. Females wore a pink top/blouse with a pink long skirt. Males wore cream pants/jogging pants with an ombré orange and peach top. In the 6th act the name of it was “Tom and Jerry,” this act was very colorful. Females wore different color dresses and males wore black bottoms and a colorful top.

In one of the acts the performance reminded me of immigration in the beginning they were all together and throughout the act the dancers died off or as it seems. One of the acts reminded me of a twisted love story because throughout the acts their emotions roamed over the audience and fulfilled every expectation. They were very active with their audience. Even our school had a chance to participate into some of their demonstrations. In these acts they changed extremely fast emotionally and physically.

The overall performance was extraordinary! Throughout the performance I noticed the details and costumes changes. In all I think you should attend the performance. They were very active with their audience and taught us dances. I would highly recommend this performance.