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Hello, my name is Jadyn Miles and I am an 8th grade at Village Leadership Academy. Recently, I got an amazing opportunity to see a beautiful matinee at the Logan Art Center for The Arts. This opportunity was made possible with the help of my school and Ms. Lizzie G. I hope I will get a chance to go again. I experienced and got to enjoy a matinee by Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre, now here is my review.

First things first, the dancers were amazing, they were very comfortable on stage. They danced with so much energy and kept a smile on their faces throughout the routines. They were also very good at moving with the music. They were good with timing and very synchronized when they danced. The dancing was very good and inspiring.

Second, I really enjoyed how each dance represented something new. All the dances told a story and were very inspiring. The dancers vividly showed their emotions during their dances. I also really enjoyed the different genres of music they played, it was an amazing variety. Some critiques I have are, I believe they should have a broader age group. Besides that, I believe the show was brilliant and creative.

Again, thank you to my school and Lizzie G Entertainment for this opportunity. I really enjoyed myself. I`m glad that I got to see this creative and unique performance. The show was very eye opening and I learned from it. I really recommend seeing this show. I`m Jadyn Miles and that is my review.