The Godly Critique

Robert Jamison


The Presentation can be divided into some happy parts and some sad parts. The good was parts were when they had bright costumes. The lighting was vivid, and they wanted people to see them. During the middle they had sadder lighting and they dimmed it to make the scene darker. The character’s move slower during the sadder parts. Now I’m going to tell you my critic on the video.

I think this presentation was a roller coaster of emotions. The scenes were all over the place and really didn’t have a singular theme. Some aspects that I liked were when they invited the audience on stage. There wasn’t a giant color diversity. Many of the performers were white. While that is not bad some children want to be dancers and it would encourage others to look up to people that looked like them.

This performance didn’t remind me of anything. It was original and unlike any thing I ever seen. It made me think what I could relate this to. It was well choreographed like a play. It was interpretive like a speech. All of that while being interactive.

This presentation was good. I thought they could give a story to it and it would be better. Overall on a scale of 1 to 10 this Matinee gets a 7. Four stars. Thank you for listening to my critic review.

Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre (CRDT)

Brayden Jackson


Hello. My name is Brayden Jackson. I attend a social justice school called Village Leadership Academy. Have you seen a performance by the Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre? Well guess what, on May 2, 2018 my peers and I attended a matinee by the Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre at the Logan Center for the Arts. Some performers we saw were Brianna, Shelby, Courson, Sherell, Richard, and Christal. The topics of the performance that we saw were Ragtime, Swing Dance, Manteka, 200 FT. Five sections, and Tom and Jerry.

During the performance I noticed their costumes were colorful. In the first scene I thought they looked like Irish waiter’s wearing no shoes. In Manteka they wore red and black. The music in all of the scenes were jazzy. I think they put months of effort as far as rehearsals into this. I saw that black was a well populated color. Also, orange and yellow were not predominant colors. Also in 200 FT. Five sections everyone wore pink. And in all the scenes I noticed at least one color of the rainbow.

I think it was great that they were able to work together and flow with the music while they were dancing. It was amazing how they combined some dances with others. One of the dances I saw was Ballet.

This performance reminded me of a Disney on Ice show I went to see. Something that inspired the performers to do this were friends and family.

The most effective thing in this performance were the costumes and the emotion they put into it. The thing I will remember about this performance were other children trying to learn Merengue and Salsa from the dancers when they invited students to participate. The performance made me feel more than one emotion. The emotions that I felt were happiness, inspiration, amusement, and enjoyment. The message that I think was given in this performance was that dance can shape our history, for they are art.

The performance at the Logan Center

Xandria Pope


The performance by the Rivera Foundation was an excellent energetic performance that showed emotion. The first performance showed funny ways people walked and it kind of resembled a limp the color was amazing, and they were having fun. This is Stomping at the savoy there were a lot of energetic flipping jumping doing the Lindy Hop having a good time then they brought the children to the stage and showed them the steps.

I was also dancing with the performers, I had a very good time. Then they did this spicy salsa dance it was fun it had a lot flavor then they brought the children up again I had fun watching my friends doing the moves. The clothing and lighting did bring some Latin culture a lot of spicy red. Then we watched a video the music had a combination of jazz and the blues the dances were very unique in this video. Now this performance was about a love story, it was an emotional roller coaster. The dance was ballet and their movements were in tune with the beat. It was also a combination of the blues and jazz. Their slow movement really gave emotion, it was really moving and also they went into a timeline the the 1900’s -1985. There was a speaker that gave us information about the performances that were about to happen. Now this performance had a lot of emotion.

This performance is about immigrants traveling. Their movements are really sad. They’re working in plantations to get by. During the journey two people die on the way to the place and the rest die in plantation while others were sick. Now this is the performance solo when there is just one man and he is crying because he is sad that they are gone and left the earth and he was the only one. At the same time laughing and smiling because they were in a better place and he knew they were okay and safe this performance was very dark and sad overall it was a very moving performance that was so emotional that can make you cry. The speaker came to ask us what do you think of this performance and one of the 7th graders made a point.

The next performance or last but not least this one is the Tom and Jerry performance. Now this performance was fun. It had fun quirky movement and the whole cast was on this one having so much fun chasing each other. This was my favorite performance of the night because I related because I’m a kid and I like to enjoy myself and do quirky things. Next it was time for questions the audience asked, and the performer answered the questions. Overall it was a great Performance. It was an emotional roller coaster from beginning to the end. Go see it at The University of Chicago Logan Center for The Arts.


Gorgeous Dawson


When we got there, they introduced a man named Alfredo he introduced all the dancers because he was one of the people who worked with the dancers. The company he worked with was named Jerque Rivera Dance Theatre. It was different. I never seen anything like it. I just had mixed emotions about it all, like I had no idea what was going on at all.

The light wasn’t just black or shining, it was changing with the dancer’s emotion. The lights in the performance was red, blue, purple, yellow, green, and orange throughout the performance. The colors were projecting off their face and skin, they were glowing in the lights.

The costume could have been a little bit better but overall, they were great. I like the performance costumes when the dancers were doing the dance with the short red vibrant dresses. It was pretty. Another costume was when they did the dance called¨ 200 feet where do we go from here. The costumes wore soft pink like that with lace floral print shirt and long skirt that is what the ladies were wearing, and men wore a soft pink t-shirt with long white loose pants. One dance they wore black pants with a white vest and a black scarf and another costume was old in day costume. Let’s say the costume was beautiful because if I can describe it that good then they might be that good.

The music was enchanting, loud, emotional, and you couldn’t hear yourself think. The music was partially controlling you because every new song meant every new emotion. The song made the dancers move like they never moved before, it made you want to dance with them. The music made everybody happy and confused at what was going on, on stage. There was this one time where a man on stage was dancing while he was crying, then laughing then crying. He when on and on until he stops and walked off stage.

The music was so moving they brought students on stage to learn how to do some of the moves to learn small steps of jazz and salsa dancing and I was one of the people to go on stage but only for jazz because that is what I personally like.

Young Critics Blog Post

Beautiful Dawson


Hi, my name is Beautiful Dawson. I am 12 years old. I attended Village Leadership Academy where I am in the 7th grade. Previously I had the opportunity to experience a musical matinee at the Logan Arts Center for The Arts on May 2, 2018. This musical displayed a lot of emotions throughout different dances. The musical had a lot of details that further will be discussed.

In these performances the dancer’s costumes changed a lot. In the 1st Act there were 3 dancers one boy and two girls. They wore a white tuxedo top along with a black and white scarf with black bottoms. In the 2nd act there were nine dancers; six females and three males. They were doing a Charleston/swing dance. In this act the dancers transitioned while the first half of dancers wore red/white/black dresses and the second half wore what was worn in the 1st act. In the 3rd act there were four females and two males. There were red ruffled dresses worn by the women. There were black tuxedo tops worn by males. In the 4th act there was one male and one female, and she wore a black/white checkered dress while the male wore black pants and a black shirt. In the 5 act there were five females and three males. Females wore a pink top/blouse with a pink long skirt. Males wore cream pants/jogging pants with an ombré orange and peach top. In the 6th act the name of it was “Tom and Jerry,” this act was very colorful. Females wore different color dresses and males wore black bottoms and a colorful top.

In one of the acts the performance reminded me of immigration in the beginning they were all together and throughout the act the dancers died off or as it seems. One of the acts reminded me of a twisted love story because throughout the acts their emotions roamed over the audience and fulfilled every expectation. They were very active with their audience. Even our school had a chance to participate into some of their demonstrations. In these acts they changed extremely fast emotionally and physically.

The overall performance was extraordinary! Throughout the performance I noticed the details and costumes changes. In all I think you should attend the performance. They were very active with their audience and taught us dances. I would highly recommend this performance.

Young Critics Blog Post

Jadyn Miles


Hello, my name is Jadyn Miles and I am an 8th grade at Village Leadership Academy. Recently, I got an amazing opportunity to see a beautiful matinee at the Logan Art Center for The Arts. This opportunity was made possible with the help of my school and Ms. Lizzie G. I hope I will get a chance to go again. I experienced and got to enjoy a matinee by Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre, now here is my review.

First things first, the dancers were amazing, they were very comfortable on stage. They danced with so much energy and kept a smile on their faces throughout the routines. They were also very good at moving with the music. They were good with timing and very synchronized when they danced. The dancing was very good and inspiring.

Second, I really enjoyed how each dance represented something new. All the dances told a story and were very inspiring. The dancers vividly showed their emotions during their dances. I also really enjoyed the different genres of music they played, it was an amazing variety. Some critiques I have are, I believe they should have a broader age group. Besides that, I believe the show was brilliant and creative.

Again, thank you to my school and Lizzie G Entertainment for this opportunity. I really enjoyed myself. I`m glad that I got to see this creative and unique performance. The show was very eye opening and I learned from it. I really recommend seeing this show. I`m Jadyn Miles and that is my review.

Jayden Hammond


Logan center for the arts has a variety of interesting programs that everyone would love! We all know that students wouldn’t want to be in a program that focuses on business topics; and how to be a good societal member. That is why the Logan Center for the arts created a school matinee program, made specifically for students of all ages. Village leadership academy recently went to one of the performances that the school matinee program offers. The performance was given by Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre. We saw many variations of stories that were all amazing!

There were three performances in all that we saw. The first one was of dance to old styles of music. This one was interesting to see because the dance incorporated lots of energetic movement, that to me, entailed that back then a lot of the music was meant to lift spirits. The person that gave background on the dance was telling us how these songs and dances were not something that could be recorded back then, so one had to go and see it live or huddle around a radio to listen to the music and narration of the dance.

The second performance was very interesting because it told a story of immigration/slavery. This one contained five parts. The first part told of these people in their homeland living in their own way, not bothering anyone. The second stage in this dance told of them having to take refuge in an unknown land and trying to live out the rest of their happiness there. The third stage tells of them not being able to live out that happiness, but instead being treated unfairly, worked to death and in horrible conditions. The next stage was about the fall of friends, family and others. Death by extended suffering in a place that was sought out to be refuge. The final stage was of one person surviving, but barely. Feeling mixed emotions for his comrade’s deaths. Happiness, for they are in a better place. Remorse, for they are gone because of my false leadership. And last grief, for they are gone, and I am all alone now dying.

The third performance was perhaps the best of them all. It was highly connected to the second one. The last survivor died, and everyone was connected again in the afterlife. They were happy that they were out of this horrible place; free to do what they wanted, free of what they were running from; just free. This performance was meant to connect to the audience as a very happy scene. A happily ever after, if you will.


Jamilah Hobbs


We went to go attend a performance BY Cerqua Rivera Dance theater (C.R.D.T). The C.R.D.T was located at the Logan center for the arts through The University of Chicago. The performers I saw was Alfredo, and lots of dancers of course. I think the topic of the performance I saw was about dances back in the day that are now usually on T.V. or funny cartoons. I heard lots of Jazz music that was soft and sometimes comfortable like the Jazz music could make you go to sleep. I saw lots of people pairing up to dance to the Jazz music, it would mostly make me laugh.

I also saw that on a lot of the movements you have to be flexible, I also saw them connect through dance by expressing sorrow, sadness, happiness, excitement, and all of the feelings you can’t feel regularly. They mostly affected me by the music, how beautiful the music was it made me feel special and unique inside. But the thing that was less effective to me was to make me sad or even shed a tear it was like I couldn’t be sad it just kept on making me laugh instead.

I will always remember the dances that made me smile, and laugh but at the same time I was so curious, but excited. This performance made me feel excited, happy all of those feelings that makes me, me no matter what. I personally the overall message of this performance is to always keep dance in your heart because you never know where it can take you and what feeling is going to be pulled out of you by it.

The History of Music and Dance in the 1900’s to the 1990’s

Brooks Lansana


The performance we went to see was about the history of music and dance in the 1900’s to the 1990’s. It was performed by dancers from the Cerqua Rivera dance company. It was at the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts. Throughout the whole performance we learned a lot about the history of dance and music. For example, the people who created the dance, history of the dance, and why they created it. Also during the performance, they had times where people in the audience could participate by getting on stage and learning how to dance.

The first dance in the performance felt very classical. In the dance there were a total of three dancers. While they were performing that dance they all had a smile on their faces. The second dance felt very jazzy. The reason why was that time was called Ragtime. Ragtime was when jazz started to get popular. After that, there was a salsa type of dance. One of the last dances took place in the 60’s and 70’s. That was the time of Civil Rights movement. It was also a time of hardship in Vietnam. It was a hard time for immigrants trying to move into the United States. It was also the longest dance of them all. The last dance they performed was about the 80’s and 90’s. In this dance most of the dancers had the chance to be free with themselves.

In this performance I learned a lot about music and dance that I didn’t know at first. For example, Ragtime. I knew at first that jazz was popular in the early 90’s, but I didn’t know that it has its own era. It reminds me of another performance I saw on Friday at Chi Arts. We went to it because a friend of my older brothers named Mekeba was featured. He is a dancer who goes to Chi Arts for high school. It reminded me of Cerqua Rivera because they were both about dance. The difference between the two performances was that one featured adults and the other featured teenagers. The cool thing about one of the dances in the Chi Arts performance is that it was choreographed by a teenager.

In the performance the dancers expressed themselves to the audience throughout the whole thing. After seeing it I felt inspired. Mostly about dance and music. Like the salsa dancing, the classical jazz, the feeling of drifting away. The other part of the performance I saw and really liked was the one about hardship. Hardship is something we all go through. Not at the same time but we all go through it. That dance was easily the longest dance out of them all. At one part the dancers would all be on the stage, but little by little they all went off. That left one still on the stage. That made it feel intriguing.

Overall the entire matinee was a complete thrill. It was also successful, the reason being for it was a full house. There were some parts that I really enjoyed. For example, when the dancers gave eye contact to the audience. The thing is they didn’t do that through the full performance. For this reason, it makes me dislike it a bit. Overall it was a great performance. And I will always remember it. At least I hope I will remember it.


Kirk Kelly


Junebug was a heartfelt performance with dramatic lighting and always a deeper meaning to everything. From romance, to war refugees, time itself was shown through dance and popular music of the time. The lighting set the mood even further, happy, and bright during happy moments. But during sad parts the lights shined as a gloomy overcast.

The costumes during the performance went with the old-time theme, but they added a new school kick. This either meant a sleeveless tux, or a new school shirt based of a reference to the musician and style of music. These sheer costumes went along with the entire flow of the performance. From the soft loveable dances, to the sad deeper meanings, the costumes were set to express beyond the dance. Especially during one of my personal favorites, a dance where refugees in bland, tattered clothing, try to escape their old, terrible life, to go to a new country where peace reigns. Another good example of costume was during the first dance performed where women wore bright, radiant reds, and men wore sleeveless tux to match the formal manner.

The lighting in the matinee was truly great, setting just the right mood. For every situation there was a dim light to help the dance go along, of a bright, harsh light to brighten your spirits. This unique quality the show brought to the table, truly shows the power of our backstage heroes. It also shows how much work and effort that went into every little detail to bring us, the consumers, not just good but truly great entertainment.

I would like to say just how perfect of a performance this was. Every dance was executed perfectly, every turn, and every step, handled with complete caution. Although the dancers were on stage, it felt as though we were on the same level. I truly enjoyed myself and especially my favorite dance, this was when dancers wore grey clothing and danced out the struggles of war refugees, death, depression, and even loneliness.

Young Arts Critics Program

Kassia Williams


Hello! My name is Kassia Williams and I am from Village Leadership Academy. I have a couple of questions for you. Have you seen a performance by the CRDT (Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre)? Have you ever seen a very enthusiastic matinee? Well I have. On May 2, 2018 I saw a matinee performed by CRDT at the Logan Center for the Arts. There were 8 performers featured in the performance. Keep reading to hear more about this stunning performance!

The performers really seemed to have a deep understanding and passion for dancing and what the dance meant. Grennen, Briana, Shelby, Carson, Sarah, Richard, Christa, and Rachel expressed the rage, despair, excitement, and the inspiration in the way they moved and the expression on their faces. The lighting also complemented their costumes and the tone of the music. The costumes were bright, beautiful and correlated with the twists and the turns the dancers did. The costumes looked vivid in the auditorium lights and they made me feel excited to see what they would do next. In the dances, the dance would start out with a few dancers and then others would come out and leave during the performance. The performance was very organized and choreographed carefully and used different aspects of dance and used each dancer’s strongest characteristic.

One of the performances by CDRT was inspired by the choreographer’s story of being an immigrant. He used the dancers to express the way he felt through their movements. The music reminded me of a piano piece. The music made me feel the pain that the dancers felt. They mostly played classical music.


Aubrey Child


In the program of the Logan Center for the Arts, there was many dances put on by Cerqua Rivera Dance Company. We could participate in some and we could watch others participate in some. It was all amazing! Before each dance there was a man who would give us, an introduction and tell us about each performance or what the dance was about and what it actually was. All of the performances were great, but my favorite dance was the last one called “Tom and Jerry.”

The music to each dance was different, inventive, and authentic. One was jazzy while another was classy. One was uplifting while another was melancholy. They were all different in their own type of way. The best ones were the ones with great music. If everything was great except for the music, it would throw everything off. It just wouldn’t be the same.

The clothes in the performance came in different variations. They were different colors, shapes, sizes, you name it. Some were vibrant, some were laid back, some were bright, some were dark you name it. One performance (my personal favorite) had all types of clothes. There were so many different colors! There was red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, pink, magenta, maroon, gold, black and brown. There were at least 15 colors that I saw!!

The lighting in the performances was amazing, spectacular, and fabulous all combined! There was every color in the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). Some were light/bright, and some were dark. Some were colorful, some were dull.

The dances in the performances were all very, very different. For instance, the first dance was a swing dance, the second was classical, the third was merengue salsa, the fourth was contemporary, the fifth was modern, and the sixth was jazz. They were all different but they all had a special thing to it that made it to be its greatest self.

The styles of the dances were different, but in the end, they all had one thing in common that every dance has … A story. The dance with (my personal favorite story) was the third dance. The story was about a young couple in love that broke up. But deep down they knew that they still loved each other, and they tried to get back together again even after all the mistakes that they made. Another one was about slaves trying to escape but getting caught. At the same time, refugees trying to go somewhere but not being allowed to do so. Then, there’s one guy left with his friend’s dead for attempting to escape and out of the blue he gets mood swings. He would laugh and then cry and then laugh again.

Aryn Peterson


Hi, name is Aryn Peterson from Village Leadership Academy
I went to a performance called CRDT AKA Cerqua Rivera Dance Theater that featured the dancers Sarah, Grennen, Brianna, Shelby, Carson, Richard, Christa, and Rachel on May 2, 2018. I think that this performance was DEFINITELY one of the best I’ve seen! If you want to hear more about it then you’ll really want to keep reading!

Immediately as soon as the performers hit the stage I primarily noticed the lighting it was a bit dim but super colorful. I noticed that the music was SUPER upbeat and happy. Their facial expressions were happy, their movements were quite smooth which signified they were working together and their clothing had a back in the day kind of theme because their clothing was black and white. Next in one called stomping’ at the savoy the lighting was an orangey-reddish and I think that signified romance they had many men up there, threw in a little twist by adding in a backflip, and they even had colorful clothing. As a final little twist, they had some of the performers from the first act come back in. They even interacted with the audience by bringing some people from different schools up there to learn the dances Merengue and Salsa.

In the third performance I saw ALL ladies up there the lighting was red, and it went from dim to bright. The music had kind of a jazzy feel to it which made it feel new but at the same time to be honest a little old. Their movements were much longer and smoother than the others because they took up the whole stage with their dance moves so that everyone could see what they were doing. Then they had a few men come back in to dance with them which gave it an even more happy feel. I mean I do have to be honest I really loved it because I got to go up there to learn that dance. For this third one in specific I think it was inspired by a true story. In the fourth performance there was only one man and one women the lighting was pink and blue but dimmed. The music was super sad and depressing rather than it being upbeat. There movements were smooth, but their facial expressions were very very VERY serious. There was a video behind them that kind of signified their emotions. The video was very mixed which signified their emotions because I think their emotions were mixed. They did take up the stage because it seemed like they were in a love hate relationship, so they came back together then separated came back together then separated. Their clothing was colorful (black, white, orange). Even though it was a bit sad it was still an amazing performance. In the fifth performance before everyone started dancing the director pointed out a very interesting point about immigrants which I think this one was about. The lighting was dim the music was sad, and their clothing was beige and pink. I think it was about how different immigrants were coming from different countries and then there were some movements where they went from slow to fast and there was one specific one where the music turned off and then they were all like huh! Huh! That was the point where I think they were kicking them out of America as immigrants and making them go back to their country and then when all the immigrants left there was one man left and he was alone. He started crying then being happy, then crying, then being happy. I think he was sad because everybody else was gone but he was happy because at least he wasn’t gone. That really hit me hard because it made me be grateful about where I am and what I have because some people don’t have anything. Last but DEFINITELY not least we had the last performance and in this performance the director talked about Tom and Jerry and that was how this performance was themed and the lighting was very bright the music was happy and upbeat everybody’s facial expressions were happy everybody kind of did their own thing everybody was on stage, thanks to my question we even got to meet them!

In conclusion, I think the moral of this matinee was
To not be scared to pursue your dreams especially at a young age. A lot of these dancers started dance at a very young age, most at 3 years old and I think that maybe if YOU start now maybe you can do it to! Although I do have a bit of feedback and questions. I wonder why they only had adults in this matinee and not any children or young adults? What could have inspired the dances for the matinee? How long did all of the choreography take? Did they really have fun, or did they make it look fun and didn’t like it? Besides that, I absolutely loved it! If You liked this review I inspire you to go, see it to!

Cerqua Rivera Dance

Morgan Boston


On May 2, 2018 I experienced an awesome performance with the Young Arts Critics program. I attend Village Leadership Academy on the downtown side of Chicago. My classmates and I saw the Cerqua Rivera dancers perform. We saw many dancers such as Mr. Alfredo, Richard, Brianna, Shelby, Carson, Sarah and Crissa. The main topic of this performance was old dances from decades ago.

My ears heard soft music, loud music and fast music. The dancers were on beat and were really feeling the music. I heard lots of jazz music like the violin, and more instruments and very creative dance. The pictures affected me most. Especially the pictures of black people. I also enjoyed the love and hate relationship dance.

I feel like the least effective thing was they didn’t do many dances of blacks. They could’ve done more hip hop. That’s more of what I like to see. They should’ve did more black dances because we basically made dance and music. Overall it was very enjoyable and fun.

This performance made me have mixed emotions. I felt sad, inspired then happy. I felt these emotions because I’m in love with dance. The professional dancers really hit my heart. They are literally my role models.

The overall message of this amazing performance was keep following your heart and put your mind to your dream.

Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre

Isyss Imani Williams


Have you ever seen a performance where a dancer or multiple dancers are telling a story in some type of way? On Wednesday, May 2, 2018 my classmates and I went to a Matinee performance at The Logan Center for The Arts. The performers I saw were Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre which was started here in Chicago, IL. The topic of the performance the dancers were doing was jazz, blues, and gospel which was performed throughout time from the 1800s to 1900s. Half of the dances that was shown were visuals of different times, for an example one of the dances had to do with immigrants and refugees and how they felt inside. That was actually my favorite one and you’ll know why when I continue on with my blog entry. The performance was different and unique in every and any kind of way to show different perspectives of times and decades.

I personally felt like the performance was different and unique in some type of way. I actually felt like I was traveling back in time to a decade that I didn’t even know had meaning. The type of costumes they were wearing made the performance pop, for example the men in the dances basically were wearing tuxedos but the women were wearing different color dresses. In one performance, the immigrant and refugee performance, when they came on stage they came in deep like they were ready to show how much this part of history meant to them. The women were wearing pink dresses and the men were wearing white. In some type of way, I felt like they were dressed as if they were orphans even though that wasn’t their intention to dress as. The movement they used was as if they were telling us how refugees and immigrants felt inside having to leave their home to start fresh.

The performance made me connect with the movie Their Eyes Were Watching God with Halle Berry and Michael Ealy. The movie is basically about how Janie the character Halle plays hard to move from town to town to find the right person she could live the rest of her life with because she was forced out of her town by her mother who wanted her to get married which she didn’t feel comfortable doing at a young age. The movements the dancers were doing made me think hard about what Janie probably was feeling having to move town to town with someone she didn’t even know, love, or did love at first but fell out of love with. I liked the way they presented that certain story because I could reflect on it and I felt like that main performance was my favorite. I could actually feel what immigrants and refugees feel and felt inside. The creation of the performance was strong, and I think they did an amazing job on it.

The second performance I liked and felt like I could make a self-connection to is the Tom and Jerry performance. Tom and Jerry are a really old show and it used to be my favorite show until it stopped coming on, on Cartoon Network. I never thought that there were songs out in the world based off of Tom and Jerry. The performance made me feel like I was watching Tom and Jerry up close because you know how in the show they barely talked, Tom and Jerry just used movements to tell the story, that’s literally exactly how I felt the dancers were doing. The performers imitated the Tom and Jerry show really good and I could tell which character was which by the dance movements they were performing. The men were wearing a light orange and black shirt, I understood why they used those colors because Tom and Jerry is a bright cartoon. The women also wear black, white, orange, and yellow dresses. In the performance the main type of dances they were using was jazz dance which I also understood because jazz is a happy art at least to me.

The features that were contributed to the performance being successful, or not successful as it could have been was how they were passionate about what they were dancing to and they were comfortable with each other and the music. I think what wasn’t as successful was that the theatre didn’t have a diverse crew, there was only one black person in the performance. I feel like they could’ve added more diverse races. The last thought I haven’t brought up yet in this blog was that one of my favorite quotes from the performances was, “Dance tells a story in a passionate and unique way” I liked that quote because I’m a dancer, now that I know personally that my dance movements can tell how I feel and a story that I didn’t even know existed. My final thought about this whole entire performance is, Wow! I never liked jazz, ballet, or gospel dance but these dancers brought the jazz, ballet, and gospel world to a whole other level.