Review by Jaylen

Student Critic: Jaylen R
School: Wadsworth
School Teacher: Aldina Loggins
Performance: Poetry Festival
Teaching Artist: Preston Thomas


The performance was at the logan center April5th 2017 and the preformance was about poretrey.


The performance was boring to me because pepole were saying poems over and over agian and i was hot. I didnt understand anything they were talking about.

Conclusion, The Takeaway:

The preformance was succesful  because many pepole liked the preformance but i did not because itwas boring to me pepole saying poems over again. I liked one part was when they were singing and dancing.

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  1. -Expand your INTRODUCTION to share a bit more about the poetry festival. Who performed? What were the poems about? What did it look like, sound like and feel like to you?
    -Make sure you use spell-check and proofread your writing so it is more clear.
    -You write in your CONCLUSION about a part you liked. Describe that performance in detail in your CRITIQUE paragraph.

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