Bipolar words fest

Student Critic: Katherine.C
School: Wadsworth
School Teacher: Aldina Loggins
Performance: Poetry Festival
Teaching Artist: Preston Thomas


Have you seen people so talented with words that bring you in and never let you go i wonder were do they get so powerful word they never hesitate to express there feeling but some studdered over there word becausemof the memories they had but got back on track finnished there poem


Siting in the audience hearing people expressing there feeling with differnt emotions mad sad happy at the same timesome talking about there life or when another taking also they sing like they are there they put you were you need to be and it like you are there with them

Conclusion, The Takeaway:

I thought the performes was exalent because  they have the courage to go up. There in frount of hunred of people and say how they feel and act around other people and also i like how they put the poem into song and used motion to tell how they feel

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  1. -Great INTRODUCTION! Be sure to use spell check and punctuation, though.
    -Describe at least one of the performances with specific details for your CRITIQUE. Describe it for someone who wasn’t there.
    -Proofread all. Use spell check and punctuation so that your writing is more clear.

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