Hip Hop

Student Critic: Tayequan Mcdonald
School: Wadsworth
School Teacher: Aldina Loggins
Performance: Poetry Festival
Teaching Artist: Preston Thomas


I like the poetry festival because there were a lot of poerty jam singing but they were really sad, because of how people were saying or singing it. I liked the way how the people expressed there feeling on the stage and wasn’t scared of stage fright, but they were serious about it and took it seriously.


What I Think about the festival was emotional. Because in the festival there were a lot of emotional songs, like when the two gentlemen were on the stage singing the ten toe’s challenge, and basically i felted what they were feeling. Like how to stop the violence and expressing there feelings to others. I reall enjoyed being there at the poetry festiva, because all you get to do is write poems, and actually express how you feel. But that one gentlemen on the stage was feeling emotional, like he was about to cry.

Conclusion, The Takeaway:

My Conlusion is that the poetry festival was succesful because the ladies and gentlemen really took there time on that stage performing. All schools that have came had did a wonderful job on the poetry and poetry lyrics. And i will like to say i well like to visit agian.

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  1. -Some good use of details.
    -Make sure you use spell-check and proofread your writing so it is more clear.
    -Use more details and be more specific in your CRITIQUE. Remember, you are writing this for readers who were not at the performance. Really show what contributed to the emotions.
    -Provide 1-2 examples that show how they took their time performing in your CONCLUSION.

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