My poetry festival🏅🏅👯💃🏽

Student Critic: TerreniqueM
School: Wadsworth
School Teacher: Aldina Loggins
Performance: Poetry Festival
Teaching Artist: Preston Thomas


Hey myname is Terrenique Montgomery in what i think about the poetry fevtival i think it was very funny because it bought back good ideas   Of what i want to do in also i think it was cool because some of the kids was shy in some got on the stage in trunt the stage up.Also about the adtuls man me cry laughts because i did not know what was about to go into i heard the men came onthe stage in start singing a hiphop song so i knew that it was going to be about hiphop.


When the 3 girls came on the stage  they  was think that we was not going to like whatshe did what also they trunt me up because they had dancing ,singing a little bite of laughting so another one came on stage in they almost mademe cry laughter because they was dress up in cutsomer in they was making speech in they was dancing to the music in they were singing with the song.

Conclusion, The Takeaway:

I will like toto go back in this that agin but i will like to share my stories with other people in also just because peoplehavea smile on they face that dont mean they are happy you dont know what they are going thought at home so the came in put on a show for us but when  the girl with one arm i have a story just like that about my niece was just born like that with one arm she only four years old in shewas on the news about here arm in she got people want to inaview here mother in farther

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  1. -Good job of creating a hook in your INTRODUCTION.
    -Make sure you use spell-check and proofread your writing so it is more clear.
    -It’s hard to understand what you are describing in your CRITIQUE. Spell-check and proofreading will help.
    -Same for your CONCLUSION. It seems like the performance had an impact on you and that were inspired to share your own story. Make sure you use punctuation and divide those bunched up words to that we can get your message fully and clearly!

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