Poetry festivle

Student Critic: Montrell.w
School: Wadsworth
School Teacher: Aldina Loggins
Performance: Poetry Festival
Teaching Artist: Preston Thomas


My critique will be the best one youve ever read in youre life  about the logan center preformance.My critique will be about the kids comparing to the adults that gave poems or a share of their life and also more. My critique will be good and i believe you should read it if i do day so my self.


The logan center performance was preety good.The kids did better than the adults.Although they both did a very exceptional gob well done.The adults had happieness and this made me excited also I like the adult performance because they sung with happieness and harmony.I believe the adults had to rehurse the lines and the act that they were doing.The kids did better than the adults because these were brave kids that told life stories abou them selves.There werent too many of them that were scared eigther this is whatmade me proud of them.These people got up there and told us true life lessons,although some people spead through the poem and i wasnt able to get the full understanding of it.There were a few people that were afraid and talked in a tiny tiny voice and sped through.I asume these people were shy and had a lot they had to talk about.

Conclusion, The Takeaway:

To conclude my review the logan center performance was great.I loved that the kids were brave and i’m disappointed that the people who did’nt get enspired by the ones who were not afraid didnt speak up.Over all the logan center performance was superb.

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  1. -Don’t worry about telling how great your critique is. Focus on SHOWING what you saw and heard at the performance that you were excited about.
    -Describe some specific life lessons that adults wrote about compared to students in your CRITIQUE.
    -I want to hear more about what you were disappointed by in the CONCLUSION.
    -Proofread all. Use spell check and punctuation so that your writing is more clear.

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