Poetry, songs, raps, and more poetry.

Student Critic: SaMia K.
School: Wadsworth
School Teacher: Aldina Loggins
Performance: Poetry Festival
Teaching Artist: Preston Thomas


Poetry is the base of all music. It’s just the lyrics to any song, and any song is just a poem trying to be fancy. The Logan Center Poetry Fest shows exactly this connection. All from poems, to amazing singers, this celebration for Gwendolyn Brooks is an amazing event.


For the first 27 minutes, although it was all poems, some monotone and robotic, and some deeply emeotional, I have sympathy for every. Single. Last. ONE of the performers. Why? Because it takes courage, bravery, and confidence to get up on that stage and present your own work in front of an entire auditorium full of strangers from the other side of the city.

28 minutes in was the perfect time to be at the performance. An amazing group of girls had the courage to come up on stage and not only present their own work, but rap and dance to it! It’s incredible how, like nobody else, they took the time to coordinate their own dance routine, memorize their poem, rap their poem, and not make a single cell-sized mistake, and oh, my dear macaroni and cheese with a side of salad did that kick off the fun! (I’m never saying that again)

Not to much later, the event started getting less monotone, and more like a concert. There was a duet of boys that took turn rapping about their lives. Now, that, is pure bravery to not worry about people judging you, or having to announce the events of your life to a room of absolute strangers. Although there were a couple of stutters and stumbles her and there, it was a very good performance. Keep in mind, these were a bunch of middle school students getting up on stage and performing.

One performance I will never forget, an entire classroom of SE students came uo on stage, and sang a whole 3-4 minute song about making the world a better place.

Now onto the professionals. This whole segment of the event displays the exact connection I made at the beginning of this review. “Poetry is the just the lyrics to any song, and any song is just a poem trying to be fancy.” In the segment they turned poems into songs. It was so good, it gave me the chills and oh, my spaghetti and meatballs with a side if garlic bread it got the whole auditorium into the mood for music. (This time I promise). Those people have golden pipers for sure!

Conclusion, The Takeaway:

All in all, The Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Festival is a n amazing event and you have to go to it. Personally, I would give it 4.8/5. The end performance gav it that last  2.4 it needed.

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  1. -Fantastic creativity! Your word choice is lively!
    -What was the poem/dance the girls performed about?
    -Make sure you use spell-check and proofread your writing so it is as clear as possible.
    -Remember your reader did not attend the performance. I want to hear more specifics about the professionals and what you loved so much their performance.
    -I know you can get this score up to a 5!

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