Who/What/When by Alvaro Maldonado

To begin with, Jasmin told a story at the Logan Center and this critique is by Alvaro Maldonado. I attended the performance called Stories around the World. The performance that I attended was in the Chicago Logan Center. The performers that I saw are Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, and Oba King but I focused more on Jasmin’s story. The topic I heard in Jasmin’s story was about the Aztecs. I saw Jasmin using her hands to talk about the story of the sleepover and the story about the Aztecs. I heard the audience clapping with happiness. I heard storytelling at the field trip. There were three persons on the stage two were sitting while one was telling a story. There was a little bit of light. I think each of them were wearing clothing from their country. The audience was clapping after each story and I can hear the emotional expressions on the critic. The story that I am going to summarize is Jasmin’s story about the Aztecs. The story was about two Aztecs that wanted to be the moon. The lesson is the worst is the best and the best is the worst.
The audience was entertained by the critic because she was saying to repeat some phrases she said or some movements she made like when she was saying Tecuzitecato and clapping her hands on her lap. I don’t think nothing can be improved I think it was great, she was using facial expressions and she moved her arms while talking. I will remember the emotions she made because she was doing it almost every time, like when she was “talking how the Aztecs would talk”. The performance made me feel entertained because I learned things about the Aztecs and another story that she told is the one about the sleepover and the thing that entertained me in that story is when the kids saw a pig with an apple in its mouth.
I think that the overall message of Jasmin’s Aztec’s story is that the best is the worst and the worst is the best because one of the characters in the story was “handsome” and was afraid of jumping into the fire and another character was “ugly” and was brave to jump into the fire and he did. I think this is the lesson of the story because I believe that this is the most intense part of the story.