Who/What/Where by Adrian Hernandez

The performance I attended was called Stories Around The World. The performers were Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, and Oba King. Where I attended this performance was the Logan Center. The topic of the performance was stories from different cultures.
The poem that I’ll do is the poem by Jasmin Cardenas with Nana Juatsi. This poem is one of the more memorable for me because it reminded me of different things. It also was very specific in details. Also in sound effects of the fire and the wind. Also how specific it was in the pit of fire.
I liked the hand motions, loud voices, mouth made sound effects, and the change of emotions in the voice. Also I liked the funny moments in the story and her passion for her performance. What I didn’t really like was there was a little stuttering but it was fixed. What I will remember the most about the performance is how the soldier volunteered to jump into the fire because he was “brave” but at the end he ended up running away and Nana Juatsi ran into the fire. Also a connection I had to the story was that it reminded me of the Der Eisendrace Magma Bow steps. In Jasmin’s story when the Nana Juatsi ran into the fire and then created a big fire ball in the sky and in Der Eisendrace while you’re doing the magma bow steps there is a big fireball in the air.
I think overall this story had a lot of diversity and in depth detail of the Aztec culture and rituals to please their gods.