Who/What/When by Eileen Vasquez

In Stories around the World at the Logan Center of the Arts, Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima and Oba King say stories about 3 countries, Mexico, Japan and Africa. They each told 2 stories, they used hand motions, and they entertained the audience at the Logan Center for the Arts on Tuesday May 17, 2016. In the front of the stage, the lighting was bright. They had no costumes but they had props, they had loud voices while talking, and they even made object noises.
The Stories
Jasmine Cardenas said Mexican stories. Her first story was about the Aztecs and how they made light with the sun. The second story was about her friends at a sleepover at her house and her mom did something really different that her friends disliked but after they liked what Jasmin’s family eats, plays, does.
Anne Shimojima said Japanese stories. Her first story was that all farmers copied a man and when he dropped his food the farmers copied him. Second story was about a man who fell in love with a lady they were together and that lady made cloth but her secret was that she makes the cloth with her feathers and she told the man that do not look at her while she was making the cloth and when she was done the man went to sell them and one day a king told him that he will get a 100 golden coins for another cloth and he wanted the coins so badly and he looked at the lady when she told him not to. Oba King said African American stories the first one was about some birds who sang “I’m beautiful, you’re beautiful, we are all beautiful” and seemed that the birds were telling it to each other. The second story was that a wise man had a stick on the back of his neck and on the ends are bucket of water a man brought village and another man said that he was useless because one of his buckets had a hole and it kept on dripping water and the wise man told the man that he was not useless because every time the wise man passes he puts seeds on the grass so flowers would grow when the man passes dragging water and wetting the grass.
The Performance
I think the performance was entertaining because the performers made the audience repeat what he said and also they were saying about where their hometown was at and their stories had a lesson to learn. Also we learned a little about where they were from, and something that could’ve been different was I think they could have connected all 9 stories into one lesson at the end. Also, what I would remember was that these stories were really entertaining and interesting, and the performance made me feel entertained because the audience was entertained and I was part of the audience. Also they made me feel excited because I learned about Mexico, Japan and Africa.
The Takeaway
The overall message is that even if you’re different than other families you still like what they do, you might even have fun. Also that even if you think you’re not useful you are still are, and finally that anything someone tells you not to do don’t do it because you might lose them.

Jasmin Cardenas, The Performance by Briana Samano

The story that Jasmin had told, was about how she was as a little girl and she had her friends from school come over to her house. And when she was saying the story she made a point to different cultures and religions. She did this by showing her friends when she came over that it is ok to be different, it is ok to have difference in you, because that is what makes you, you. She made her story with power. She showed that all religions are fun no matter how weird you think it is.
The performance with Jasmin Cardenas was very powerful. She really was in the mood to go up on that stage and show the amazing stories that she had prepared for us. She had put her voice and her emotions into the stories that she was saying. She had put in body motion and talent into this story. She really was prepared and ready to go and fly with these stories that she was telling. Her loud voice was showing that she was ready to go on and make her story have a point.
When I had left the the auditorium I was really into the story that she had made. I was still in the moment. I felt like she was going on and on with the story. She had really gotten into the point.

Story Critique by Ingrid Cifuentes

The performance I attended was Stories Around the World. This event took place at Logan Center for the Arts. The performers were Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, and Oba King. Jasmin’s two stories are about Aztec people and a party/sleepover. Anne’s two stories were about three farmers and a crane woman. Lastly Oba’s two stories are about a bird party and a water porter. What I saw was 3 people standing in a triangle on a big open stage and it was dark but whoever was talking had a spotlight and there were also drums, chairs, seats, microphones, a cloth, dancing, and the storytellers holding imaginary objects while telling their story. I heard laughing, singing, clapping, drums playing.
The Stories
Jasmin’s stories were about The Aztec people and the second one was about a party she had which was a sleepover. What happened at her party/sleepover was that she only invited her two best friends and her african american friend didn’t like the event that much after she saw a cooked pig and a “bingo game” with a drunk man and a topless mermaid. Anne’s stories were about a banquet and the other was about a human female crane and it was weird because at the end we found out that she was making clothes out of her own feathers.
The Performance
What was most effective and strong was in Jasmin’s story when she was talking about loteria. I liked the hand motions she used and the different emotions and their actions and voices were funny while playing different people, and that the audience participated. And in Oba’s story his dancing and singing were strong in his performance/story.
The Takeaway
I think the overall message in all stories was to be yourself. In Jasmin’s story her friends thought she was weird because at her party she had traditions that happen at Mexican parties but at the end she kept being herself and her friends ended up liking her party even though it was weird.

Who/What/When by Magaly Mora

I attended the performance Stories Around the World. At the Logan Center, the performers were Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, and Oba King. The stage was set with low lights and there were chairs set up for each performer to sit in, also each performer was sat in a specific chair for example 2 people sat in the back and the person who was telling a story was in the front standing with a microphone.
The stories
The first story starts with “When I was little…” which makes me think that all the stories will be about the past and that each story will have a similar message. Also in the last story the storyteller had a surprise for everyone to participate in and have fun. Also the storytellers all had two stories to tell and talked with lots of enthusiasm and had many sound effects.
The Performance
The strongest things that the storytellers had and did was that they were very engaging and they were also entertaining. They were very clear about their stories’ morals. The first performer made many mistakes in her wording. The most unforgettable thing about the performance is the stories. The performance makes you feel like if you were actually there in the story as a character.
The Takeaway
I think the overall message of the stories is that different is not bad it’s just different. I know this because in the first story it says that Jasmin’s friends thought that what she ate was disgusting.

A New Learning Experience by Maribel Valerio

In this performance Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, and Oba King were sharing stories from their culture at the Logan Arts Center on Tuesday, May 17th 2016. The performance was a yearly field trip for three schools in Chicago to learn more about the arts.
The Stories
Each story has its own personal moral that teaches the audience life lessons. One of the first stories told by Jasmin Cardenas was about her first sleepover and how her mother set up many Mexican decorations but her friends seemed to judge the traditions and foods but she really enjoyed it at the end even if it took her friends a while to get used to them. But Jasmin knew she should love her favorite traditions no matter what anyone else thinks and that was the lesson Jasmin was trying to teach the audience. The second story teller, Anne Shimojima told the story about a group of rice farmers that were invited to the palace because of their hard work, but they didn’t know how to act so they all copied the one farmer that knew what to do. But it didn’t work out so well, so the lesson that Anne was trying to teach was to be yourself so that nothing goes wrong. Last but not least Oba King’s story was about a water gourd that had a hole in it but what the water gatherer did to fix it was putting down seeds so that when the water spills it waters the plants and makes everything beautiful because of the gourds flaws. The lesson that Oba wanted to teach was that no matter what flaws you have you can always be useful and beautiful.
The Performance
The overall performance was amazing, the performers were filled with energy and dedication so the performance is worth seeing. Jasmin, Anne, and Oba were filled with passion making the stories more realistic and that got the audience more intrigued into the performance. Since the audience has gotten a lot of interest into the story, the stories were making the audience curious to find out what will happen next. As well as excited since the performance had sound effects, body movements, and voice changes that made the performance seem like you were watching a movie. The performers also wore clothes from the culture they were representing which made the performance more believable since you can try to picture how people might have dressed in the story.
Overall my thoughts of the performance are that the performers were very dedicated to their stories making the show amazing. The lessons that are being taught about being yourself, do what you love, and that you are perfect the way that you are gave the audience a new way to see life and themselves. If you have the chance to see the show I recommend that you do.

Who/What/Where by Adrian Hernandez

The performance I attended was called Stories Around The World. The performers were Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, and Oba King. Where I attended this performance was the Logan Center. The topic of the performance was stories from different cultures.
The poem that I’ll do is the poem by Jasmin Cardenas with Nana Juatsi. This poem is one of the more memorable for me because it reminded me of different things. It also was very specific in details. Also in sound effects of the fire and the wind. Also how specific it was in the pit of fire.
I liked the hand motions, loud voices, mouth made sound effects, and the change of emotions in the voice. Also I liked the funny moments in the story and her passion for her performance. What I didn’t really like was there was a little stuttering but it was fixed. What I will remember the most about the performance is how the soldier volunteered to jump into the fire because he was “brave” but at the end he ended up running away and Nana Juatsi ran into the fire. Also a connection I had to the story was that it reminded me of the Der Eisendrace Magma Bow steps. In Jasmin’s story when the Nana Juatsi ran into the fire and then created a big fire ball in the sky and in Der Eisendrace while you’re doing the magma bow steps there is a big fireball in the air.
I think overall this story had a lot of diversity and in depth detail of the Aztec culture and rituals to please their gods.

Who/What/When by Grace Garcia

My class and I went to a performance called “Stories Around The World”. It was performed at The Logan Center on Tuesday, May 16, 2016. The performers were Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, and Oba King. All the stories they told were creative and their movements were also creative. Now I am going to focus on the two stories that Jasmin Cardenas told because the performance that she performed was my favorite out of all of them.
Jasmin Cardenas told two stories. One story was about the sleepover. She described what she did and who she invited. Also she said the point of view of other people. The second story is about the Aztec time when somebody had to sacrifice themselves. A lot of people didn’t want to but eventually two people did. I know many people will love these stories they are sure creative stories to tell.
I loved Jasmin’s stories. I liked how she told cool stories and made sound effects. For example if there was an explosion scene she would make a “boom” sound. I liked how the moves that she did were very creative. For example when a character was running she would run at one spot and pretend she is sweating or tired. The things that she could of worked on was that she would dress like the culture she is in. Her culture was Mexican so that means she could have worn clothes like dresses that they make in Mexico (if she lived there). I will always remember that Jasmin made me laugh. She made me laugh because in the story about a sleepover she was playing a game with a picture of a naked and drunk person. That was really funny because the way her friends said that it was weird. The performance made me feel happy. It made me feel that way because she made me laugh like when she did funny facial expressions when her friends saw what they were going to play at the sleepover.
The overall message is that any kind of cultural stories is a good story. For example if you are African American and you are hearing a story about Mexican culture, you could be surprised how good the stories are. Any story is wonderful and great to hear even if it is really different from other stories. So don’t judge a story by its culture.

Who/What/When by Alvaro Maldonado

To begin with, Jasmin told a story at the Logan Center and this critique is by Alvaro Maldonado. I attended the performance called Stories around the World. The performance that I attended was in the Chicago Logan Center. The performers that I saw are Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, and Oba King but I focused more on Jasmin’s story. The topic I heard in Jasmin’s story was about the Aztecs. I saw Jasmin using her hands to talk about the story of the sleepover and the story about the Aztecs. I heard the audience clapping with happiness. I heard storytelling at the field trip. There were three persons on the stage two were sitting while one was telling a story. There was a little bit of light. I think each of them were wearing clothing from their country. The audience was clapping after each story and I can hear the emotional expressions on the critic. The story that I am going to summarize is Jasmin’s story about the Aztecs. The story was about two Aztecs that wanted to be the moon. The lesson is the worst is the best and the best is the worst.
The audience was entertained by the critic because she was saying to repeat some phrases she said or some movements she made like when she was saying Tecuzitecato and clapping her hands on her lap. I don’t think nothing can be improved I think it was great, she was using facial expressions and she moved her arms while talking. I will remember the emotions she made because she was doing it almost every time, like when she was “talking how the Aztecs would talk”. The performance made me feel entertained because I learned things about the Aztecs and another story that she told is the one about the sleepover and the thing that entertained me in that story is when the kids saw a pig with an apple in its mouth.
I think that the overall message of Jasmin’s Aztec’s story is that the best is the worst and the worst is the best because one of the characters in the story was “handsome” and was afraid of jumping into the fire and another character was “ugly” and was brave to jump into the fire and he did. I think this is the lesson of the story because I believe that this is the most intense part of the story.

Who/What/When by Jonathan Garcia

Story Telling (Stories Around The World). Logan Center For The Arts. 3 story tellers: Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, Oba King. The stories that 3 story tellers told about: Aztecs, Japan, and the beautiful lives. Who – Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, Oba King. What – Some props like: microphones (3 to be exact) on the stage. Where – Logan Center For The Arts. When – 5-17-16. How – staging (where people are standing on the stage) – Very motivated storytellers with lots of hand movements and sound. Lighting – Kind of dark lighting. Costumes – Each from their culture. Sounds – An instrument being played (from Oba King).
The Stories
The first story which would be Jasmin’s was about how an old man who sacrificed his life to give light to the Aztecs (who are called Mexicans now) but bravely and thankfully after a young rich man was not as grateful, but he did that challenge but he was forced because he did not want to be fooled. The second story which would be Anne’s was about an old man from Japan that gave lessons to others and once he made a mistake and everyone else thought that he knew what he was doing so they did what he did (which they had done before (copy him) and he never taught again. The last story which would be Oba’s was about how birds were beautiful and others are beautiful just on how they look.
The Performance
When the 1st story teller (Jasmin) told us a huge story about the Aztec and Mexican tradition/Colombian tradition. I got to know a lot cultures from others. I think it was all great and that it does not need any kind of improvement at all because they all told us two stories that told us about their own culture and I thought that it was very cool to listen. I will remember that there are lot of cultures around the world and 3 different culture facts that were delightful to me because I got to learn lots of true facts all over the world. I have three feelings in total. Some would be enlightened because the Aztec story told me about the life of Mexicans/Aztecs in the past. Another feeling would be sad because the Japanese person got embarrassed. A third feeling would be cheerful because the birds said how beautiful they are/were.
The Takeaway
I think the overall message would be about the cultures from every person because they told their own cultures about their race, and it does not matter how you look, but what you feel/ how you are in the inside. But also, rather not in the outside. Also because what matters is how you think/are more than how you look. You can be better than if you don’t be the way that you want to be with others and including yourself.

The Best Story Tellers by Paola Manrras

The performance I attended was Stories around the World at the Logan Center the performers were Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, and Oba King. Each performer told two very short stories that had a message at the end.
The performers told the story with a lot of enthusiasm and facial expression. They didn’t have a play or read it from a book they had it memorized I think which was pretty cool. They were all so excited about the show. Jasmin, Anne, and Oba had a clear voice when they were talking you were able to understand their speaking even if you were at the back they had a clear voice.
When Jasmin Cardenas was telling her stories they were funny and interesting which made me feel happy. In Anne Shimojima stories one story was really funny which made me laugh and then there was this storiy that she told that made me feel sad. Finally in Oba King his story he only told one story which I think had a really good message.
All three performers had an overall message. Jasmin was “Different isn’t bad it’s just being different”. Anne was “Be kind to others and they will be kind to you.” Oba King was “Color in the outside doesn’t matter. What matters is what’s inside.”

Stories at the Logan Center by Melissa Pacheco

The performers Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojina, and Oba King told 2 different stories out loud to the audience at Stories Around the World in Logan Center. Saucedo 6th grade students went to the performance along with other different schools on May 15th.

The Stories
Each performer told two different stories. Some stories contained humor that made you laugh and be happy while others made you think through deeply of the story moral. The first person who stated their story was Jasmin she told two different stories that really made you laugh due to the characters in the story, their actions and responses. But also both of the stories had a meaning to them. The part that really made me laugh was in the second story when Jasmin’s friends didn’t knew the type of game they were playing. They were looking at the cards confused but also at the same time excited. Like El Borracho card, I remember that one of her friends said Who Is This Weird Funny Looking Man? Each story made you feel different. For example Anne’s story made me felt sad. When the bird had to leave the man, due to the man breaking the promise that both had made to not look at the bird. Overall I think all the stories had a moral to them that you can relate to, ponder, or connect to.

The Performance
All of the stories were being told with lots enthusiasm and energy. That made me feel more into the story, more interested, and it also added more detail into the story. Each performer made me see each of their stories in my mind as if I was watching a movie. One of the things I thought was unique was when Oda used his drum to go with the story and his music. That made it fun and entertaining, especially the times when you can join in and sing as well. Although some stories weren’t really in a voice with humor they made you really interested and made a tone that went along with the story that didn’t cause you to get bored easily or fall asleep.

The Takeaway
Each of the stories were really interesting and entertaining. Though what I really liked was that each story had its own moral to it. Not only was it fun to listen to them but it also made you think throughout the stories. It was fun hearing everyone sing along with the drums. All did a great job on their stories performing!

My Critique by Lizbeth Bahena

I went to Logan Center on May 17 and this performance was called Stories Around the World. The performers that I saw was Oba King, Jasmin Cardenas and Anne Shimojima. The topic of Jasmin is Aztecs and bravery. The topic of Oba is birds and sadness. The topic of Anne is happy.
Jasmin’s story was about Mexico. That her friends didn’t like what she play and eat. She was really sad and worried because the teacher was going to scream at her because she was playing an inappropriate game that was called “La Loteria”. Oba King’s story was about a bird that was telling the person that he was beautiful. Another thing is that Oba King was singing a song about being beautiful. The other story of Jasmin was about that they need to choose two brave men. There was a handsome and strong man and there was a man that was ugly, weak and poor. The two men had to run. They both got burned by the fire. They run as fast as they can. They were running and running. It took long to get there because of the fire. At last one man reached and that was the poor man.
Some of the actors were standing up and moving their body to show movements. I saw some actors that were using materials. For example Oba used an instrument to sing and tell the story. I liked that the three actors were wearing clothes but about their story. For example Jasmine was wearing Mexican clothes, Oba was wearing Africa clothes and Anne was wearing Japan clothes. My other favorite part is when Jasmine was telling her story she used different types of voices for example a grandpa voice, the fire sound and sometimes she used onomatopoeia. One actor used two languages. The actor was Jasmin. She used spanish and english. One thing that was most effective is how each actors use their face. They used facial expression, for example Jasmin used a disgusting face. The less effective is that most actors didn’t use different languages and they didn’t use a lot of materials.
The message of all of the stories is it doesn’t matter where you come from just be yourself. Another could be try out new things and don’t feel bad. To not listen what other people say. Just ignore them don’t listen just be yourself.

Who/What/When by Jacqueline Rodriguez

The performance that I went to is called “Stories Around the world”. There were three performers called Jasmin Cardenas, Anne Shimojima, and Oba King. They all told stories or legends that they’ve heard before in their nations or from their cultures.
Even though I didn’t go to this field trip I watched the video and I really wished I would’ve had been there. It looked like it was a lot of fun. When I saw the video I loved the poems because each one of the presenters had a story that kind of involved their culture. I also liked how they were dressed because all of the presenters were wearing clothes that was kind of related to their culture. The story that I liked the most was the one that Jasmin said. Her story was about how she had never had a sleepover before so she invited her friends on a sleepover. Her friends were kind of nervous at first because at Jasmin’s house things were kind of different but then the girls started to get into what they were doing with Jasmin. It was an awesome experience to see these people present for us.
I heard Jasmin, Anne, and Oba, they were saying stories that they’ve heard, but all of the stories were different cultures. Honestly I think that each presenter was saying a story that had to do with their culture or was related to their culture. There wasn’t a lot of light in the auditorium. And whenever the performers talked they sounded really loud. We went on that field trip on May, Wednesday 05 2016 in the Logan Center, it was in the auditorium.
I think that the overall message of the performance of Jasmin’s was that no matter what culture you are you will always have fun and for the other story that she said the overall message was that it doesn’t matter how you look like or what you have it matters what is inside (feelings). But the overall message for all of the stories were that no matter what culture you are you will always find something to entertain. I know this because all of the presenters were different cultures but either way they found a way to entertain us with their interesting or funny stories.

Yotzin Tzintzun

I went to the Logan Center For Arts to see Stories Around the World. I saw and heard so many stories told by Jasmine, Anne, and Oba. They had a story from each of their backgrounds and their heritages. They each told 2 stories on their turn. Anne’s was in the setting of China. Jasmine’s was in her home and in the in the time of the Aztec. Oba’s was in the setting of Africa. I thought that Jasmine’s stories were more interesting and had the most humor.
During the first two stories Jasmine told I noticed that her and Oba King used a very loud and a powerful voice to go along with their story. But later their voice would change characters. I noticed that Anne used a much softer and a quieter voice to go along with the old folktales that were in China and were calmer. Since the story would be funnier and calmer, the 6 stories had more of sound effects and so much humor. I liked that when they spoke their stories each was a type of loud or different ways of saying it. I was amused when their character changed.
When Jasmine, Oba, and Anne read they made a lot of movement with their hands and they did this to be more descriptive. Jasmine included noise and sound effects in the story she had said. Jasmine would make effects of fire, shouting and even another language. Oba used a original drum from Africa in both stories and changed voices. This was use to make the story pop and be more creative. In his story it would be more about nature and animals. What I enjoyed was that all three of them had used so much descriptive language and had made me feel as if I was there.
When one out of the three would speak they would stand on a stage and the other two would sit behind the person telling the story. They each had clothing on of the story to go along with it. Since in the morning I watched Gladiator I could imagine it better. I thought of it more like an old folktale. But in her story the message was more like don’t judge a book by its cover. The old man did not seem so worthy and the other seemed more stronger you would expect the stronger one would win but didn’t.
They used so much voice and action which allowed the story to rise. The story made me picture it so perfectly. I like how all of them made their stories with enthusiasm. Jasmine included noise and sound effects in the story she had said. Oba had used a original drum from Africa in both stories and his voice would change from low to high and because of all the characters in his two stories. Overall the performance was great and I hope to listen again. The stories connected with my imagination and dreams from the past of warriors, animals, and even about family.