Colorful Birds Don’t Know by Deisy Alcantar

Oba William King is a storyteller that performed a story for kids. He was representing Africa and became a famous storyteller. He performed his story at the University of Chicago. The story was about how the birds kept saying that they were beautiful. After each bird kept saying that they were beautiful, one bird noticed a blackbird with all the colors. Grey bird asked the blackbird to add a ring to her neck that was the color black. After blackbird made a ring around grey bird’s neck, every other bird wanted blackbird to add something to them to make them more beautiful. In the end, blackbird told them all that it doesn’t matter what is on the outside, what matters is on the inside. But no bird payed attention to blackbird when he said that.
William wants us to remember that it doesn’t matter what’s on the outside, what matters is on the inside of someone. By that he means people should focus more on the personality of a person rather than how they look. William was trying to describe that in his story of the birds. In the story, the birds only wanted to be beautiful and they didn’t care about the personality.
I really loved the performance. I also liked how he used the drums to add a bit of music to the story so it wouldn’t be boring. He also made everyone sing along which I also liked because it made people stay awake. Also, the way he tried to act like the birds was really funny. I loved how he used hand gestures and funny faces. Overall it was really entertaining.
The song at the end was really beautiful and I enjoyed it. One thing that I liked about William was that he had a lot of energy for the story. He tried to get everyone involved and to enjoy themselves. I also liked how he made the message of the story clear. The audience seemed like they enjoyed it more than the other story. A lot of them were singing along to the song.
Comparing Oba William King’s story to Anne Shimojima’s story they were both very different. Anne’s story was more relaxing and calming the way she told the story. William’s story was more energetic and loud, but both stories had the same message, but told differently. William had a way of keeping the audience from drifting away by having them singing along while Anne kept with the same speed and she didn’t try to change how she was telling the story.